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RHODE Island Industries Catalogued and Illustrated is 
presented with the view of demonstrating the greatness and variety of the 
manufacturing interests for which the state is justly famous. 

The industrial and commercial growth of Rhode Island is unexcelled in the history 
of the United States, notwithstanding the fact that in the total value of products, 
Rhode Island is surpassed by other and larger states. The value of her manufac- 
tured goods per capita is larger than any other state in the Union, showing the highest 
degree of manufacturing development. 

The preeminent position of the state as a centre of productive industry is empha- 
sized by the fact that in the City of Providence alone is manufactured one-fifth of 
the product of the jewelry industry of the United States. Ranked according to the 
number of spindles employed, Rhode Island has held the second place in cotton 
manufacture from the beginning of the industry in this country. Under the head of 
annual production of textiles, worsted goods stand first in value, amounting to about 
$34,000,000; cotton goods amounting to about $27,000,000; the remainder of 
textile products, consisting of woolen goods, hosiery, knit goods, etc., amounting to 
about $19,000,000. 

In the precious-metal products Rhode Island stands first as the producer of the 
finest works of art in gold, silver and bronze. The refining of gold and silver, which 

is closely allied with the manufacture of jewelry and silverware, forms an important 
part in the industries of the state. 

Third in value is the manufacture of machinery, including the production of 
engines and boilers, a specialty for which the state has a world-wide reputation. 

In the manufacture of fine tools, screws and files Rhode Island is m the front rank. 
The manufacture of rubber and elastic goods has attained great importance durmg 
the last decade, the production of rubber boots and shoes alone amounting to nearly 
$10,000,000 per annum. 

The 4,600 active manufacturing establishments in the state turn out a yearly 
product of about $185,000,000; the percentage of increase in the number of 
manufacturmg establishments during the past ten years being double the percentage 
of increase in population. 

Rhode Island Industries Catalogued delineates many of the larger manufacturing 
plants of the state. The Index to Manufacturers as well as the Buyers' Index, both 
of which will hereafter be corrected and printed monthly in the Providence Board 
of Trade Journal, should prove of value to those interested in the industrial world. 

The Providence Chamber of Commerce is indebted to those manufacturers and 
public -spirited business men of Rhode Island who, by their generous support, have 
contributed to the success of this publication. 




I House of Ri-presentatives. 
4 Senate Chamisi'K. 


5 State Room. 

3 .Approach to Rotinda. 























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^"^1 ■»«■_• r- 




MILLS ESTABLISHED BY B. B. & R. KNIGHT. Offices, 3 Washington Row, Providence. 
Manufacturers 0} Fruit of the Loom, also Fine Sheetings and Shirtings, Twills, Print Cloths, and Cambrics. 


MILLS OPERATLD BY GODDARD BROTHERS, Agents. Offices, 50 South Main Street, 

Providence, R.I. 

I No. 4 Mill, Lonsdale. 2 Lonsdaie Company I'lLKACiinKV. 3 Ashton Mill. 4 Ann and Hope, Lonsdale. 

S Hope Co.mpanv Mill, Hope. 6 OKKiiNAL Mill, Blackstone, 1808. 7 Blackstone Mfg. Company, Blackstone (New). 


Offices, Chamber of Commerce Building, Providence, R.L 

Manujacturers oj Cotton Goods jor Women's Wear, Curtain Muslins, and Fancy Weaves of All Descriptions. 

New York Offices, 57 Leonard Street. 




CorVKlCllTEI), 1903, BY C. H. BtlSWOKTH. 





CROMPTON COMPANY, CROMPTON, R.I. Offices, Industrial Trust Building, Providence, R.I. 

Manufaclurers oj Corduroys, Velveteens, and Print Cloths. 




















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Main Officf. and Addrkss, 1'rovidknck, R.I., U.S.A. Sam'l M. Nicholson, President and General Manager. 

Largest Manufacturers of Files and Rasps in the World. 
Cable Address, Nicholson, Providence, R.I., U.S.A. AU Codes Used. 



AMERICAN SCREW COMPANY. Main Office, 21 Ste\t:ns Street, PROxaDENCE, R.I. 
Manujacturers 0} Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Tire Bolls, and Kindred Articles. 


WANSKUCK COMPANY. New York Office, 57 Worth Street. 

Geneva Mux. 2 Stkeke Worstkd Mill. 3 Mohegan Mill. 4 Wanskick Mill. 5 Oakland Worsted Company. 





Established 1801. 
Woollen and Worsted Cloth. New York Selling Agents, Laurie, Mann 6r» Drowne, 61 Leonard Street, N.Y. 




Steel. Sleel Billets, Ropes and Wire. 

Illustrating Growth from 1870 to 1904. 
General Offices and Mills, Phillipsdale, R.I., U.S.A. 

Bare and I>tsiilated Wire. 



Providence, R.I. 

Originai. Corliss Steam-engine Works. 






Bridgeport, Conn. 

Naval Guns. 

Field and Mountain Giras. 

Coast-defence Guns. 

American Ordnance Works. 


Drop and Hydraulic Forcings. 

Tools, Gauges, Models. 


Lathes and Special M.vciu.neky. 


Silversmiths and Goldsmiths. 

New York Salesrooms, Broadway and iqth Street. 
Branches: Chicago, Boston, San Francisco. 


William M. Wood, Treasurer. Main Offices, Ames Building, Boston, Mass. 



Operated by United States Finishing Company. 

Main Offices, 320 Broadway, New York. 


Main Offices, 320 Broadway, New York City. 



Manufacturers of 

Jersey Cloths, 

Eider Downs, 
Cotton Nets, 
Wool Nets, 
Fleece Linings, etc. 

Glenakk Mill. 



Operated by United States Rubber Company. 
Samuel P. Colt, President. 



Rubber Boots. Rubber Shoes. 




Manufacturers oj Rubber Boots and Shoes, 355 Valley Street, Providence, R.I. 

Salesrooms: The Joseph Banigan Rubber Company, Buffalo, N.Y., Chicago, III., New York, N.Y.; 

The Linthicum Rubber Company, Baltimore, Md.; Banigan Rubber Company, Boston, Mass.; 

AND THE American Hand-sewed Shoe Company, Omaha, Neb. 


Established 1S74. 

Manujaclurcrs oj High-Grade Kubbir Goods in Sojt and Hard Rubber. 



Westerly, R.I., U.S.A. 



Fine Cotton Yarns. 

Providence Office: Room 621 Banigan Building. Mills at Woonsocket. 

L. R. Peck, President. J. E. Fletcher, Vice-President. W. O. Todd, Secretary and Treasurer. 



Q a 


m H 


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~P s 

H 8 


H .2 










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Q -a 


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*o J2 


"i* «o 

-^ S 

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o . 

^ b 

"J^ § 

o -~» 

s « 

•« 8 








^ . 







Practical Enamellers, Workers in Wood and Metal, and Manujactiirers of Specialties. 
Office and Factory, Neville Street, Providence, R.I. 


Maniijactiircrsoj Pliosplialic, Culinary, and 
Medicinal Preparations, and Oilier Special 
Chemicals. Business established in 1855. 

Original Manufacturers oj Phosphatic Bak- 
ing Preparations invented by Professor E. N. 
Horsford, formerly Professor of Chemistry in 
Harvard University. 

Rum ford Baking Powder. Rum ford Yeast 
Pcnvder. Horsford's Bread Preparation. 
Horsjord's Acid Phosphate. 



e a 

Manufacturers of Cotlon and Woollen Machinery, Shajling, 
Hangers, and Pulleys, Iron and Brass Castings. 

Location of Plant, 533 Siccond Avenue. 

Office at the Works. 

POCASSET WORSTED COMPANY, THORNTON, R.I. Office, Room 621 Banigan Building, 

Providence, R.I. 

Worsted Yarns in the Grey /or Weaving and Knitting Purposes. 


HOPE WEBBING COMPANY. Factory and Principal Offick, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, R.I. 

Post-office Address, Providence, R.I. 

Manufacturers oj Narrow Woven Fabrics. 

FENNER H. PECKHAM, President. JOSEPH BELFIELD, Vice-Pkf.sidf.nt. CHARLES SISSON, Thi£.\surer, 

OSCAR A. STEERE, SupERiNTUNUiiNr. WILLIS H. WHITE, .Secrutary anu Assistant Treasurer. 



Established 1856 
Telegraphic Address, Zedmol, Pawtucket. A. B. C. Code Used. 

E N. LITTLEFIELD, President. 
HENRY H. METCALF, Tkeasukek. 

J. MILTON PAYNE, Vice-Pkksident. 



Fine Worsted Suitings jor 
Men's Wear. 

Providence Office, 
' 615 Banigan Building. 


Pkesiuent and Treasurer. 




R(XjM iooi. 





Worsted Suitings, 

Piece Dyes. 


New York Officf, 
377 Broadway. 

Office, Central Falls, R.I. 


Fine Worsted Suitings and Trouserings. 


47-49 Worth Street, New York City 




Manujaclurers oj Worslcd Varus in Skeins, on Jacks pools or Shut lie Bobbins. 
Mills at Ceniredale, Stillwater, and Olneyville. Office at Centredale, R.I. 



Manujadurers of Fine Fancy Worsteds and Piece Goods. 
New York Office, 72 Leonard Street. W. J. BATTEY & CO., Selling Agents. 



A. L. Sayles & Sons. 
Fred L. Sayles Co 

Pascoag, R.I. 

New York Office, 
75 and 77 Worth Street. 

Sayles & Jenks Manufacturing Co., 

Warren, Mass. 


Mohair Worsted and Novelty Yarns. 


Small Wares, Boot, Shoe, and Corset Laces, Fletcher Wick, Braids, Tapes, and Webbings. 
Branch Offices: 72 Leonard Street, New York; 53 Lincoln Street, Boston. 

WILLIAM AMES, President and Treasirer. HENRY FLETCHER, Agent. JOHN O AMES, Secretary. 

Established i7q3. Incorporated 18(15 



































HOME BLEACH AND DYE WORKS, INC. Office and Works, Pawtucket, R.T. Established 1881. 
Dyers and Bleachers oj Cotton Yarns. Fast Colors a Specialty. Daily Capacity, 20,000 Lbs. 


President anu Treasurer. 


Assistant Treasurer. 




EAGLE DYE WORKS, PAWTUCKET, R.I. Works and Office, 650 North Main Street. 

Dyers and Finishers of Cotton from the Bale. 

86 West Exchange Street, Providence, R.I. 

Soul jor Catalogue, 



Manujaclurers of Woollen and Mcriiio Yarns, all sizes. Wool Scouring, Carbonizing, and Dyeing. Dyers 

oj Worsted, Woollen, and Cotton Yarns, Picking, Carding, and Garnetting Wool Stock. 

Aleppo and Curtis Streets, Providence, R.I, 



Manufacturers oj Oak-tanned Leather Belting, Water-proof Copper-wire-sewed Oak Leather Belting, and Sole 

Manufacturers of the Folded Twist Belting. 

Main Office and Factory, Nos. 37 to 39 Charles Street, Providence, R.I. 

Branch Offices, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. 



Sateens, Twills, and Plain Goods, Combed and Carded Yarns. 
Office and Mill, Warren, R.I. 

WII-I.I.AM T. liARTON, Phesident. F. S. DROWNE, Treasurer. ARNOLD SCHAER, Superintendent. 



Manujaclurers oj Machinery jor Stranding, Cabling, and Insulating Electrical Wires. Is used by all the 
large mannjacturers oj wire. 

Also Cabling, Stranding, Polishing, and Measuring Machines. Single, Double, and Triple Braiders jor in- 
sulating ivires and cables. Taping, Winding, and Tunning Machines, and a complete line oj Braiders jor Spindle 
Banding, Shoe and Corset Laces, Curtain Cords, Solid Sash Cord, and a great variety oj Flat Braids. 

304 Pearl Street, Providence, R.I., U.S.A. 



Carded and Combed Cottox Yarns 
For Knitters and Weavers. 

While or Colored. Single or Twisted. Fancy Twists, Nubs, 

Flakes, and Novelty Yarns oj F.vcry Description 

Cops, Cones, Tubes, Skeins, Warps, or Spools. 

Also Fine Combed Merino Yarns. 




For Seamless Hosiery. 


Pawtucket, R.I. 

Philadelphia Office, 370 Bourse. 





Upper Works. 

Phillipsoale Branch. 


'»v -^ 

Lower Works. 







Lowi.K Works. 



Phillipsi).'\le Branch. 


Spinners oj all kinds oj Woollen and Merino Yarns. Custom Scouring and Carbonizing. 



•v^**sf'if"*"" r^ 


^ fi ! ! : ^' I « :i1 fl J! » S fl S « 1^ ft *.h«S-«* 




John J. Kenyon, President and Trea.surcr. 

Mannjacliircrs oj Plain and Fancy Tapes and Braids jor manujaciurers'' use, Bool, Shoe, and Coisel I.aiing, Slay 

Binding, Glazed Yarns, Spool Cotton and Cords. 



Manujaclurers of Fine Clazcd Yarns and Spool Cotton. 




Bleachers and Dyers of Cotton Yarns and Stockinet. 


' -^ife 



Sulphuric Acid. 


L. W. Peckham, Proprietor, 




and Carbonizing 

Wool Noils 

and Waste. 


^ r ^ I 


Makers oj Spinning and Twisting Travelers oj every description. 

257 West Exchange Street, Providence, R.I. 


\^^ \^ 



30 000 000 


20000 000 






T ,eeo ^ 

J 3 c.^oooo Iv 

Ghowtm of Till! Nhw England Steam Bkk k Company. 

FuoM 3,000,000 Brick in t8c;o to 50,000,000 in igo4. Yauds at Harrington and Nayatt, li.I. 
Also Manujaclurcrs of Vitrified Brick jor all f>i<r poses. 




Office and Factory, Troy Street, Providenxe, R.I. 

Manujacturers of Pine Sliooks, Cloth Boards, and Packing Cases oj all descriptions. 



EAsriiAMi'T()N, Mass ACM rsKTTs, 1'lant. 


Manufacturers of 
Woollen Yarns 

Knitting and Weaving 

Pascoag, R.I. 

Post-office, Bridgetox, R.I. 
Railroad Station, Pascoag, R.I. 



Manufacturers of Woollen and Merino Yarns, 

VALLEY FALLS CO:\IPANY. Mill at Albion, R.L 

Manufacture Cotton Goods. 
Arnold B. Chace, Treasurer. 



Goods : Sheetings, Shirtings (bleached and brown), Twills, and Odds. 

lileadied Goods: Treat, Convekse & Co., 79 Worth St., Nhw Yokk. 


( Bro7VH Goods: Chahi.f.s E.Thomas, Tkeasikhr, Kokestdale, R.I. 
Steam Road: Midland Division, N.V., N.H. &' H. R.R. 
Electrics : J utiles from II 'oonsocket. 


Manufacturers of Absorbent Cotton, 
Washington, R.I. 





Providence, R.I. 

Manvfacturers of Artificial Ice. 





Cotton Yarns and Raw Slock. 







Opening and Picking Machines 
Revolving Flat Cards 
Drawing Frames 
Slubbing, Intermediate and 
Roving Frames 

New Pattern Spinning 

Improved Twisters 
Cone Winders 

END FOR Descriptive 
Circulars with List 
OF Users 


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in <T> 


Tt m 


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(0 in 
<0 (A 


• • 
















i w 


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{? 5 







W Ol 

(/) Hi 







< Q 













. S500.000 
ER $650,000 



. o 








- cc 









• Q 














a DC 


< 3 

U (0 

Broad Exchan(;e, Providence. 

\\ w,,:.:,^.^ Ui. I L.\;„ll A.NOt. 










'•i .- - *"*■-■•' ■. 

'<iri .4 i M »i'<fc->*''"ii*iii^i^|i>W 

'r-^r\;^ v^fff 

Front Elicvatiun. 

Executive Office, Telephone Building, 112 Union Street, 
Providence, R.I. 


Pkrsident DEXTER B. POTTER. 

Vice-President FENNER H, PECKHAM. 

Secretakv and Treasirer CHARLES T. HOWARD. 

Gb.neral Manager JOSEPH F. BECK. 

Angell Lxljianl.i_, I'K'j' iL'L;-.uJ„. 

Newport Exchange. 

Attleboro Exchange. 






Adding Machines. 

ilecliaiiical Aciiiuni.ant Co., 17 Warren St.. Prov. 
Adjustable Axle Nuts. 

.\;U)if .\xl.- Nut Co., Central Falls. 
Advertising Specialties. 

Ea.stftrn -V.ivirlising Co., 209 Chaplin St., Pawt. 

Precouit. William K., Valley Falls. 

Livermort- & Knight Co.. Pine. cor. Hay St., Prov. 
Air Compressors. 

Arte.fian Well Supply Co., 137 Dyer St.. Prov. 
Alarrr. Tills. 

Miles Alarm Till Mfg. Co.. 726 Westminster St., Prov. 
Aluminum Castings and Coeds. 

liloomers. Charles G. Sons. Pawtuxet. 

Prov. .Muminum Co., 460 Eddy St., Prov. 
Aiuminum Novelties. 

Child. D. n. N'oveliy Co., 113 Point St., Prov. 

Precoun. Wm. E.. Valley Falls. 
Arc Lamp Manufacturers. 

Hamlilin Co.. .John A.. 2.i Calender St.. Prov. 
Architectural Metal Works and Cornices 

Bli.^s. Herbert, Newport. 

Commercial Iron Works, 477 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Enterprise Cornice and Skylight Works, 1S2 Dorrance, 

Harris, Clayton, 281 Canal St.. Prov. 

Prov. .\rchitectural Metal Works, 237 Dyer St., Prov. 

Prov. Cornice Co., 3 Charles St., Prov. 

Prov. Ornamental Iron Wks., 2SS Dyer St., Prov. 

Keetz, Robert C, 19 Dexter St., Pawt. 

R. I. Cornice Co., 76 Point St., Prov. 

Tower. James H., 46 Borden St.. Prov. 
Armature WIndina. 

Blaisdell Machine Co., S. S., 130 Orange St., Prov. 

LincJsey & .Mien. 257 Eddy St., Prov. 

Taylor. Frank. 227 Eddy St.. Prov. 

United Motor Corp., 481 Main St., Pawt. 
Artesian and Driven Wells. 

Artesian Well Supply Co.. 137 Dyer St., Prov. 

Harker, Roy S., l.)7 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Oram, C. L,., 45 Eddy St., Prov. 

Lunt, Moss & Co., 45 Bkldy St., Prov. 

Patt, D. M. & Co., 75 Westminster St., Prov. 

Rus.sell (Ernest) WVrtesian Well Co., 45 Olney St., Prov. 

Crane. .John & Co., loS Fort St., E. Prov. 

Asbestos Mining & Mfg. Co., IGl Orange St., Prov. 

Mott. F. B.. 161 Orange St., Prov. 
Asbestos Fibre. 

Asbestos Mining & Mfg. Co., 161 Orange St., Prov. 
Asbestos Yarns. 

.\sbestos Mining & Mfg. Co., 161 Orange St., Prov. 
Asphalt Paving. 

Narragansett Improvement Co., 122 Public St., Prov. 

Baker, Geo. M., 91 Page St.. Prov. 

Brown & Dean Co., 102-104 Richmond St., Prov. 

Calder. Edwin E., 24 N. Main St., Prov. 

CarijenH»r'& Son, H. F., .58-60 Page St., Prov. 
Tornell & Andrews, 23 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Darling Smelting & Refining Co.. 7D Sabin St.. Prov. 

Otis Bros. <Otnce) 1.S7 Eddy SI., Prov. 
Automatic Banding Machine. 

Cb- I!n«.. .i:! I'.avby .^t.. I'awt. 
Automatic Coal-Hoisting Bucket 

ray. Charles A: Co., :!i>l-16 S. Water St., Prov. 
Automatic Fire Alarm 

Wall. <;.". A., mi Sabln St.. I'rov. 
Automatic Sewing Machine Needle Machinery. 

L.-iiig.ll.r MfK. Co. 67 ClllTord Si.. Prov. 
Automatic Sprinkler System (Grinnell.) 

(ieneial Fire lOxlingulsher Co., Union Trust nidg.. Prov. 

l.",C-16r, W. E;.change St. 

Automatic Sprinkler System. 
K. 1. Suppl\- «.Sc Enginucring Cti 
Automatic Telephone Switch- Boards. 

Clark Auto. Tele. Switchboard Co., 15 Custom House St. 
Automobiles and Supplies. 

Central Automobile E.xchange. C3 Fountain St., Prov. 

Corp Bros., 33 Sabin St., Prov. 

Davis Automobile Co., 79 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Pope Mfg. Co., 15 Snow St.. Prov. 

United Motor Corp., 481 Main St., Pawt. 

Upper, G. W., 35 Clifford St., Prov. 

Wilcox, M. E., 228 Aborn St. (rear), Prov. 
Awninn Manufacturers. 

P'olsoni, Fred W. & Co., 2 Planet St., Prov. 

Lassen, J. E. & Co., 923 Westminster St., Prov. 

Pease. D. F. & Co., 7 Crawford St., Prov. 

Wilmarth, G. H., 174 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 
Badges and Banners. 

Brown Co.. W. R.. 33 Eddy St., Prov. 
Badges and Emblems. 

Brown, William R. Co., 33 Eddy St., Prov. 

Curzio, F. & Co., S3 Spruce St., Prov. 

Darling, C. C. & Co., 68 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Jenclcs Paper Box Co., 23 Broad St., Prov. 

Aldrich, F. J., 40 Broad St., Prov. 

Alexander & White, 62 and 64 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Allen, J. B., Block Island. 

Althans, John H. & Co., 207 Brook St., Prov. 

Anderson, Nelson, S3 Ralph St., Prov. 

Anthony & Company, 7 Lincoln Ave., Riverside. 

Archambault, Frank, Arctic Centre. 

Arnold, E. J., Pawt. 

Arnold, Joseph J., Chapel St., Lonsdale. 

Arthur, A. W., Newport. 

Babeock, A. T., Wakefield Bakery, Main St., S. Kingston. 

Baeur, Ernest W. . Newport. 

Barber. Louisa P., 205 Dean St., Prov. 

Bateson, John. 444 Dexter St., Central Falls. 

Baxter, Warren, 77 Brown St., Pawt. 

Bedard, W^ilfred, 40 Hazel St., Woonsocket. 

Belisle, Anselme, Railroad Ave., Harrisville. 

Bentley, Lincoln, 493 Thames St. and 70 Broadway, New- 

Bibber, Mrs. Grace, 280 Pine St., Prov. 

Bigbee, Thomas, Crompton. 

Blanchard, Arctic Centre. 

Bochterle. Chas. F., Boone St., Narragansett Pier. 

Booth. Walter B., Newport. 

Boucher, Philippe, 14-18 Cumberland St., Woonsocket. 

Bouvier, Girouard Co., 61 and 63 Winter (Rear). Manville. 

Bresnahan Grocery Co., 9 Clinton St.. Woonsocket. 

Brodeur. Louis, 52-54 Elborn St., Woonsocket. 

Carle, Simon, 306 Gaulin Ave., Woonsocket. 

Carpenter. C. F., 72 East Ave., Pawt. 

Carroll, James P., 803 Eddy St., Prov. 

Castiglioni, A. & Co., 118 Lockwood St., Prov. 

Channon. Walter, Newport. 

Chase, W. H., 148 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Chauvln, Edouard, Woonsocket. 

Chauvin, Edward. Manville. 

Chlcolne, Joseph, Warren. 

Christ, Adolphus A., E. Prov. 

Christie. J. P., 54 Main St., Westerly. 

Cogan, E., 184 Prairie Ave., Prov. 

Collier, John & Co., 768 Main St., Pawt. 

Cook. John. 10 Lincoln Ave., Riverside. 

Coppinger, Timothy E., Newport. 

Crossley, Louis H. & Co., 903 Eddy St., Prov. 

Damagian, Norslg, Woonsocket. 

Danbury, Samuel E.. 139 Broadway, Prov. 

Dauphinais, Joseph, Woonsocket. 

Davis Bakery Co., Newport. R. 1. 

Demers. Emmerie, Woonsocket. 

Desmarteau. M., Slatersville, N. Smithfield. 

Diamond, Chas. F., 93 Bedford St., Bristol. 

Dickson. George, IIS Valley St., Prov. 

Doty, Chas. H., Knightsville. 

Dow & Sons. 237 Mineral Spring Ave.. Pawt. 

Duffy, Patrick, 11 Mary St., Pawt. 

E. Prov. Bakery, E. Prov. 

Elmer, E. & Co., 12S Garden St., Auburn. 

Emidy Bros.. 301 Third Ave., Woonsocket. 

Esten, George W., Main St., Pascoag. 

Feldman, Samuel. Woonsocket. 

Fenelon, E. J., 8 Carroll St., Westerly. 

Fenton, Benjamin, 572 Dexter St., Central Falls. 

Forcier, Stephen. Anthony. 

Forcier, Stephen. Arctic Centre. 

Fournier & Schiller Co., 9 and 10 Sheridan St., Central 

Fox & Co., 849 and 851 N. Main St., Prov. 

Franklin, William B., 105-107 Spring St., Newport. 

Gadsby. John, Newport. 

Gartner, Carl. 7SSy2 Eddy St., Prov. 

Garvie. E. & J.. Westerly. 

Garwin, Edward, Warren. 

Gaskell, James, "Prospect Bakery." Lonsdale. 

Gauvin, Antoine, 116 Summer St., Manville. 

Gauvin. Antoine. Woonsocket. 

GeofCroy. Odis. Arctic Centre. 

Giusti Bros. Co., 335 Atwells Ave. and 1109 Westminster 

St., Prov. 
Giusti. Chas. & Co.. 23 N. Union St., Pawt. 
Glass. Valentine. Main St., E. Greenwich. 
Gorman, J. H. c& Bro.. 679 Dexter St., Central Falls. 
Grasso, Luigi, 157 Spruce St.. Prov. 
Gray, A. T., 5S0 Chalkstone Ave., Prov. 
Gray, Durham. 65 Richmond St., Prov. 
Gra.v. J. L., Adamsville. 
Green, H. & Co., Lonsdale. 
Grenier, Nelson, 302 Pawtucket Ave., Pawt. 
Grewcock. J. W., Main St., E. Greenwich. 
Harriman & Co., Newport. 
Harrington. P. D., Newport. 

Harrington, W. M., 126 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 
Healey, Patrick. 10 Broadway, Pawt. 
Hcbert. O. D. , River Point. 
Herold. F. P., 864 Broad St., Prov. 
Herou.x, Victor, Woonsocket. 

Hickie, Mrs. Mary L., 300 Prairie Ave., Prov. 
Holden, Thomas. Valley Falls. 
Holmes. G. L., River Point. 
Houle. Frank, Woonsocket. 

Howard. Robinson R., 748 Cranston St., Prov. 
Howland & Mathewson. .54 Plainfield St., Prov. 
Issard. Wm. H., Newport. 
Jenkins, Joseph, Phenix. 
Johnson, Ida, 273 Academy Ave., Prov. 
Jutras. Ludger, Woonsocket. 
Keith, M. E.. 24 N. Main St., Woonsocket. 
Kellcy, Elizabeth, Jamestown. 
Kennedy, Mrs. A., 739 Cranston St., Prov. 
Kennedv. John, 1065 Westminster St., Prov. 
Kirk, Wm. J., 248 Dean St., Prov. 
Knierim. George F., 226 Broad St.. Prov. 
Kunze, Louis W.. 33 State St.. Bristol. 
Lawton. C. Louis, 49 Bridge St.. Newport. 
Lawton, R. N.. Natlck. 
Lcscault & Monast, cor. Illinois and Hedley Ave., Central 

Lesieur, Arthur, 62 Ester St.. Woonsocket. 
Libbv. W. T., 9 Broadway. Newport. 
Lilly, Nellie E., 349 Point St.. Prov. 
Lonsdalo Bakery (Branch)), 9-11 High St.. Pawt. 


41 Park Row, New York City, U.S.A. 279 Dearborn Street, Chicago, III., U.S.A. 


Lynch. Mrs. F. M.. 126 Pleasant St., Prov. 

MaksorKlian, Moosek, 2.10 Cranston St., Prov. 

Markey, Patrick. ](i Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Martin. Ira J.. Pawt. 

Ma.ssman, A. W., 2n9 Main St., Pawt. 

Mavnard. I^ewis. Natick. 

McDonnell, Spink & Co.. 162 N. Main St.. Prov. 

McKenna, .lames. 17.54 Westminster St., Prov. 

McNerney. Edward J.. Valley Falls. 

Minchen, Wm., New England Bakery, 82 Main St., West- 

Moeller, Ernest A.. 97 Central St., Central Falls. 

Mvres, T. J., Elmwood Bakery, 751 Potter Ave., Prov. 

Nass. C. W. Co., 67 Corliss St., Prov. 

National Bakery, Natick. 

Nelle. Chas. F.. Thames and John Sts., Bristol. 

Nelle. M. T.. 4 Market St., Warren. 

N. E. Bakers' and Confectioners' Supply Co., 140 Pine 
St., Prov. 

Nichols. W. L.. Main St.. Hope Valley. 

Nickolson-Thackray Co. (The). 33S-342 Main St., Pawt. 

O'Connor. William A.. S43 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Olmstead. A. L. Mrs.. Highland Ave., Westerly. 

Pascoag Bakery, Pascoag. 

Pawt. Baking Co., IS Water St.. Pawt. 

Pennacchlo, Donate, 143 Acorn St., Prov, 

Pendergiess, J. B., 10 Oak St., Newport, 

Pier Bakery, Narragansett Pier. 

Pleasant View Baking Co., Broadway and Amy Sts., 

Pontlac Bakery, Pontlac. 

Pooler, John C, 132 Cranston St., Prov. 

Prout, Miss Mary E., Newport. 

Prov. Public Market Co.. 3S0-394 Westminster St., Prov. 

Prudential Mfg. Co., 34 Garnet St., Prov. 

Randall, George W., Auburn. 

Rausch. Anthony J., Vienna Cafe, 350 Westminster St., 

Rice & Hayward, 310 to 316 Broad St., Prov. 

Richmond Street Bakery, 136 Richmond St., Prov. 

Rivet & Co., R. 73 East St., Woonsocket. 

Rock, William, Westerly. 

Rodalvlrz. Edward, Anthony, 

Rondeau & Dlzlel, 77 Robin St., Prov. 

Rosenthal, Mary A., 627 N. Main St., Prov. 

Sanford, A. L,., 221 Dean St.. Prov. 

Schechter, Mrs. Frlmet. 51 Beach St., Prov. 

SchlfTman, Alphonse, Elmhurst Bakery, 518 Chalkstone 
Ave.. Prov. 

Schiller, Albert, Woonsocket. 

Simmons, L. L., Jr., 43 Spring St., Newport. 

Spooner, C. H., 36 State St., Bristol. 

Stedman. Daniel, Robinson St., Wakefield. 

Steere, R. & Co., Broad St., Valley Falls. 

Stephan. George (New Home Bakerj-), 23 Taunton Ave., 
E. Prov. 

Stevens, L. I., Valley Falls. 

Sumner, Edward. Peace Dale. 

Sunderland, F. S., 102 Broad St., Prov. 

Tessler, Delphlne, Woonsocket. 

Thornton. Frank L... 469-471 Washington St., Prov. 

Tousignant. Esdras, Manville. 

Trottler & Fournler, 4 Dike St.. Prov. 

Turck. Frank, 26 Brown St., Wlckford. 

Vararlo, VIncenzo. .290 Atwells Ave.. Prov. 

Vincent. Rimer E.. Westerly. 

Wales & Smith Baking Co., 22-24 S. Main St., Woon, 

Wall. George W.. 2205 Broad St.. Pawtuxet. 

Ward -Corby Co.. Eddy, cor. Manchester Sts., Prov. 

Warner Street Bakery. Newport. 

Webster. Edmund, Arlington. 

Wermberg, Andrew G., 122 Glenwood Ave., Pawt. 

Westerly Baking Co., Westerly. 

Wildes, W. P., 235 Broad St., Prov. 

Williams, C. E., Apponaug. 

Williams, Walter E.. Hope. 

Winslow. Mrs. Emma F. , 97 Bridgham St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Baking Co., Woonsocket. 

Wright Baking Co., 2S1 Dean St., Prov. 

Wylie. J. P., 27 N. Main St., Warren. 
Bakers' Supplies. 

riiuUntial Mfg. Co. (The), 34 Garnet St., Prov. 
Baking Powder. 

Uuiiil'ord Chemical Works, 231 S. Main St., Prov. 

.American Ball Co., Kinsley Ave., Prov. 
Ball VVIndiDQ Machines. 

Franklin Machine Co., ISO Charles St., Prov. 

R. I. Distilling Co., 307 Pawtucket Ave., Pawt. 
Basket Makers. 

Davidson. I. P., 173 Social St., Woonsocket. 

Horton. Joseph R.. Wickford. R. I. 

Jenckes, E. Mfg. Co.. ISl Weeden St.. Pawt. 

Niles Eros.. Wyoming. 
Bean^ Leaders. 

Pease. I-. F. Co., 7 Crawford St., Prov. 
Belt Hooks and Ring Travelers. 

Angell, Charles E.. 21 Eddy St., Prov, 

Brown Bros. Co., 62 E.xchange Place, Prov. 

Standard Mill Supply Co., 39 Exchange Place, Prov. 

Talcott, W. O., 91 Sabin St., Prov. 
Belt Conveyors and Carriers. 

Monette, J. B. Co., 7 Penelope St., Prov. 

American Supply Co., 11 Eddy St., Prov. 

Rucklin Belting Co., C. R., Pawt. 

Farnum, J. B., 209 N. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Prov. Belting Co., 25 Charles St.. Prov. 

Spencir V/. H., 7 Exchange Place, Prov. 

Standard Mill Supply Co., 39 Exchange Place, Prov. 
Bicycles Supplies and Repairing. 

Clark, Geo. F. , 35 Grove Ave., Westerly. 

Heath, Such & Co.. 2S3 Thurber Ave., Prov. 

Hughes & Atkin, 38 Plainfleld St., Prov. 

Kenyon, M. Herbert, Ashaway. 

PlUsbury, Herbert L., 930 Westminster St., Prov. 

Pope Mfg. Co., 15 Snow St., Prov. 
Billiard and Pool Table Repairing. 

Hutchinson, B. E. & Co., lOS Eddy St., Prov. 
Binders and Loose-Leaf Binders. 

E. L. Ftteman & Sons, Central Falls. 

Paik Mfg. Co., 43 Sabin St.. Prov. 
Blank- Books. 

Rrownell Mfg. Co., 63 Washington Sf., Prov. 

E. L. Freeman & Sons, Central Falls, 
3 Westminster St., Prov. 

Morse, F. D. & Son, ISS Main St., Pawt. 

Prov. Blank Book Co., 15 Custom House St., Prov. 

Cranston Print Works Co., Cranston. 

Clayville Co., Clayville. 

Clyde Blcachery and Print Works, River Point. Warwick. 

Dempsey Bleach & Dye Works, 131 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Dunnell. William Wanton. Apponaug. 

Enterprise Works. 229 First Ave., Woonsocket. 

Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co., 32 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Greenwich Bleachery. E. Greenwich. 

Harrison Yarn and Dyeing Co., 184 Front St., Pawt. 

Home Bleach and Works, Pawt. 

Ingrahaniville Works, IngrahamvlUe. 

Lonsdale Co.. I.,on.sdaIe. 

Mason Co.. The Robert D., Esten Ave.. Pawt. 

New Englanrl Thread Co.. Cottage St., Pawt. 

Pawtucket Dyeing and Bleaching Qp., Jj^ba-non, 

Pontiac Bleachery. Pontlac, . • 

Prov. D.. B. and C. Co., 52 Valley St., Prov. 

Sayles, F. A., Saylesville and Phillipsdale. 

Silver Spring Co.. Charles St., Prov. 

blalersvilip Finii^hins.- Co.. Slatersville. 

Tnited States Fini^;hin^: Co., 334 Prospect St., Pawt. 
Bleachers and Finishers Materials. 

Wheel vMight Filler c>t Mfg. Co., 4 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Bleachers and Printers. 

ClvLk r.ltach & Flint Works. River Point. 

Dunrn-ll, William Wanton, Apponaug. 
Boat Builders. 

Blivcn, Luke. Spring Wharf. Newport. 

Caswell, Lewis B., Newport. 

Chandler. Abbott. Jamestown. 

Champlln Bros.. Jamestown. 

Chase Pulley Co.. 201 Pitman St., Prov. 

Covo, George H.. Warren. 

Crandall, Alonzo W., Pawtuxet. 

Davis Bros, foot of Seymour St., Prov., and Warr^-n. 

Davis. John Frank, Westerly. 

Dunham. James M.. Westeily. 

Fowler. Philander. Wickford. 

Gardiner, T. W., Pawtuxet. 

Herreshoff Mfg. Co.. Bristol. 

Holland, Charles H., Matunuck Beach. 

Knowles. Herbert N.. Matunuck. 

MacNaught. Malcolm. Bristol. 

Mead Gas Engine Co., Ft. Norwood Ave., Edgewood. 

New York Safety Steam Power Co., Ho|.e Vall'iy. 

Newport Ship Yard. 379 Thames St., Newport. 

Nichols & Langworthy, Hope Valley. 

Nock, Fred S., E. Greenwich. 

Peckham, Stephen C, Quonocontaug. 

Provencher, Joseph. 132 Water St., E. Prov. 

Ralph, Eleazar, Pawtu.xet. 

Ravmond, Lewis H.. 130-132 Long Wharf, New;;ort. 

R. I. Motor Co., Ft. of S. Angell St., Prov. 

Rose, Walter, Wakefield. 

Sands, Fred P., 379 Thames St., Newport. 

!^aunders, Albert E., Wickford. 

Saunders, Still man, Saunderstown. 

Saunders, William G., Wickford. 

Saunderstowr. Boat Shop, Saunderstown. 

Slocum. Henry M.. Bristol. 

Whaley, Charles H.. Wakefield. . . 

White, Frank E., Riverside. 

Williams & Manchester. Newport. 
Bobbins and Bobbin Fasteners. 

Davis, John. 19 At wood St., Prov. 

Hoyle, Joseph, Bobbin Co., Woonsocket. 

Macrodi Fibre Co.. Woonsocket. 

U. S. Eobtin & Shuttle Co., Butler Exchange, Prov. 

Almy Water Tube Boiler Co.. 178 Aliens Ave.. Prsv. 

Globe Stecm Boiler & Iron Works, 252 Dyer St., Prov. 

Hicks Bi.iler Works. 014 S. Main St., Prov. 

NichoU •%: Langworthy Machine Co., Hope Valley. 

New York Safety Steam Power Co., Hope Valley. 

Wholey Boiler Works, Pawt. 
Bolts & Nuts. 

Eastern Lolt & Nut Company. E. Prov. 

Haskell Mfg. Co., W. H., 451 Main St., Pawt. 

Pawt. Mfg. Co.. 327 Pine St., Pawt. 

U. I. Ttol Co.. 14S W. River St.. Prov. 
Bolt and Cold Punched Nut Machinery. 

r.Twt. Mfg Co., 327 Pino St., Pawt. 
Book & Job Presses. 

("ntin-ll, ('. 1!. & Sons Co., Westerly. 
Cook Binders. 

.\kirman Co.. .'J Washington Row. Prov. 

Carr, George H.. 213 Thames St., Newport. ; 

Coombs, H. M.. 63 Washington St., Prov. 

Hall Co. (The J. C), 65 W. ExfMng? §\„ Prov. ,.„_^, 




"'''' Fountain & Stylographic Pens 

Pens and Pencil Cases 

in the Pencil Line 
a Specialty 

Office and Factory 

53 Warren Street 
Providence, R. I. 


American Endoscopic Company 


Battery, Series and Candelabra 



Rhode Island 


Valley Falls, R. I. 

Aluminum Novelties 


Manufacturer of the Only Practical 
Aluminum Solder in the Market 

For Samples and Prices 
address Department H 


Hart. Simon, 202 Thames St., Newport. 

Hileken. C. A., )7S Thames St.. Newport. 

Prov. Blank Book Co., 15 Custom House St., Prov. 

AAVjonsocket Book Bindery, 239 Main St., Woonsocket. 
Book Cloth. 

Interlaken Mills. Harris and Arkwright. 
Boot and Shoe Blacking Manufacturers. 

F:verett & Barron Co.. Inc., 217 Canal St., Prov. 
Boot and Shoe Uppers. 

Blair. John, Jr., i'j'i Westminster St., Prov. 
Boot, Shoe and Corset Lacinqs. 

American Shoe Lace Co.. 502 Kinsley Ave., Prov. 

Conglon. P. J. Co., 101 Westfield St., Prov. 

KImwood Mills, DaboU St.. Prov. 
, Gretn Mountain Braiding Co., Central Falls. 

Joslin Mfg. Co.. S. Scituate. 

Ken>on Mfg. Co.. J. J.. Pawt. 

Katour Shoe Co.. 16 S. Main St.. Woon.socket. 

Wa.l.^uurih liiaiiling Co.. 45G Potter Ave.. Prov. 
Botanic Medicines. 

Ff-nner. Albert. 8t)9 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hand - W. W.,; Drug Co., 105 Westminster St.. 

Russell. Wm.. Jr.. 913 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Wilcox, W. L,.. saO Westminster St.. Prov. 
Bottles, Bottle Stoppers and Bottlers' Supplies. 

.\eina Buttle i: Stopper Co., 54 Peck St.. Prov. 
Box Boards. 

Capwell, Thur."=ton (Mill in W. Greenwich). Summit 

Hazard, Jason P.. Greene. 

Hopkins & Tarbox. Washington. 

Prov. Box and Lumber Co.. foot of Troy St., Prov. 
Box Manufacturers. Cloth Boards, Shooks, Etc. 

Corey Lumber Co.. Hope Valley. 

Cranston Box & Lumber Co.. Print Works. Cranston. 

Cre-ssey. O. S. & Co.. 107 Westminster St., Prov. 

Darling. C. P. Co.. 41.') Charles St.. Prov. 

I'olsey & Co.. J. N.. 41 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

Bandall. Royal M.. Pawt. 

Snow. Justin J., 758 Park Ave., Auburn. 

Talbot Bros. Co.. Centerville. 

Williams. A. P.. W. Gloucester. 
Boxes (Paper.) 

liuHington. F. H.. 3C3 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Butler. Charles M.. 44 Weybosset. Pro%'. 

CoUvell, F. A.. 139 Main St.. Woonsocket. 

Elm wood I'aper Box Co.. IIS Elm wood St.. Prov. 

Jencks Paper Box Co., 23 Broad St., Prov. 

Madancy Bros., 1S2 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Pawt. Paper Box Company. 19 Hamilton St.. Pawt. 

Poole. John T.. 1C7 Pine St.. Prov. 

Taylor Card & Box Co.. 257 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Young Bros.. G70 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Braids and Bindings. 

American Narrow I-'abrle Co., 123 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Auburn Braid Co., Auburn. 

Columbia Brai U^r Co.. 106 Broad St., Pawt. 

GofT & Sons. D.. 29 River St.. Pawt. 

Howard Braiding Co.. E. Prov. 

Mason Narrow Fabric Co., Woonsocket. 

Xarragansett Braiding Co., 82 E. George St. 

Slninioiis P.raiil Co.. 09 Sprague St.. Prov. 
Braidinn Machines. 

Cole Bio.s.. 33 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

New England Butt Co.. 304 Pearl St.. Prov. 

R. I. Braiding Machine Co.. 228 Aborn St.. Prov. 
Brass Castings. 

Fuller. Frederic. 604 S. Main St.. Prov. 

Jenklnson Bra-ss Foundry. Jenks Lane, Pawt. 

Prov. Brass Fiiundry and Machine Co.. 4iiii E Idy St.. Prov. 

R. I. Brass Foundry opp. 108 Pine St.. Prov. 

W<jonsocket Machine & Press Co., 533 Second Ave., Woon- 

Brass and Bronze Castings, Boilers, Etc. 

Allen Fire Dept. Supply Co.. 171 Eddy St., Prov. 

Globe Brass Foundry. 3S Wayne St., Prov. 
Brass Founders and Finishers. 

Allen Fire Uept. Supply Co., 171 Eddy St., Prov. 

Cit.v Brass Foundry, 151 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Lyon, John W., 46 Clifford St., Prov. 

McKenna, Frank & Co., 21 Slater Ave., Pawt. 

Prov. Brass Foundry & Mach. Co., 460 Eddy St., Prov. 

R. I. Brass Foundry. lOS Pine St.. Prov. 

Stillman Bros. Co.. 77 Blackstone St.. Prov. . 

Stedman, P. H.. Ill John St., Newport. 

Winsor. Ira & Co., 109 Dorrance St., p.ov. 
Brass and Copper Seamless and Brazed Tubinq. 

United Wire & Supply Co.. 109 .Summer St., Prov. 

Waterbury Brass Co.. 131 Dorrance St.. Prov. 
Brass Manufacturers. 

Waterbury Brass Co., 131 Dorrance St . Prov. 
Brass Rule and Brass Galleys. 

Hammonl Printers' Supply Co., 45 Eddy St., Prov. 
Brass Signs. 

Hiitchner Sign Co., 4SS Westminster St., Prov. 
Brass and iron Fittings. 

C.en Fin Kxlinguisher Co., Union '1 1 ust Bldg., Pr),' 
Brass and Iron Pipe. 

Gen. F.ri.' Extinguisher Co., Union Tmsl Bldg.. Piov 
Brass and Sheet Metf.l Goods. 

Bli^.s, Chester Co., 31 Mathewson St.. Prov. 

Prov. Brass Mfg. Co.. 25 Blount St.. Prov. 
Bread Makers. 

Ward-Corby Co., 461 Eddy St., Prov. 

Eagle Brewing Co.. 4.55 W. Exch.ange t-l.. Prov. 

Hand Brewing Co., Mendon Ave., Pawt. 

Hanle.v. James Brewing Co., 35 Jackson St., Prov. 

Narragansett Brewing Co., New Depot Ave., Arlington. 

Park Brew Co., 1103 Elmwood Ave., Providence. 

Prov. Brewing Co., 431 Harris Ave., Prov. 

What Cheer Brewery. Cranston. 

New England Steam Brick Co., Harrington Centre. 

Newport Compressed Brick Co., Diamond Hill, Cumberland. 

R. I. Granite Pressed Brick Co., Slatersville. 

Stiles, I. L. & Son Brick Co., 75 Westminster St., Prov. 
Bridge Builders. 

Hunter. Amaziah & Co., 41 Allen Ave., Prov. 

McKinnon Pile Driving & Bridge Building Co., 49 West- 
minster St.. Prov. 

Stender, Frank C. & Co., 118 Rhodes St., Prov. 

Tower, James H., 48 Borden St., Prov. 

Prov. Electro. & Plating Wks., 78 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Bronze Castings. 

Prov. Brass Foundry and Mach. Co.. 460 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Stillman I'.rcs. Co.. 77 Blackstone St.. Prov. 
Bronze Work. Architectural and Statuary. 

Goiham Mfg. Co., Elmwood, Prov. 

Gardner, W. S., 50 Warren Ave., Pawt. 

Narraeansett Broom Co., 15 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Pierce & Wadleigh, E, Greenwich. 

Stamlard Broom Co., 335 Washington St., Prov. 
Brown Stone. 

i;. 1. Ki.iwti stone Works, Senter St., Prov. 
Brush Manufacturers. 

Corrigan, .Tames. Jr.. 5 Leather Ave.. Pawt. 

Dawson. Thomas L.. 292 Front St.. Pawt. 

Rhode Island Biush Co.. 50 Daniel Ave., Prov. 

Tha>er, P. E. & Co., 22 East Ave., Pawt. 

Thayer's Son. Ellis, 177 Exchange St., Pawt. 

I'lrlch, Henry C , 80 Appleton Ave., Pawt. 

Voelker. Philip L., Bucklln St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Brush Co., 38 Allen St., Woonsocket. 
Brushing Machinery for Woolen, Worsted and Cot- 
ton Mills. 

Voelker & Co., Geo. "W.. 63 Union St.. Woonsocket. 

Ideal Buckle Mfg. Co., 11 Snow St., Prov. 
Building Materials. 

Williamson, Robert. 54G Weeden St.. Pawt. 
Buildinq "i rimmings, Wood Mouldings. 

Presbrey & Son Co., A. A., Summer cor. Meadow St., Prov. 
Bundle Wood. 

Horan Wood Co.. 25 Barber Ave., Central Falls. 

MTiite. A. D., 29 Wyatt St.. Prov. 
Butterine and Oleomargarine. 

Globe Butter Co., 331 Canal St., Prov. 

Oakdale Mfg. Co., 156 S. Water St., Prov. 

Vermont Mfg. Co., 9 Jackson St., Prov. , 


Moore, Charles H., 268 Westminster St., Prov. 

Nat. Button Co.. 257 W. Exchange St.. Prov. 
Buttons for Upholstery. 

Tockv.otton Co.. W. R. Talbot, Treas., 79 S. Main St., Prov. 
Cabinet Makers, 

Dreilenslein, A. G., 74 N. Main St., Prov. 

Crooker Mantel & Tile Co., 230 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Crewe. Thos. A. & Co., 7 Ward St., Prov. 

Famiglietti, R. & V. N., 598 Charles St.. Prov. 

Heidrich & Meerbott, 1S2 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Jc'dat, John F. & Co., 65 Benevolent St.. Prov. 

Lavarson, Stephen M., 217 N. Main St., Prov. 

Library Bureau, Banigan Building. Prov. 

T/Ianchester, Albert C, 136 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Merz, John C, 185 Gano St., Prov. 

Richards, Joseph. 355 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Rrbb, Jchn A.. 81 Friendship St.. Prov. 

r.uff. Chas. E.. 25 Broad St., Prov. 

Sel ulze, Henry, 54 N. Main St., Prov. 

Sexton, David R., 1076 Broad St.. Prov. 

Smith, Thos. P., 1076 Westminster St., Prov. 

Tingle; Frank E., Broad St., Pawt. 
Cabling Machinery. 

New England Butt Co., 304 Pearl St., Prov. 
Calender Rolls. 

Prov. Brass Foundry & Machine Co.. 460 Eddy St.. Prov 
Cane and Umbrella Handles (Gold and Silver.) 

Braitsch. W. J. & Co.. 492 Potter Ave.. Prov. 
Cap Makers. 

Brenner & Greene, 28 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Feiner Cap Co., 93 N. Main St., Prov. 

Hellman. M. C. & Co., 74 N. Main St., Prov. 

Kusbner, Ike, 96 Chalkstono Ave.. Prov. 

N. E. Cap Co., 28 N. Main St., Prov. 

Schwartz, Louis, 297 Canal St.. Prov. 

Union Cap Co.. 12S N. Main St.. Prov. 

Linton Bros. & Co.. 216 Main St.. Pawt. 

Narragansett Card Co.. 1.31 Wa.shington St. 

National Coated Paper Corp., Masterson St., Pawt. 

R. I. Cardl)oard Co., 163 Exchange St., Pawt. 
Card Clothincj. 

American Carl Clothing Co., .58 Warren St., Prov. 

Mechanical Fabric Co.. 40 Sprague St., Prov. 
Carriages and Wagons. 

Abbott. Leon A. & Co., 350 Fountain St., Prov. 

Armstrong. J. R. Carriage Co.. 42 Cranston St.. Prov. 

Armstrong Carriage Co., Wakefield. 

Arnold Carriage Co., 82 Point St., Prov, 

Blade. J. & M., 31 Worcester St., Prov. 

Brown. R. D., Jr., Peacedale. 

Camiibell. Thos. A., Warren. R. I. 

Caswell. The C. A. Carriage and Harness Cn., Wakefield 

Clarke. Geo. R.. Usquepaugh. 

Dawson, James, 38 Benefit St.. Prov. 



Head Office and Works 
85 Sprague Street, Providence, R. I. 

New York Office : 3 Maiden Lane 

John Hoagland, Representative 

One Dozen Pearl Holders and Gold Pens 

put up on Easel Pad 

a Specialty 

First Quality 
Fountain and Stylograpiik 


Gold Pens, Holders, Pencils and Cigar Piercers 

w-pii Afe^= ei^^^^Mim- 


Saves half the time and all mental drudgery. 

It will add, substraet, multiply and divide by simply pressing the keys. 

It adds all the columns at once and is absolutely accurate. 

One exclusive feature in this machine is an extra set of dials which 

show the last item added, thus indicating any mistake made, which 

can be immediately corrected without interfering with the work. 
These dials also keep the place in case of interruption. This machine is built of steel and has no parts that are liable 

to get out of order. We guarantee it in every respect. 
It is used by many of the largest concerns in this country, including Government Offices, Colleges and the St. Louis 

Exposition. Testimonials furnished. 
Machines made in different styles and sizes. If interested, write us. Made by 

J 7 Warren Street, Providence, R. I., U.S. A, 



hJUmunds, Geo. \\'., 75 Cliffoi'J St.. Piov. 

ICdwards, Thus. D., Lester St.. Prov. 

Fluflder Bros., 15 Old Beach Road. Newport. 

Oalarneau. Isaac, Coggswell St., Westeily. 

fioff, Francis D., Central Falls. 

Hayward. E. G.. 100 Bellevue Ave.. Newport. 

Holdredge. C. H., Westerly. 

Hopkins, A.«ahel. Hartford Pike, N. Scituate. 

Jines. O. E.. 1140 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Kenyon, J. T., 101 Main St., Westerly. 

Leveck, E. L. . E. Greenwich. 

Mahar. William A., 13 Farewell St., Newport. 

McCahe. Hornard. 22 IJayley St.. Pawt. 

O'Brien, P. J., 192 Pine St.. Prov. 

Pay, Charles & Co., 301 S. Water St., Prov. 

Pearce, Dexter D. , 4(M Wickenlen St.. Prov. 

Rancourt. Dnlphis. 225 Dyer St.. Prov. 

Scott Brf>s., 24 Spring St.. Newport. 

Shea. Michael F.. Perrymill Whaif. Newport. 

Slocum. John A.. Ashaway. 

Stillnian Carriage Co.. Westerly. 

Stillmaji. John A., Westerly. 

Sutton, James H.. 123 Cranston St.. Prov. 

Woonsocket Wagon Mfg. Co.. 15 Worrall St., Woon^ocket. 

Wordell. Abram, l.ittle Compton. 
Carriane Trimmers. 

Pick. ""Asa. :!(ll Fountain St.. Prov. 

.'^idelinttom. .\. M.. 5 Maiden I.ane. Pawt. 

Stianger. W. L.. Ifi5 Pine St.. Prov. 

Wnnnsocket Wagon Mf.g. Co., 15 Worrall St.. Woonsocket. 

Clark Mfg. Co.. 46 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Prov. Ca-sket Co.. 1092 Westminster St., Prov. 

American Ship Windlass Co., Waterman and E. River Sts., 

Bosworth, W. S., Birch Swamp Road, Warren. 

Buildere' Iron Foundry. 9 Codding St.. Prov. 

Clark. Charles N.. 227 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Colvin Foundry Co.. 1S5-221 Globe St.. Prov. 

Fuller Iron Works, SfiG S. Main St., Prov. 

Pawtucket Foundry (^o., Prairie Ave.. Pawt. 

Prov. Steel Casting Co.. Aliens .-Vve., Prov. 

R. I. Malleable Iron Works, Hills Grove. 

White, J. S. Co., 22 Dexter St., Pawt. 

White, Stillman Foundry Co.. 1 Bark St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Machine & Press Co., Woonsocket. 

llanspach Bros.. 1915 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Gelb. Victor. 191 Westminster St.. Prov. 

layman. T. H. Catering Co.. 59 Jackson St.. Prov. 

SquantUm Clam Chowder Co., 581 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Parker. Qulncy Catsup Mtg. Co.. 113 Davis St., Prov. 

N. E. Chain Works. 27 Wyatt St., Prov. 

Richards. Joseph. 155 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Curtis, C. Frederick, 83 Page St., Prov. 

Dean, Calvin. 144 Pine St.. Prov. 

Drlnan. John T. (Estate). 151 Pine St.. Prov. 

Hudsot & Co.. 215 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Leveck. Chas. C, 115 Frlenilshlp St. (Rear). Prov. 

Arnr;ld-Hofrman & Co. (Inc.). 55 Canal St.. Prov. 

Brown & Dean Co.. 104 Richmond St.. Prov. 

Bush Co.. Chas. S.. 2I2-21B Weybo.sset St.. Prov. 

Carpenter. H. F. & Sons. 58 Page St.. Prov. 

Cas.-5p|la Color Co.. B4 Exchange Place. Prov. 

Cnapp. B. I*. Ammonia Co.. 79 River St.. Pawt. 

C< rnell & .\ndrews. 23 Mathewson St.. Prov. 

Lewis. John D., S Exchange Place, Prov. 

Manufacturers' Sujjply Co.. Ill Orange St.. Prov. 

Mathiepon Alkali Woiks. 53 Canal St., Prov. 

Roscow, Richard & Co., 41 Oakland Ave.. Pawt. 

Rumford Chemical Works, 231 S. Main St., Prov. 

Eeabury Chemical Woi ks, 78 Medway St., Prov. 

Shei anl & c^o.. T. P.. 11 Dyer St., Prov. 
China Repairers. 

Hathaway. \\'m. O.. Travers Block, Newport. 
Church Metr.l Wcrkr. 

(".(irhuni Mfif. Co.. Elmwood, Prov. 
Cider an(J Cider Vinenar. 

Blown. Oliver R.. Ten'Rod Real. Wi^kfjrd. 

Budlong J. A & Son Co., Auburn. 

Dillon, Thos. & Son, Auhuin. 

Lally. M. F.. 120 Harris Ave.. Woonsocket. 

Lee, Calvin. Westerly. 

McLaughlin. John P.. Cumbe: land Hll. 

Newcomb. David. Post Road, Davisville. 

Richardson, Jos. S.. Knightsville. 

Rose. C. T., Moois field Road, Peace Dale. 

Smith. Geo. H.. Stony Lane Road, Wickfor.l. 
Cinar IVlanuacturers. 

fiallou. I. B. & Son. 47 Eddy St., Prov. 

Billington, F. R.. Pawt. 

Billington. J. D., 207 Main St.. Pawt. 

Biannigan. John H.. 33 Lower St.. Pawt. 

Eridgeton Cigar Mfg. Co.. Bridgeton. 

Butler. Martha E.. S Wamsutta Place, Prov. 

Congdon. Andrew J., Pawt. 

Cook Bros., 286 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Cross. Wm. D.. Carolina. 

Egglcston. Harry B.. E. Greenwich. 

Follett. F. F. & Son Co.. 119 Brook St., Pawt. 

Gaddes. William, 8 Baptist St., Paw^t. 

Gardner, D. V., 6 Market St., Warren. 

Hall, Margaret E., 524 Valley St., Prov. 

Huntoon & Gorham Co., 3t)2 Carpenter St., Prov. 

Imrerial Cigar Factory, 63 Washington St., Prov. 

Kelly, Kate. 508 Chalkstone Ave., Prov. 

Kern, George. 246 Pawtucket Ave., Pawt. 

Le^eck, Frank, 93 Johnson St.. Pawt. 

McKay. James A., rear 171 Walcott St.. Pawt. 

McVay. Francis E.. 31 Norton St., Pawt. 

Melaragno. Fernando, 299 .4twells Ave., Prov. 

Mrrrisse, Wm.. 225 Dean St., Prov. 

Phinney, Squire Z., 206 Pine St., Pawt. 

Schreiner, J. A., 21 Washington St.. Prov. 

Seney. Louis. 63 Cranston St.. Prov. 

Simon. C. F.. 10 Cooke St., Bristol. 

Spoerer, Jacob W.. 32 Heaton St., Pawt. 

Tanner, Geo. B., 775 We.stminster St.. Prov. 

Thurber. J. M.. 63 Cottape St. (Rear). Pawt. 

Weiner. H. & Son. SS John St.. Newport. 

Wigfall, Alfred. 150 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Woods. Ch;iB. H.. IS Canal St.. We;-terly. 

YiiUiig, Geo. F. & Bro., 127 Westminster St., Pi'ov. 
Clger Machines. 

.American Cigar Machinery Co., 63 Washington St.. Prov. 

Durfce. Walter H. & Co., 151 Pond St., Prov. 

Cloth Boards. 

Hawkins. H. .\. & Sons, W. Glocester. 

Cod Liver OiL 

Fearne.N, John T. Son, 42 Exchange Place, Prov. 
Coffee Roasters. 

I'.iowndl & Field Co.. 7 Pine St.. Prov. 

Fra.>.er Bros. Co.. 297 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

I-yons. Delany C^o.. 5-7-9-11 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Prov. Public Market Co.. 3S0 Westminster St.. PrcA-. D. E. & Co.. 64 S. Water St.. Prov. 
Coloring Jewelry. 

Cutter7 Frank, 101 Sabin St., Prov. 




Steams, A. L. & Co.. 24 Calendar St.. Prov. 
Concrete Paving and Roofinn. 

Adam. Frederic M. & Son. 451 VV. Ave., Pawl. 

Adams, Jo.'eph. Wan en. 

Ballou. F. M. Co.. 1323 B:oaJ St.. Prov. 

Bristette. Peter. Pascoag. 

Brisiow, John. Kingston Road. Narragansett Pier. 

Cartier. M. N. & Sens Co.. 2 13 Canal St.. Prov. 

(Citizens Ccnciete Co.. 75 Wetminster St., Piov. 

Crane. John & Co.. 158 Foi t St.. E. Prov. 

Diamond Paving Co.. Shel Ion Building. Pawt. 

Docne. Felix. Pier Read. PeaceJale, S. Kingston. 

Eagle Concrete & Roofins' Co.. Union Ave.. Prov. 

French. Oliver P. it Son, 16 Eexler St., Woon,=ocket. 

Gould. H., 139 Richmon I .St., Prov. 

Gradv. D. F. & Co.. Thornton. 

Hathaway. H. B.. 4S Wil.:on St.. Prov. 

Herbert. Fred. .':6) High St.. Pawt. 

Johnston Concrete anl Pooling. 654 .At wells .Ave.. 

Kelley. John H.. 54 Coyle Ave.. I'awt. 

Keough, Daniel. 15 Bergen St.. Prov. 

Lockwood. H. B.. 115 Wentworth Ave.. Prov. 

Lull, Harrv F., 47 -Allen Ave.. Pawt. 

Mason. E. B.. 31 Wendell St., Prov. 

Moore Co., J. W., 143 Aliens Ave., Prov. 

Moran, J. P. & Co., 21 N. Union St.. Pawt. 

Prov. ('oncrete & Rooting Co.. 35 Westminster St. 

Rhode Island Concrete Co.. 3 Custom House St. 

Smith Concrete Co.. Banigan Bldg.. Prov. 

Taylor. E. A. & Co., 75 Westminster St.. Prov. 

IT. S. Concreting Co., Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

Westerly Concrete Co., Westerly. 

Bostwick. L. K., 81 Willow St.. Prov. 

Boyle. John & Co., 3.50 Main St.. Pawt. 

Cascambas. D. B.. 109 Thames St.. Newport. 

Catalan. Roger. 1.52 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Chase. William H., 148 Main St.. Woonsocket. 

Crescent Pop Corn Co.. 10 Crawford St.. Prov. 

Cummings. Franklin W.. 101 Westfield St., Prov. 

l^antapolos, J., Newport. 

Decelles Bros., 356 Social St., Woonsocket. 

Fenton. Annie Mrs.. 128 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 

Fenton. R. M.. 144 Thames St., Newport. 

Hare, Charles H. , 491 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hare. B. F.. 200 Union St.. Prov. 

Hazard. Geo. B.. 6 Arcade.. Prov. 

Homer Bros.. 22 Broad St.. Prov. 

Hulbert. J. J. & Co.. 134 Washington St., Prov. 

Kuhn. Wm. F., Newport. • 

Maxfield. N. S.. Warren. 

Mitchell. Noel A.. Block Island. 

Moian Bros.. 179 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Parmenter. E. B.. 147 Sixth St., Prov. 

Sherman. Wm. S.. Pawt. 

Sinades. James. Arctic Centre. 

Smith. A. G.. 6 Chestnut St., Prov. 

St. Clair's, 321 Westminster St., Prov. 

Smith. H. J., Pawt. 

Walker, Flavius, rear 484 Cranston St., Prov. 

Weeks Bros. Co.. 167-179 Richmond St.. Prov. 

Williams & Borden. 129 Washington St., Prov. 

Wyatt, R. M.. Tiverton. 
Contractinn Ennineers. 

C<nroy. P." F.. Tsl Thames St., Newport. 

Prov. Engineering Works, 521 S. Main St., Prov. 

Dailey, J. A. & Son, 191 Transit St., Prov. 

Slender, Frank C. & Co., US Rhodes St., Prov. 
Copper Conductors. 

niunnekow, C. G. Co., 223 Globe St.. Prov. 

Clason Architectural Metal Works, 428 Kinsley Ave., Prov. 

Prov. Architectural Metal Works, 237 Dyer St., Prov. 




Miners and Shippers of 


Controlling Railroad Cars 


Barges for Water Transportation 


Shipping Piers 

Greenwich Point, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Baltimore, Md., Sooth Amboy, N.J. 


421 Chestnut Street 


29 Broadway 

80 Church Street 


14 Kilby Street 


Copper Electro Plate Rolls. 

Phillips. Thomas Co.. S. Main, Prov. 

Toxtile Finishing Machinery Co., 17 Exchange Place, 
Copper Smiths. 

AUenson Bros., 9 Steeple St., Prov. 

.Manchester Co., J. B., 1S8-190 Eddy St., Prov. 
Cop Tubes. 

Brown. J. E 

R. I. Cordage Co. 

Cohen, Samuel M 

Goodspeed, G. S., 


& H. L., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 


, 2 N. Court, Prov. 
50 Exchange Place, 

New England Cork Co., 167 N. Main St., 

Oould Corset Works, 402 Westminster St., Prov. 
Corset Steels. 

Harj) Corset Steel Co., 17 Illinois St., Central Falls. 
Cotton and Worsted Twisted Together. 

Thf Greene & Daniels Mfg. Cd., 32 Central Ave., Pawt. 
Cotton Batting and Wadding. 

Crefcld Waste & Batting Co., SaylesviUe. 

T'nion Wadding Co., Dexter St., Pawt. 
Cotton Combing Aprons. 

Ameiican Multiple Fabric Co., Hartford Ave.. Prov. 
Cotton Corduroys. 

Crompton Co. (Crompton), Office, Ind. Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Rhode Island Dyeing & Finishing Co., Woonsocket. 
Cotton Goods. 

A. and M. Specialty Co., Phenix, R. I. 

Alpine Textile Co., 9C Broad St., Pawt. 

American Electrical Works, Phillipsdale. 

American Hair Cloth Co., Central Falls. 

Americaji Multiple Fabric Co., Hartford Ave., Prov. 

American Narrow Fabric Co., Woonsocket. 

American Shoe Lace Co., Kinsley Ave.. Prov. 

American Textile Co., Esten Ave., Pawt. 

American Yarn Mfg. Co., Fountain St., Pawt. 

Arctic Mills (Arctic), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washington 
Row, Prov. 

Ashland Co., Ashland. 

Ashaway Line and Twine Mfg. Co., Rockville Mills, Ash- 

Ashton Mills (operated by Lonsdale Co., Lonsdale), Ashton. 

Auburn Braiding Co., Auburn. 

Ballou Yarn Co., 189 Charles St., Prov. 

liernon Mills (Georgiaville), 15 Westminster St., Prov. 

Berkeley Co.. Ashton. 

Blackstone Braid Co., Central Falls. 

lilackstone Stocking Co., Pawt. 

I'.lodgett & Orswell Co., Front St., Pawt. 

BriK'BS. H. A. & Co., 248 Pine St.. Pawt. 

Canonchet Line and Twine Co., Canonchet. 

Canonchet Mills, Canonchet. 

Centerville Cotton Mill (Centervllle), B. B. 
Washington Row, Prov. 

Clark. Wm., Mills (Linen Thread Co.), Westerly. 

Clinton Mill (Woonoscket), B. B. & R. Knight Co,, 3 Wash- 
ington Row, Prov. 

Coats, J. & P.. Ltd., 336 Pine St.. Pawt. 

Collyer Insulated Wire Co., 249 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Columbia Narrow Fabric Co., Shannock. 

R. I. Processing Co., Coventry. 

Coventry Co., 15 Westmin.ster St., Prov. 

Cranston Print Works Co. (Cranston), B. B. & R. Knight, 
3 Washington Row, Prov. 

Crt'feld Wa-ste and Batting Co., SaylesviUe. 
Crompton Co. (Crompton), Ind. Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Culler Mfg. Co., Warren. 
Dalley. Rice & Co.. Wa-shlngton. 
Dexter Yarn Co.. 36 Broadway. Pawt. 
Dunnell. Wni. Wanton, Apponaug. 
Kagle Mills. Woonsocket. 

& R. Knight, 3 

Elizabeth Mills, Hillsgrove. 

Elniwood Mills. Dabol St., Prov. 

Enfield Mills. Enfield. 

Falls Yarn Mills, Woonsocket. 

Fiskeville Mills, (Fiskeville), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Wash- 
ington Row. Prov. 

Fletcher Mfg. Co., 47 Charles St., Prov. 

Fores^lale Mfg. Co., Slaters ville. 

French Hair Cloth Co.. 289 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Globe Mill (Manville Co.). Woonsocket. 

Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co., 32 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Green Mountain Braiding Co., Central Falls. 

Hamilton Webb Co., Wickford. 

Hamlet Textile Co., Woonsocket. 

Harrison Yarn and Dyeing Co.. yarns, 1S4 Front St., Pawt. 

Hays Textile Co.. 381 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Hope Co., Hope, Scituate. 50 S. Main St., Prov. 

Hope Webbing Co.. 1005 Main St., Pawt. 

Howard Braiding Co., E. Prov. 

Interlaken Mills, Harris and Arkwright, Butler Exchange, 

Jackson Mills (Jackson), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washington 
Row, Prov. 

Jpnckes Spinning Co., B., 381 Weeden St., Pawt. 

Joslm Mfg. Co., S. Scituate. Prov. and Rockland. 

Kenvon, John T., Woodville. 

Kenyon, John J.. 120 Webster St.. Pawt. 

Lawton Spinning Co., Ranigan Bldg., Prov. 

Lebanon Mill Co.. Exchange St.. Pawt. 

Lippitt Mill (Phenix). B. B. & R. ICnight Co., 3 Washing- 
ton Row, Prov. 

Littlelield Mfg. Co., 66 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Lockwood Co., L. A., SaylesviUe. 

Lonsdale Co., Goddard Bros., 50 S. Main St., Prov. (Lons- 

Lorraine Mfg. Co., 547 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. 

Lumb Knitting Co.. 249 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Manville Co., Manville, Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Prov. 

Mason Narrow Fabric Co., Woonsocket, 

Mason, W. H. & Co., 228 Aborn St., Prov. 

Narragansett Braiding Co., SO E. George St., Prov. 

Narragansett Knitting Co., Pawt. 

Natiek Mills (Natick), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washington 
Row, Prov. 

Naushon Co.. Valley Falls. 

New England Edging Co., Woonsocket. 

New England Thread Co., Clay St., Pawt. 

N. Sc-Huate Cotton Mills. N. Scituate. 

Nottingham Mill, B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washington Row, 

Nourse Mills (Manville Co.), Woonsocket. 

Oriental Mills, Whipple St., Prov. 

Parker Mills, Warren. 

Pawt. Braide.l Line Co.. 28 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

Pawt. Tape Co.. 120 Webster St., Pawt. 

I>hilli|)S Insulated Wire Co., Freeman St.. Pawt. 

Pontiac Mill (Pontiac), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washington 
Row, Prov. 

Potter, E. A. Co., Pocasset. 

Quldnick Mfg. Co. (Office). Prov.; (Works), ,\nthony. 

Ray Cotton Co., Woonsocket. 

Rhode Island Vienna Braid and Tape Co., Jenks Lane, 

Richmond Mfg. Co., Bristol. 

Rockville Mills. Hope Valley. 
Rodman Mfg. Co. (Shady Lee Mill). Lafayette. 
Roger Williams Cotton Mills. Arcadia. 

Royal Mills (River Point), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Washing- 
ton Row, Prov. 
Samoset Co., Valley Falls. 

Shannock .Varrow Fabric Co., Prairie Ave., Pawt. 
Silver Spring Co., Charles St., Prov. 
Slater Cotton Co.. 49 Church St.. Pawt. 
Smith Webbing Co., Main St.. Pawt. 

Social Mfg. Co.. Woonsocket. 

Solway Mills. Westerly. 

Spring Lake Mfg. Co., Washington. 

Star Hair Cloth Co., 381 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Tillinghast, Stiles Co. (Office, 49 Westminster; mill, 9 Cal- 
ender), Prov. 

Union Wadding Co., Dexter St., Pawt. 

IT. S. Cotton Co.. Central Falls. 

U. S. Knitting Co., Central Falls. 

Valley Falls Co., Albion. 

Valley Queen Mill (River Point), B. B. & R. Knight, 3 
Washington Row, Prov. 

Warren Mfg. Co.. Warren. ' 

Warw'ick Mills. Centreville. 

Weeden Mfg. Co., 620 Branch Ave., Prov, 

Wetherell Co.. Inc.. Rockville. 

White Rock Mill (Westerly). B. B. & R. Knight, 3 Wash- 
ington Row, Prov. 

Wilkens Mfg. <io.. Woonsocket. 

Wood, Frank. Mfg. Co., Valley Falls. 

Wyoming Yarn Co., Wyoming. 
Cotton Plushes. 

Contrexville Mfg. Co., Manville. 
Cotton Stock Dyed. 

Eagle Dye Works, 650 N. Main St., Pawt. 
Cotton Tapes. 

Pawt. Tape Co., 12 S. Water St., Prov. 
Cotton Waste. 

Union Wadding Co.. 60 Dexter St.. Pawt. 
Cotton Worsted and Woolen Yarns. 

Eddy & Street. 12 S. Water St., Prov. 

Oak ^■allcy Mills, Tarkiln. 

Tillinghast-Stiles Co., Ind. Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Cotton Yarn Dyers. 

In.i;rahamville Dye Works, Pawt. 

Narragansett Creamery Co., Wakefield. 

Newport County Creamery, 32 Channing St.. Newport. 

South (^ounty Creamery. Main St., Hope Valley. 
Curtains and Fixtures. 

Henry. C. P. Novelty Co.. 59 Sassafras St., Prov. 

Sash Curtain Rod & Novelty Co., 127 Summer St., Prov. 
Cut Glass. 

Hope (ilass Works, 161 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Brid.i-'eton Knife Co., Bridgeton. 

Ilunolcl. Ernest. 33 Aborn St., Prov. 

Sehmid. J. M. & Son, 313 Westminster St., Prov. 

c.etclull. S. S. & Son, Island Place, Woonsocket. 
Dental and Machine Specialties. 

GofC. James C, 31 Point St., Prov. 

Calder. Albert L. Co.. 181 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Designers and Builders of Special iVIachinery and 

Beaman & Smith Co., Gordon and Reynolds Aves.. Prov. 

Langelier Mfg. Co.. 67 Clifford St., Prov. 

Taft. I'iorcc Co.. Woonsocket. 
Designer, Die-sinker and Huto-Cutter. 

Baker. Wm. M., 151 Pine St., Prov. 

Farnham. Frank E. . 35 Garnet St.. Prov. 

Ruockert, Einest F.. Ill Pine St.. Prov. 
Designing. Engraving and Illustrating. 

Ganrlii 1-. E.. 41L' Butler Exchange, Prov. 
Dewinn Machines. 

\',ielUcr. Geo. ^V. it Co.. 03 ITnion St.. Woonsocket. 
Die and Hub-Cutters and Designers. 

Ball. Claude C. Ind. Trust Bldg.. Prov. 

Bonniol, A. & Son. 178 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Bowlen, William C. 25 Calender St.. Prov. 

Chandler, A. R.. 121 Weybosset St., Prov, 

Crcos & Court. 21 Eddy St,, Prov. 





Contact points above the warp ana absolutely protected from l!nt 
and fly, removing all danger of fire and providing for unhampered 
action. Simple and compact construction, guards against derange- 
ment, and allows ample space for manipulation of warps. Invariable 
indication with the lightest drop-wires. Adaptable to every make of 
loom and for all conditions of weaving. 


Sole Licensed Manufacturers 

Also Contractors for the Manufacture of Metal Goods, Stampings, 
Novelties, Special Machines and Appliances for Textile Mills. 

Manchester & Hudson 

53 Point Street 

Providence, R. I. 

Wholesale and Retail 
Dealers in 

Masons' Materials 

of all kinds 

Blue Stoxe 
Fire Brick 
Drain Tile 
Cistern Covers 
Building Brick 
Fire Mortar 


Atlas Portland Cement 
Brooklyn Bridge Cement 
Crockett's Lime 
Granite Sewer & Drain Pipe 

Zl-O Point Street, Providence, R. L 

S.MiTiiFiELD Lime 

C.A.X.\AN Ll.ME 

Calcined Pl.^ster 
Land Plaster 
Cattle H.vir 
Mort.^r Colors 

15 and 17 Qordon Avenue. Providence, R. I. 

Indian Brand of S'liod Drii-i llect 
Manufacturers >f Potato Chips 


Davoll, Chas. H., 10 Shepard St.. Prov. 
Fainham, Frank E., 35 Garnet St., Prov. 
Fisher, William C, Jr,, 220 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Gyllrnberg & Hultman, 26 Fountain St., Prov. 
ilamilton, George. 95 Pine St., Prov. 
Heath, Such & Co.. 2S3 Thurber Ave., Prov. 
Kranz, Louis, 150 Orange St., Prov. 
Lange & Fischer M£g. Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Myers. Arthur J.. 117 Point St., Prov. 
Powell, Chailes E., 25 Calender St., Prov. 
Racine, Ulysses, 206 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Strainer & Freeman, 102 Friendship St., Prov. 
Van der Burgh, George. 151 Pine St., Prov. 
Ooor Plates. 
Pabodie, C. A. & Son. 139 Mathewson St., Prov. 
Reynolds Stamp and Stencil Works, 3 Weybo.sset .St.. Prov. 
White. A. A. Co.. 3 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Doors, Sashes and Blinds. 
Arn,>ld. William E., 324 Dean St., Prov. 
liosworth. Smith & Co., Newport. 
Cotlrell, John T. Co.. 297 Main St., Pawt. 
Doilge. Horace A., 530 S. Main St., Prov. 
Evans. Henry R. & Son. S Mathewson St., Prov. 
Harris, Wm. M., Jr., 54G Atwells Ave., Prov. 
I^angworthy. B. P., Main St., Hope Valley. 
Ma.Nson & Co., Westerly. 

McGowan, James & Co.. 14 Exchange Place. Prov. 
Fawtucket Sash and Blind Co., 24 Mason St.. Pawt. 
Perkins Bros., 970 Westminster St.. Prov. 
Prov. Sash and Blind Co., 301 Broad St., Prov. 
Rotiinson. A. M.. Island Place.. Woonsockct. 
Swinburne. Peckham & Co.. Newport. 
Tinslev. FVank E.. Broad cor. Olive St.. Pawt. 
Vaughn. L. & Co.. 1153 Westminster St.. Prov. 
Wardwell Lumber Co.. Bristol. 
Drain Pipes, 
.v. Kingstown Cement Tile Co.. Wickford. 
U. I. Ciment Drain I'ipe Co.. .500 Valley St.. Prov. 
Dry Dock. 
I'rov. Dry Dock and Marine Ry. Co.. 122 Ddrrance St.. 
Dyeing and Printing. 

Cr.'instou I'rint Works Co., Ctanston. 
Dyers and Finishers of Cotton from the Bale. 

i:anlf Dye Works. C.'iO N. Main St., Pawt. 
Dye Stuffs and Chemicals. 
Kllrsteln. A. & Co.. 13 Mathewson St.. Prov. 
Kuttroff. Plckhardt & Co.. SO S. Water St., Prov. 
Lewis. John D.. 8 Exchange PI.. Prov. 
Metz. H. -A. & Co., ID S. Main St.. Prov. 
Pawt. Mordant Co.. Box 227. Pawt. (Works. Valley Falls.) 
Prov. Drysalters Co., E. Greenwich. 
RoHcow, Richard & Co., 41 Oakland Ave., Pawt. 
Schoellkopf, Hartford & Hanna, 28 N. Main St., Prov. 
Dyers and Bleachers. 
fiissella (■(ilor Co.. G4 Exchange Place, Prov. 
Enterj'rise Dye Works, 229 First Ave., Woonsocket. 
Glcnlyon Dye Works, Saylesville, R. I. 
The Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co.. Pawt. 
fJrcenwlch lileachery. S. Main .St.. E. Greenwich. 
Home Bleach & Dye Works. Pawt. 
Ingrahamvllle Dye Works. Ingrahamville. 
L- nsdale Bleach & Dye Works. Lonsdale. 
M;i>on. Hobt. D. Co.. Mosshasuck St.. Pawt. 
MInlo. James D.. Manton. 

Pawtucket Dyeing & Bleaching Co.. 232 Front St., Pawt. 
Ponliac niefichery. Pontlac. 
I'rov. D.. B. & C. Co.. 52 Valley St.. Prov. 
Sliver Si>ring Co.. Prov. 

Tnlon Winding Co.. 26 Fountain St.. Prov. 
I'. S i^inlshlng Co.. 341 Prnspect St., Pawt. 
U'tiiltlf live Works, Autiurn. 
Dyers', Bleachers' and Printers' Supplies. 
Pawl. Mordant Co., Box 227. Pawt. (Works, Valley Falls.) 

Dyers and Bleachers of Cotton Yarn for Knitting 
Harrison Tarn & Dyeing Co., 184 Front St.. Pawt. 
Home r.leach & Dye Works, Pawt. 
Dyers and Bleachers of Cotton Yarn for Silk Trads. 

Home Bleach & Dye AVorks. Pawt. 
Dyers and Bleachers of Cotton Yarn^ for Weavinq. 

Home Bleach & Dye Works, Pawt. 
Dyers and Bleachers of Cotton Yarns fcr Wo;l'3n 
Home Bleach & Dye Works. Pawt. 
Dyers and Finishers. 
Clayville Co.. Clayville. 

Clyde Bleachei"y and Print Works, River Point. 
R. I. Processing Co.. Coventry. 
Cranston Print Works Co.. Cranston. 
Cranston Worsted Mills, Bristol. 
Crompton Co.. Crompton. 

Dempsey Bleachery and Dye Works, 331 N. Main St., Pawt. 
Dunnell. Wm. Wanton. Apponaug. 
Enterprise Dye Works. Woonsocket. 
Greene. S. H. & Sons Corp.. River Point. 
Greenwich Bleachery. E. Greenwich. 
Glenark Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 
Glenlyon Dye Works. Saylesville and Phillipsdale, 
Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co.. 32 Central Ave.. Pawt. 
Harrison Yarn & Dyeing Co.. 1.S4 Front St.. Pawt. 
Home Bleach & Dye Works. Branch St., Pawt. 
Ingrahamville Dye Works, Ingrahamville. 
Inteilaken Mills (Butler Exchange, Prov.), Arkwright. 
Jcnckes. E. Mfg. Co., 181 Weeden St., Pawt. 
Lonsdale Co.. Lonsdale. 

Mason Co.. The Robert D., Moshassuck St., Pawt. " 
Minto. James D.. Manton. 

New England Thread Co.. Cottage St.. Pawt. 
Pawt. Dyeing and Bleaching Co.. Lebanon. 
(Jucen Dyeing Co.. Atwells Ave., Prov. 
Royal Weaving Co.. Central Falls. 
R. I. Dyeing and Finishing Co.. Woonsocket. 
Silver Spring Co., Charles St., Prov. 
Slatersville Finishing Co., Slatersville. 
Smitli. The Amsdem H., rear 51 N. Main St.. Pawt. 
Tnited States Finishing Co., 334 Prospect St.. Pawt. 
Whittle Dye Works. Auburn. 
Wci'insnekct Worsted Mill. Woonsocket. 
Dyers and Finishers of Cotton from the Bale. 

Kagle Dye Works, 650 N. Main St., Pawt. 
Dyers' Tubs. 

Smith Co.. r.. F.. 22 Mason St.. Pawt. 
Dynamo and Motor Repairers. 

lilaislcll Machine Cu.. S. S.. 13(1 Orange St.. Prov. 

Lind.'-ey & Allen. 257 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Martin. Harold G. & Co.. 179 Aborn St.. Prov. 

Taylor. Frank, 227 Eddy St., Prov. 

I'ittli (Samuel) Mfg. Co.. Thornton. 

Glcn.'nk Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 
Elastic and Elastic Stockings. 

rii.iwti. William K.. n51 Weybnsset St.. Prov. 
Elastic Webbinn: Silk. Cotton, Mercerized. 

( 'nliinibi.a Nai-rnw l-^abric Co.. Sh.'iiinnck. 

InlcTtialional Wibbing c,,.. M Bl.mnt St.. Pi-ov. 

Smith ''•>.. Main St.. cnr. WrsI .\ve.. Ptiut. 
Electrical Construction, Repairs and Supplies. 

American IClictrical Works. Phillipsdale. 

.American Endoscopic Co.. 212 I'ninn St., Prov. 

Bates i*i Co.. J. A., i:!l Wasbingtun St., Prov. 

Bowen Hlectrlc Co., 58 Point St., I'rov. 

Hu. h. Chas. S. Co.. 17-21 Richmond St.. Prov. 

C(zzens, Henry W.. 179 Thames St.. Newport. 

Dickson. .lohn D. & Co.. SS John St.. Newport. 

Dotz<M t. A. J. Co., 27 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Duffy Bros. & Co.. 192 Main and 16 East Ave.. Pawt. 

Ferris & Salisbury, 54 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Gannett Electrical Co., 90 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Harrington & Co., E. E., .59 N. Main St.. Pawt. 
Herbert, G. W. & Co., 75 Westminster St., Prov. 
Inglis Electric Co., 157 Pine St.. Prov. 
LeMaire, A. J., 26 Broad St.. Pawt. 
Lindsey & Allen, 257 Eddy St.. Prov. 
R. I. Electrical Equipment Co.. 43 S. Main St.. Prov. 
R. I. Elevator & Machine Co.. IS Calender St., Prov. 
R. 1. Telephone cS: Electric Co., 24 Calender St., Prov. 
Rust, Herbert B. cfe Co., 22 Peck St.. Prov. 
Safety Electric Switch Co., Banigan Bldg., Prov. 
Scannevin & Potter. 24 Page St., Prov. 
Taylor, Fiank. 227 Eddv St., Prov. 
Thurston. Geo. H. & Co., 65 S. Main St., Prov. 
Electrical Contractors. 
Bush & Co.. Chas. S.. 17-21 Richmond St.. Prov. 
Lindsey & Allen, 257 Eddy St.. Prov. 
N. E. Machine Co., 31 Bayley St.. Pawt. 
Rust & Co., H. B., 22 Peck St., Prov. 
Electric Incandescent Lamp Base Mfgs. 

Prov. Gas Burner Co.. 25 Blount St., Prov. 
Electric Tim.e Switches. 

The Ballou-Hutchins Electric Co., 37 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Electro Platers, Gold and Silver. 
Brady, John F., 71 Friendshij) St., Prov. 
Brown. H. E., 197 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Elleman, James, ISO Mathewson St., Prov. 
Messier, Pierre & Son. Woonsocket. 
New Acme Plating Co.. 42 Garnet St., Prov. 
Newport Mfg. Co.. 4S0 Thames St., Newport. 
Prov. Electro. & Plating Wks.. 78 Friendship St., Prov. 
Riccius, G. A.. 77 Page St., Prov. 
R. I. Nickel Plating Works, 33 Garnet St., Prov, 
Sturdy, Geo. H.. 35 Garnet St., Prov. 
Sturdy, Rolf E.. 190 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Quarters. W. F.. 129 Eddy St., Prov. 
Eastern Electrotype Co., 91 Sabin St., Prov. 
Hammonii Printers Supply Co., 44 Washington St., Prov. 
Leland. W. H. & Co.. 244 Westminster St., Prov. 

Ryiler. J. J. Co., 47 Washington St.. Prov. 

Dingiey, B. F. & Co.. 77 Page St.. Prov. 

McCarroll. Samuel H., C5 Jackson St. (rear). Prov. 

R. I. Elevator ,.t Machine Co., IC Calender St.. Prov. 
Emery and Emery Wheels. 

American Emery Wheel Works, 325 Waterman St., Prov. 
Enamel Paints (Air Drying.) 

V. S. Gutta Percha Paint Co., 18 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Arnold. Ernest L.. 3S Fiiendship St.. Prov. 

Banister. Roljert B., 77 Page St., Prov. 

Carpi-nter & Wood. .38 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Collingwood, J. H. & Co., 107 Friendship St,, Prov. 

King, John T., 54 Page St., Prov. 

Lovett & Sprague ("Japan"), 3S Garnet St., Prov. 

Manz. John E.. 1.51 Pine St., Prov. 

Miller, C. L.. .38 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Providence Enamel Co., 456 Fountain St., Prov. 

Randall. W. C. 129 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Whitehouse. J. G., 49 Westminster St., Prov. 

Wild, S. S. & Son, 181 Eddy St., Prov. 

Wunderle, Philip, 102 Friendship St., Prov. 
Enclosed Fuses and Safety Devices. 

1). .V \V. Fuse Co.. 407 Pine St.. Prov. 

Alnerican & British Mfg. Co., Charles St., Prov. 

Burke Engineering Co., Prov. 

Harris Steam Engine Co., W. A., Park, cor. Promenade. 

Newport Engineering Works, Newport. 

Nichols & Langworthy Machine Co., Hope Valley. 


ACME LGATHER CO., manufacturers of Mechanical Raw=Hide Leather, Valley Falls, R. I. 










U -I 












H S :5 -5 




















• .-t 








.3 00 


^ -^ 


S^ c 


C/2 rt 


c h 





bC S 





C. Moulton 
Stone Co* 


Calf, Sheep 
and Russet 


456 Benefit Street 
Providence, R. I. 


Copper and /^^ • "1 T 7 1 

Galvanized Iron LOrniCe W OrK 

Louis Guenthbr 

General Manager 

Skylights, \ 

Copper, Tin and Corrugated 

Iron Roofing. 
Metallic Sliingle.s. Slate. 

Roofing. Repair Work. 

Office and Works 

223-231 Globe Street 

Providence, R, L 

Finials, Gutters, Conductors, 



Pawt., 3 West- 

Haskell. Fred A., 
Jeiiks. Walter K. 
t-elanci & Co.. W. 

Provlilence Engineering Works, 521 S. Main St., Prov. 
Engine Oil. 

.\. W. Harris Oil Co., 326 S. Water St., Prov. 

D'Arcy. T. H., S6 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Darling, A. P.. 136 Pine St., Prov. 

E. L. Freeman & Sons, Central Falls, 
minster St.. Prov. 

Gaucher, Eugene, 412 Butler Exchange. 

UralTam, Bradley M., 206 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Hammond, H. T., 74 Weybosset St., Prov. 
206 Weybosset St., Prov. 
, 268 Westminster St.. Prov. 
H.. 144 Westminster St., Prov. 

Paboille. C. A. & Son. 139 Mathew.'^on St., Prov. 

.Searle, Eawin W.. ISD Mathewson St., Prov. 

Slahl. Chas. .\. Jr.. 136 Pine St.. Prov. 
Engraver and Die Sinker. 

Racine, XMytses. 206 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Ennravers IVIachlnes. 

Fiel.l. Chas. H.. rear 113 Point St.. Prov. 

Hojie. John & Sons. EnK. & Mtg. Co., Vineyard St.. Piov. 
Engravers to Textile Fabric Printers. 

John Hope & Sons Eng. & Mfg. Co.. Vineyard St., Prov. 

.Smith. George S.. 23 Brayton Ave.. Prov. 
Engraving IVIacliinery for Engraving. Rolls for Tex- 
tile Fabric Printers. 

John Hope & Sons Eng. & Mfg. Co., Vineyard St., Prov. 

/American Envelope Co.. 44 Washington St., Prov. 

Clarke, Oliver P.. 9.S Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Lang. A. W.. Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Smith, H. G., Jr., 94 Snow St., Prov. 
Expansion Joints. 

Of-ncral Fire Extinguisher Co., Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Extract Manufacturers. 

Armington, J. H., 2nd.. Oriole Ave., Prov. 

Baker. Joseph B. & Sons, Brldgeton. 

McGowan, Henry P.. 121 Darlingdale Ave.. Pawt. 

Nichols, Chas. E. & Co.. 80 W. Friendship St., Prov. 

Pike. Frank J., 35 Howell (rear), Prov. 

Powell, Frank J., 829 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Steadman. W. E., 101 Main St., Westerly. 

Taylor, Abraham, 339 Sayles Ave., Pawt. 

Vars, Enoch W., Nlantic. 
Fancy Goods. 

Cook. H. Ixiuise & Co.. 4 Uongley Bldg., Woonsocket. 

Wallen. Mrs. Mia. 20 Market Sq.. Prov. 
Fancy Worsted Fabrics. 

EarnsdilTe Worsted Mills. 1937 Westminster St., Prov. 

Livingston Worsted Co.. Washington. 

Lorraine Mfg. Co., 547 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. 
Felt Roofs. 

Eastern Roofing Co., 77 Sabln St.. Prov. 
Ferrlcup Copper Coated Steel Sheets. 

The Ferrlcup Metal Co.. E. Greenwich. 

Fibre Cloth. 

American Hair Cloth Co., Pawt. 
Fertilizers, Tallow, Glue, Etc. 

Darling, L. B. Fertilizer Co., rear 654 Mineral Spring 
Ave., Pawt. 

Wunsch Mfg. Co.. Smlthfleld Ave., Pawt. 

Mitchell Fertilizer Co., 26 S. Water St., Prov. 

Chattorton File Works (The). 38 Bandall St., Prov. 

Nicholson File Co.. 23 Acorn St.. Prov. 

Owen. Wm. S.. 27 Bassctt St.. Prov. 
Fine Cambrics, Etc. 

Berkeley Co.. Ashton. 
Fine Tubular Shoe Laces. 

Amer. Shoe Lace Co. 602 Kinsley Ave., Prov. 



Fine Worsted Yarns on French System. 

Laitiyetle Woistcd Co., Woonsocket. 
Finishers of Cotton Fabrics. 

Cran^itoii Pi inl Works. Cranston. 
Fire Arrr.s. 

Whitney Arms Co., Newport. 
Fire Department Supplies. 

Allen Fire Dept. Supply Co., 171 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Combination Ladder Co.. 366 Fountain St., Piov. 

K. I. Coupling Co.. 366 Fountain St., Prov. 
Fire Escape Balconies and Ladders. 

Commercial Iron Works. 477 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Prov. Architectural Metal Works. 237 Dyer St., Prov. 

J. H. Tower. 40 Borden St., Prov. 
Fire Proof Windows. 

The Clason Architectural Metal Worlcs, 42S Kinsley .\vc 
Fish Oil. 

American Fisheries Co., Tivertcn. 
Fishing Tackle. 

Ashaway Line & Twine Co.. Asliaway. 

Chester. F. E. & Co.. 3 Pine St., Prov. 

Dawoon. The Co.. 77 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Harris, Andrew, 51 Washington St., Prov. 

Pope, C. F. Co., 33 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Flexible Gas Tubing. 

Atlantic Tubing Co., 99 Stewart St 

Caldwell Mfg. Co., Cranston.' 
Flax and Jute Manufacturers. 

Conlrexeville Mfg Co., Manville. 
Fob Chains. 

Rodenberg-Smith Co., 1S3 Eddy St., 
Forgings, Light Machine. 

Manufacturers' Supply Co.. Ill Orange St., Prov. 

Southwick, Lyman P.. is Beattv St., Pawt. 
Foundries (See Iron Foundries). 

Builders' Iron Foundry. 9 Codding St., Prov. 

Brayton Foundry Co. (The L. ). Riverpoint. 

Carpenter & Sons Foundry Co., A., 272 W. Exchange St., 

Colvin Foundry Co., 185-221 Globe St., Prov. 

Cottrell & Sons Co., C. B., Westerly. 

Franklin Machine Co., 189 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

Fuller Iron Works, 40 Tockwotton St.. Prov. 

Miller & Sons, W. H.. 194 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Miller Iron Co., 516 Harris Ave., Prov. 

New England Butt Co., 304 Pearl St., Prov. 

Pawtucket Foundry Co.. York-Prairie Aves., Pawt. 

Woonsocket Foundry and Machine Co., Woonsocket. 
Fountain and Stylographic Pens. 

Applcton, William. Auburn. 

Cross. A. T.. .53 Warren .St.. Prov. 

Pearce. F. T. & Co., S5 Sprague St., Prov. 
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard, Etc. 

Johnson, Hiram S. Co., 266 Weeden St., Pawt. 

Kennedy, H. J., Liberty Beef Co., 492 Cranston St., Prov. 

Kimball & Colwell Co., 459 Washington St., Prov. 

Mason, I. B. & Sons, 173 Canal St.. Prov. 

New England Supply Co.. 15 Gordon Ave., Prov. 

Saugv, Agustus, 274 Canal St.. Prov. 

Schott. John N. Co., 52 Randall St., Prov. 
Fruit Preservers. 

Davis, Richard G., 236 Meeting St., Prov. 
Fullinc Mills. 

Hopkins Miichine Works, Brldgeton. 
Furnaces and Ranges. 

.Mlcnson Bros.. 9 sFcople St., Prov. 

iiarstow Stove Co.. 116 Point St., Prov. 

Coggeshall, F., 23 S. Main St.. Prov. 

Kellogg. A. O., 250 Eddy St., Prov. 

Magoon, A. J. & Son. 313 Weybosset St., Prov 

Monahan, James, 1 Market Sq., Woonsocket. 



Phillips & Phillips. 90 Pine St.. Prov. 

Putnam Foundry Machine Co., 73 S. Main St 

Hallock, Everett S., 909 Westminster St 

Harris. Joseph. 323 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Moilock & Bayer, 147 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Potter & Co., 40 Dorrance St., Prov. 
Office Furniture. 

M..rli,ck & Bayer, 147 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Barton, Geo. C, 268 Westminster St., Prov. 

Elsbree & Valleau, 101 Westminster St., Prov. 

Fritscher, Anthony F., 845 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Kaps & Reinacher, 135 Mathewson St., Prov. 

D. & W. Fuse Co., 407 Pine St., Prov. 
Fusable Links. 

General Fire Extinguisher Co., Union Trust Bldg 
Galvanized iron and Copper Cornices. 

Baacke. AViiliam & Co.. 3S Hay St., Prov. 

Brunnckow. C. G. Co.. T2S Globe .St.. Prov. 

Clason Architectural Metal Wks., 42S Kinsley Ave., Prov 

Hill Mfg. Co.. James. 56 Westtield St., Prov. 

Prov. .Architectural Metal Works. 237 Dyer St, 

Providence Cornice Co., 3 Charles St., Prov. 
Gas Blast Furnaces. 

Westmacott Co.. J. M.. 157 Orange St. 
Gas Fixtures and Fittings. 

Carpenter & Co.. H. F.. 34 Garnet St., 

Cohen, Joseph B., 433 Westminster St 

Dart, E. M. Mfg. Co.. 136 Clifford St. 

General Fire Extinguisher Co. 

Harrington & Co., E. E.. 59 N 




Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Main St., Pawt. 

Hudson. Thos. I.. 13 Cranston St.. Prov. 

Jackman & Jaffa. 40 Garnet St., Prov. 

Law & Ilawxhurst. 162 Pine St., Prov. 

Matteson. A. B., 89 Mathewson St.. Prov. 

Prov. Gas Burner Co.. 25 Blount St.. Prov. 

R. I. Chandelier Co.. 892 Westminster St., Prov. 

Shirley. John R. & Sons. 202 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Gas Generators (Acetylene.) 

Acetylene Arnaratus Co., E. Greenwich. 

Universal Acetylene Gas Co., 86 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Gas Governors. 

Lees Gas Governor Co.. 128 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Gauge Glass Preservers. 

Mor.«c, R. F.. 74 Weybosset St., Prov. 
General Machinery. 

Providence Engimering Works, 521 S. Main St., Prov. 
General Mr.chlnists. 

Ni wp.iit Mfg. Co.. 4S0 Thames St., Newport. 
Gentlemen's Chains. 

Rod.nbcrg-Sniith Co., 1S3 Eddy St., Prov. 
Gildin" Wheels. 

Coe Mfg. Co., W. H 

Goodman. E. ,T. R., 43 N. Main St., Prov. 

Hope Glass Works, 161 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Pawtucket Fash & Bl'nd Co.. 24 Mason St., Pawt. 

R. I. Glass Co.. 131 Washington St., Prov. 
Glcss Workers. 

Thnvcr. George C. 220 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Tuttli-. C. W.. 21 Eddy St., Prov. 
Glazed Papers. 

11,11 I- l\Tpir Co., 296 Brook St., Pawt. 

I'awtiKUci Glazed Paper Co., 195 N. Broad St., Pawt. 
Glazed Yarns, 

l!l.>.lgclt & Orswell Co.. 232 Front St., Pawt. 

■Wolf. Joseph A., 262 Westminster St., Prov. 
Gold Brooches. 

Hancock, Chas. E. Co., 7 Beverly St., Prov. 

74 Weybosset St., Prov. 


Gold Filled Lockets. 

Hancock, Cliailes K. Co., 7 Beverly St., Prov, 
Gold Leaf, Etc. 
Coe, W. H. Mfg-. Co.. 74 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Pimm, William, 42 Hazard Ave., Prov. 
Gold Link Buttons. 

Hancock, Charles E. Co., 7 Beverly St., Prov. 
Gold Pens. 

Pearce, Frank T., 85 Sprague St., Prov. 
Gold Plated Seamless Wire and Tubing. 

United Wire & Supply Co., 103 Summer .St., Prov. 
Gold Platers: Gold and Silver Rolled Plate. 
Briggs, J. & Sons Co., 65 Clifford St., Prov. 
Cook Plate Co., Edward N., 144-15S Pine St., Prov. 
Cumerford, A. S. Co., 129 Eddv St., Prov. 
.Holt & Co., A., 167 Dorrance St., Prov. 
Hough, Jr., Co., W. S., 140 Orange St., Prov. 
Ijinton & Co., 95 Pine St., Prov. 
I^owe Gold Plate Co., Edwin, 82 Clifford St., Prov. 
Vennerbeck & Clase, 59 Page St., Prov. 
Wall & Co., A. T., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 
Gold Rings. 
Champlin, S. B. Co., 116 Cranston St., Prov. 
Clarke & Coombs, 86 W. Exchange St., Prov. 
Cutlery Jewelry Co., 7 Eddy St., Prov. 
Flint, Blood & Co., 94 Point St., Prov. 
Hutchinson & Huestis, 185 Eddy St., Prov. 
Loeb & Co., Wm., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 
Ostby & Barton Co., 118 Richmond St., Prov. 
Place, Oscar E., 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Warren & Williams, 21 Eddy St., Prov. 
Wildprett & Saacke, 158 Pine St., Prov. 
Gold Scarf Pins. 

Hancock, Charles E. Co., 7 Beveily St., Prov. 
Gold and Silver Cane Heads and Umbrella Handles. 

Braitsch & Co., W. J., 472 Potter Ave., Prov. 
Gold and Silver Electroplating. 

Brady, John F., 71 Fi-iendship St., Prov. 
Gold and Silver Smelters and Refiners. 
Baker & Freeman, 189 Eddy St., Prov. 
Baker, Geo. M., 77 Page St., Prov. 
Cornell & Andrews, 23 Mathewson St., Prov. 
C'alder & Carnie, Westerly. 
Carney, Vincent S., Westerly. 
Catto Granite Co., Westerly. 
Chace. Andrew R., 26 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 
Cottrell, Jas. B., 35 Warner St., Newport. 
Craig, Jas., Westerly. 
Dalbeattie Granite Works, Westerly. 
Flaherty, John, Arlington. 
Fletcher, Neil, Hope. 
Garvery, Luke, Pascoag. 
Gourlay Granite Works, Westerly. 
Harrall, R. A., Main St., Wakefield. 
Johnson, F, L., opp. Swan Pt. Cemetery, Pawt. 
Johnston Granite Co., 49 Westminster St., Prov. 
Kimball, A. L. & Co., Westerly. 
Lacourse, John, Co., Harrisville. 
Ivarkin, S. E., Westerly. 
Morrison, Andrew C. Westerly. 
Murray, Alexander. Westerly. 
New England Granite Works. Westerly. 
O'Neil & Co., Westerly. 
Pinardl, C. A. & Co., Westerly. 
Regan, Dennis, 440 S. Water St., Prov. 
R. I. Brown Stone Works, Leland St., Prov. 
Howe & Veal, Westerly. 
Stanton, B. A., Print Works, Cranston. 
Stanton & Farnum. 114.1 Westminster St., Prov. 
Stevens, P. Son (Estate), Newport. 
Sweeney Granite Works. Westerly. 
Tlngley & Co., 213 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

■\\'esleily Granite Works, Westerly. 
Granite Polishing. 

Piuv. Granite Pohshing Co., 440 S. Water St., Prov. 

K. I. Graphite Co.. Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Grinding and Polishing Machinery. 

Diamond Machine Co.,. 9 Codding St., Prov. 

Atlantic Grindstone Co., 898 Westminster St., Prov. 
Gymnastic Apparatus. 

Narragan.sett Machine Co., ft. of Vale, Woodlawn. 
Hair Cloth. 

American Hair Cloth Co.. 1 Cross St.. Central Palls. 

The French Hair Cloth Co., 249 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Star Hair Cloth Co., 381 N. Main St., Pawt. 
Hair Goods. 

Bradford, Mrs. R. A., 112 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Brand & Horn, Aborn St., Prov. 

Eastern Hair Bazaar, 256 Westminster St., Prov. 

Endruhn, Frank W., 95 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hartwig, Max, 182 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Huminway, Mrs. S. E., 625 Westminster St., Prov. 

Howland-Wheaton Co., Main and Broad Sts., Warren. 

Sliarpe & Perkins Co., 26 Railroad St., Woonsocket. 

Standard Handkerchief & Novelty Mfg. Co., Woonsocket. 

Warren Handkerchief Co., Warren. 

Franklin Machine Co., 189 Charles St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Machine & Press Co., Woonsocket. 
Hardening Compound for All Kinds of Metal. 

Precourt, Wm. E., Valley Falls. 
Hard-Wood Floors. 

Elder, C. F. , cor. Friendship and Page Sts., Prov. 

Ardrey & Adams Co. (The), 174 Washington St., Prnv. 
Harness Makers, Repairers and Supplies. 

Alexander, W. A., 299 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Andrew, Joseph E., Hope. 

Bailey, A. W., 3 Point St , Prov. 

Baker, Augustus T., Bristol. 

Balch, L. T., 24 Cross St., Central Falls. 

Begin, M. A., Arctic. 

Bennett & Crowell, E. Greenwich. 

Berry, Charles F., Westerly. 

Biesel, Henry & Son, 256 Thames St., Newport. 

Bissell, John G., Apponaug. 

Blanchette, A., Manville. 

Braman, O. R., 128 Broadway, Newport. 

Bisaillon, Moise, Pascoag. 

Burdick, F. D., 69 Warren Ave., E. Prov. 

Cabana, F., 27 Plainfienld St.. Prov. 

Carney Co., 77 Exchange PI., Prov. 

Carr, Frank T., 418 Thames St., Newport. 

Cole, James, lOS Pine St., Prov. 

Congdon & Carpenter Co., 102 N. Main St., Prov. 

Curtis, E. R., 324 Main St., Pawt. 

Dickenson, Levi, 78 Brook St., Prov. 

Eldred, W. A., Spink St., Wickford. 

ICMredge, G. W. , Arctic Centre, Warwick. 

Fritz, Lewis, 54 Point St.. Prov. 

Gailaghar, Francis. 1084 Westminster St., Prov. 

Goyer, F. A., S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Graham, Wm. F., Narragansett Pier. 

Gratrix, William F., 96 Broadway, Newport. 

(Jrogan, Michael G.. 754 N. Main St., Prov. 

Harris, George. 184 Bellcvue Ave., Newport. 

Hayward, E. G., 100 Bellcvue Ave., Newport. 

Higgins, Thas., 173 N. Main St., Prov. 

Hiigan Bros.. 31 Broadway, Pawt. 

Hollis, Chas. F., Foster. 

Hopkins, li. K.. Rockland. 

Jiicolis, Thos., Rumford. 

Jcjuelte, Lcandre, 591 Broad St., Central Falls. 

Knight, A. W. & Son, River Point. 

Landy, Paul, 3o2 Eddy St., Prov. 

Lussard, Abraham, 94 N. Main .St., Pawt. 

Lawton, Henry H., 45 Marlborough St., Newport. 

Lee, Walter J., 131 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 

Light, Healey, Westerly. 

Rounds T. W. Co. (Ltd), 48 Washington St., Prov. 

Looby, M. H., E. Greenwich. 

McKenzie, W. M., 118 Ring St., Warren. 

Malaney, John, 33 Pleasant St., Pawt. 

Matteson, William F., Washington. 

McCoart, John F., Rumford. 

Meighan. Geo. A., 1078 Broad St., Prov. 

Merrill. Frank W., 118 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 

Mitchell, FVank J., 52 Fountain St., Prov. 

Moon, Burrill G., Washington. 

Moore, Eugene, Columbia. Peacedale. 

Munroe, Chas. E., 52 N. Water St., Warren. 

Myers, Charles R., 838 Eddy St., Prov. 

Newton, Charles I., Hope Vallev. 

Nichole, J. P., Lafayette. 

Northup, Herbert W., 159 Spring St., Newport. 

Orgelman, A. W., Bristol. 

Payson, Edward E., River Point. 

Perforated Pad Co.. Allen St.. Woonsocket. 

I'hilbrick, B. P., Main St.. Wakefield. 

Potter, C. M. Co.. 14 Steeple St., Prov. 

Potter, H. W. & Son, River Point. 

Potter, John B., Main St.. Fiskeville. 

Richard, E., Jr.. 295 N. Main St., Prov. 

Ritchie, Geo. W., 4 Farewell St., Newport. 

Rocheford. B., 25 Social St.. Woonsocket. 

Rogers, Edward A., 40 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Rounds, T. W. Co., 101 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Schmidt, Henr.v. Plainfield Pike, S. Scituate. 

Shepard Co. (The), 259 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Silberman, Samuel, 85 Charles St., Prov. 

Smith, Edward K., 93 Washington St., Prov. 

Sparks, A. E.. Hasbrouck Block. Bristol. 

Stein, Charles. Hope Valley. 

Stein. Michael. 175 Chalkstone Ave., Prov. 

Stewart, Wm. H., Main St., Harrisville. 

Taylor, Chas. S.. Westerly. 

Thompson Studded Harness Mfg. Co., 33 Canal St.. Prov. 

Tucker, H. P., N, Scituate. 

Villa. C, 39G Atwells Ave., Prov. 

Wade, Robert H., Chepachet. 

Wetherell, John H., 12 E. Bowery, Newport. 

Whipple, Chas. L., Greenville. 

Whipple, G. A., Diamond Hill, 

Williams, Joseph, 709 Cranston St., Prov. 

Williams. S. S., 2 Cranston St., Prov. 

Wilson, Robert H., 1937 Westminster St., Prov. 

■Windsor, Sydney A., Agt., Auburn. 

Hat Hooks. 

Cotton Bros., 255 Gordon Ave., Prov. 

Feiner Cap Co., 91 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Goss, Wm. F., S7 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hilman, M. C, 74 N. Main St., Prov. 

Mathewson. Geo. E., 86 Dorrance St., Prov. 

N. Y. Cap Co.. 54 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Rochford. J. P.. 343 Main St.. Pawt. 

Standard Hat Mfg. Co.. 38 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Headache Cures. 

Chngn.m. M. D., Chas. E., Quidnick St.. Arctic. 

Heating Apparatus. 
Xiwport Finindry & Machine Co., rear 393 Thames St.. 

Putnam Foundry & Machine Co.. 73 S. Main St., Prov. 
Smith Co., The H. B., 11 S. Main St., Prov. 
Thompson, Wm. B., S55 Westminster St.. Prov. 
Wllbourn, John H., 21 Richmond and 6 Read St. Prov. 


Hide Faced Hammers. 

Jlolbrook. A. *.- C. W., 7IS N. Main St., Prov. 
Hides and Tallow. 

Uaiier. K. G. & Son. 116 S. Water St., Prov. 

Watson, J. V. B., Wakefield. 

Wells, Wallace R.. Ashaway. 

Wolf, W. Ai Co., 31IS ti. Water St., Prov. 
Holmes Elec. Protective System. 

IS. I. Klectric Protective Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 
Hooks (Shoe) Rivets, Etc. 

Halkyard Mfg. Co., 14S Dorrance St., Prov. 
Horse Clothing. 

Uuunds, T. W. Co. (Ltd.), 4S Washington St., Prov. 
Horse Shoes. 

K. I. I'likins Horse Shoe Co., Ind. Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Hose and Couplings. 

Allen Fire Uept. Supply Co., 171 Eddy St., Prov. 

Cooper Hose Mender Co., 47 Washington St., Prov. 
Hose Pipes. 

-Mk-n lire Dept. Supply Co., 171 Eddy St., Prov. 

Blackstone Stocking Co., Broad St., Pawt. 

Boyden, Geo. E. & Son, 47 Borden St., Prov. 

British Hosiery Co., Thornton. 

Smith Co., The Amsden H., Pawt. 
Hot Air Furnaces. 

Harstuw .^tove Co., llC Point St., Prov. 

Caffrey, Thos., 46 .\bbott St.. Prov. 
Household Remedies for Man and Beast. 

Maker, W. H. & Co., Warren. 

Oin. Fire Extinguisher Co., Union Trust Co. Bldg., Prov. 
Hydrant Gates. 

Allen Firo Dept. Supply Co., 171 Eddy St., Prov. 
Hydraulic Engineering. 

.\;in Wi il .t Supply Co.. 137 Dyer St., Prov. 
Hydraulic Presses, Pumps and Wells. 

Artf-sian Well & Supply Co., 137 Dyer St., Prov. 
Ice Cream. 

Adams, J. G.. 1193 Westminster St., Prov. 

Berry, Rosenthal, Thornton. 

Blackmar, M., Oakland. 

Blount, J. A.. 10 Parker St., Central Falls. 

Brown, T. & Co., 390 Fountain St., Prov. 

Carr, I.aura M., IB College St., Prov. 

Champagne, Merile P., 1« Fuller Ave.. Central Falls. 

Cheeseborough. F. F.., 1350 Eddy St., Prov. 

Cooper, James W., E. Prov. 

Covell, E. R., 591 N. Main St., Prov. 

Doughty Co., 1201 Broad St., Prov. 

Doughty. W. F. & Co., E. Prov. 

Fitch, Wm. H., E. Greenwich. 

Gladding. O. H. P. & Son, 74 Broadway, Newport. 

Gould, Arthur C, Georglavllle. 

James, John, Crompton. 

Jlllson, R. A., 91 N. Main St., Prov. 

L,aboune, Jaa., Arctic Centre. 

Lawton. Geo. F., Rumtord. 

Maine Creamery Co., C;i Broadway, Prov. 

Maine, W. G., Mechanics St., Wakefield. 

Marchetti, Frank, 41 Park PI., Pawt. 

Massman, A. W., Pawt. 

Maxfleld, N. S., Warren. 

Nonparlel Creamery, 1163 Broad SI . Prov. 

Olive, A., Warren. 

Polity, CoBtl, Westerly. 

Prlday, Geo. F., Peacedale. 

Read, Wm. B., Bristol. 

Rich, Hubert, 373 PlaJnfleld St., Prov. 

Rogers, A. W. . 140 Taunton Ave. E. Prov. 

Sealv, J. F., Bridge St.. WIekford. 

Stedman, O. A., Main St., Ijifayette. 

Stone, C. H.. Thornton. 

Turner Centre Creamciy, 17 I'age St.. Prov. 

Westerly Cream Co., Westerly. 
Ice Cream and Confectionery. 

Bagley, John H., E. Greenwich. 

Baker Ice Croam Co., 931 Westminster St., Prov. 

Baiber, I. G., 36 Main St., Westerly. 

Bernardine, Libero, 31 Broad St., Pawt. 

Begalke, T. G. E., 50 Broadway, Newport. 

Frasch, Hermann D., 170 Thames St.. Newport. 

Koschny, Simon, 230 Thames St., Newport. 

McCaughey Confectionery Co., River Point. 

Muenchinger, Mrs. Pauline, 55 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 

Olive, Abraham. Main St., Warren. 

Palagi Bros., 123 Main St., Pawt. 

Peters, A., 32 Broailway, Newport. 

Steven.s, Nicholas, 344 Thames St.. Newport. 

^"aka, George A., 246 Main St., Pawt. 

Valca, George A., 104 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Westall, S. E., 64 Brid.ere St., Newport. 

Woolwortli. H. G., 285 Westminster St., Prov. 
Ice IVIanufacturers (Artificial). 

Diamond Ice Co., 5C0 Thames St., Newport. 

Grillin & Browning, Narragansett Pier. 

Narragansett Brewing Co., Arlington. 

Park Brew Co., Prov. 
Illuminating Gas. 

Bristol Country Gas & Electric Co., Bristol. 

Newport Gas Light Co., 553 Thames St., Newport. 

Pawtucket Gas Co., 231 Main St., Pawt. 

Pi evidence Gas Co., rear 'M Market Sq., Prov. 

Westerly Gas & Electric Light Co., Westerly. 

Woonsocket Gas Co., 3 Clinton St., Woonsocket. 
Insect Poison. 

Colliers Turki.'sh Remedy Co., 32 Ringgold St., Prov. 
Insulating Machinery. 

N. E. Butt Co., 304 Pearl St., Prov. 
Iron Castings. 

American Ship Windlass Co., Waterman and E. River Sts. 

Brayton, L., Foundry Co., River Point. 

Builders' Iron Foundry, 9 Codding St., Prov. 

Carpenter & Sons, A., Foundry Co., 272 W. Exchange St.. 

Colvin Foundry Co., 1S5 Globe St., Prov. 

Miller Iron Co., 516 Harris Ave., Prov. 

Pawlucket Foundry. Prairie Ave.. Pawt. 

K. I. Malleable Iron Works, Hills Grove. 
Iron Fences, Doors and Shutters. 

Commercial Iron Works. 477 Eddv St., Prov. 

Pay. Charles & Co., 301 S. Water St., Prov. 

Towel-, J. H., 4C Borden St., Prov. 
Iron Foundries (See also Foundries). 

Bosworth. W. S.. Warren. 

Carpenter, A. & Sons Foun. Co., 272 W. Exch. St., Prov. 

Cottrell & Sons Co.. C. B., Westerly. 

Fales lit Jenks Machine Co.. Pawt. 

Franklin Machine Co., 1S9 Charles St., Prov. 

Nichols & Lnngworthv Mach. Co., Hope Valley. 

Pawtucket Foundry Co., York-Prairie Aves., Pawt. 

R. I. Malleable Iron Works, Hills Grove. 

Valley Falls Iron Foundry. Valley Falls. 

WulUei-, Pardon. Foster Centre. 

White Co., J. S., 22 Dexter St., Pawt. 

WonnLOcket Machine & Press Co., 533 Second Ave., 
Ivory Manufacturers. 

Iv<iry Co.. ino Stewart St., Prov. 
Jewelers' Cards. 

American Card Co., 206 Weybossct St., Prov. 

Economical Card Co., 107 Friendship St., Prov. 

Fox & Saunders Co., 137 Weybosset .St., Prov. 

Narragansett Card Co., 131 Wa-shlngton St., Prov. 

Richards, Edgar L. , rear 87 Providence St., Prov. 

Sun Piiiuing Co., 115 Pine St., Prov. 

Taylor Card and Box Co., 257 W. Exchange St., Piov. 

Thompson 6i Thompson. 1G3 Pine St.. Prov. 
Jewelers' Display Pads and Boxes. ' 

Lenzen & Rueckert, 144 Pine St.. Prov. 
Jewelers' Display and Sample Cases. 

I.enzen & Rueckert. 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Jewelers' Findings. 

Briggs, J. & Sons Co., 65 Clifford St., Prov. 

Burlingame, J. P. & Co., 226 Eddy St. (rear), Prov. 

Chaniie;, J. A. Co., 161 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Cobb, W. R. & Co., 3S1 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Colvin & Co., B. L., 14 Blount St., Prov. 

Colvin Mfg. Co., 116 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Costello & Co.. 234 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Dean. Calvin. 44 Pine St., Prov. 

Dodge & Adams, 3S Friendship St., Prov. 

Dover, Geo. W., Co., 80 Clifford St., Prov. 

Fuller Sons Co., G. H.. 151 Exchange St., Pawt. 

Grode, R. G., 234 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Hall, H. A. & Co., 74 Broad St., Pawt. 

Heaton, Charles D., 1.51 Pine St., Prov. 

Heinberger & Prarsons. 158 Pine St., Prov. 

Herrick & Co.. A. A., 158 Pine St., p»rov. 

Lind Co., Thomas W.. 67 Friendship St., Prov. 

Nettleton cS-. Shepai-d, 220 Eddy St., Prov. 

Potter, James E. , & Co., 1S2 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Richards. Edgar L.. rear S7 Providence St., Prov. 

Vester & Sons. Alfred, cor. Mason and Calender Sts., Prov. 

Watkins, D. M. & Co.. 95 Pine St., Prov. 
Jewelers' Hub and Die Cutting. 

Lange i- Fischer Mfg. Co.. 144 and 15S Pine St., Prov. 
Jewelers' Lathes, Presses, Etc. 

Adams Bros.. 221 Ediiy St.. Prov. 

I'.nsuorth. Edmund B., Warren. 

Manufacturers Supply Co., Ill Orange St., Prov. 
Jewelers' Supplies. 

Geo. L. Claflin Co., 62 S. Main St., Prov. 

Manufacturers' Supply Co., Ill Orange St.. Prov. 

Owen, William S., 27 Bassett St., Prov. 

I'lov. Jeweler.s' Castins C.i.. 227 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Jewelers' Tray and Sample Cases. 

I.enzen & Rueckert. 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Jewelers (Manufacturing). 

Adams. D. F.. 129 Eddy St., Prov. 

Albro &- Kettlety, 167 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Anderson, Wm. H., 268 Westminster St., Prov. 

Andrews, .Tohn H. & Co., S3 Page St., Prov. 

Arlington Jewelry Co., 25 Calender St., Prov. 

Armourdale Co.. 220 Eddv St., Prov. 

Arnold & Steere, 91 Point St.. Prov. 

Habington. George M., 129 Eddv St., Prov. 

Ballou & Co., B. A.. 61 Peck St.. Prov. 

Barker, E. R., 26 Fountain St.. Prov. 

Barstow & Williams. 7 Beverly St., Prov. 

Barton & Co., E. .v., 99 Friendship St., Prov. 

Barton, Robert, 59 Page St., Prov. 

Bassett Jewelry Co. (The). 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Bassett, S. W. & Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Becker, George & Co., 86 Page St., Prov. 

Bennett & Co., E. A., 4 Blount St., Prov. 

Bennett, S. A., 95 Pine St.. Prov. 

Bennett, T. E. Co.. 9 Beverly St.. Prov. 

Bens Co., Wm., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Bliss, E. C. Mfg. Co. 

Bradney Novelty Co., 117 Point St., Prov. 

Brant, John, 67 W. Friendship St., Prov. 

Brown & Co.. E.. 116 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

Brown & Mills, 100 Stewart St., Prov. 

Budlong & Co.. S. E.. 129 Eddv St., Prov. 

Bullock Co., 77 Dyer St., Prov. 

Burns Manufacturing Co., 94 Point St., Prov. 

Burns, S. H. & Co., 12 Bevelry St., Prov. 


\Vm. F. Almy 

Wivi. H. Stone 

Thomas Hanley 

This cut shows our New and Finel)' Made 

Self-Locking^^ Safety" Watch Tray 

An entire innovation in Watcli Trays 


CO (^ 

I £ 






r C 



No. 194. Watch Tray. Size UK X 11^ inches 


J 44 Pine Street, Providence, R. I., U. S. A. 


Sample Cases, Trays, Cabinets, and Display Novelties 
For Jewelers and Silversmiths 


Byrne, Robert E., 95 Pine St., Prov. 
Cahoone, Geo. H. & Co., 7 Beverly St., Prov. 
Cameron Bros.. 12 Beverly St., Prov. 
Capron Co., 43 Sabin St., Prov. 
Castiglioni & Dickens Co., 25 Calender St., Prov. 
Castrltlus, A. L., Westerly. 
Caswell, P. H.. 12 Third St., Newport. 
Champlin, S. B. Co., lit; Chestnut St., Prov. 
Chapin & HolUster Co., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 
Chase Manufacturing Co., 40 Clifford St., Prov. 
Claflin & Co., 13S Pine St.. Prov. 
Clark & Coombs Co.. S6 W. Exchange St.. Prov. 
Coe, S. De Groat & Horace W.. 131 Washington St.. Prov. 
Colonial Jembry Co., 193 Richmond St., Rra. 401, Prov. 
Cooke, C. H. Co.. 61 Peck St., Prov. 
Corey Mfg. Co., 15S Pine St., Prov. 
Cory & Reynolds Co.. 25 Congress Ave., Prov. 
Crossln & Co., 129 Eddy St., Prov. 
Cuddy, J. T. & Co., 25 Calender St., Prov. 
Cutler Jewelry Co., 7 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Davldsburg, L. & Co.. 9 Calender St.. Prov. 
Davidson Bros., 1S5 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Davis Mfg. Co.. 7 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Devereux, O. C. Co., 224 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Dickerson, F. M., 102 Friendship St., Prov. 
Donley & Co., 129 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Doran & Doran, 234 Chestnut St., Prov. 
Drutz, Max, 26 Fountain St., Prov. 
Dunn, M. J. & Co., 14 Blount St., Prov. 
Dutemple, Wm. R. & Co., 227 Eddy St., Prov. 
Eastern Jewelry & Novelty Co., 54 Page St., Prov. 
Eddy & Son. P. S., 67 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Blchenberg. Julius. 31 Mathewson St.. Prov. 
Elliott. W. H.. 18 Broad St.. Pawt. 
Esser & Co.. 101 Sabin St., Prov. 
Ettlinger. E. J. & Co.. 158 Pine St.. Prov. 
Excelsior Mfg. Co.. 113 Point St.. Prov. 
Feeley, J. R.. & Co.. 95 Pine St.. Prov. 
Feeley Co., The W. J., 203 Eddy St., Prov. 
Fitzgerald & Co., M.. 1S5 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Fletcher. Burrows & Co.. 53 Clifford St., Prov. 
Flint, Blood & Co., 94 Point St., Prov. 
Ford & Carpenter, 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 
Foster & Bro. Co., Theodore W., 100 Richmond St., Prov. 
Fowler Bros., 183 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Fraser & Co., J. M.. 67 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Fry Bros., 38 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Fuller Co., J. G., 7 Beverly St., Prov. 
Gallagher & Co.. 100 Stewart St.. Prov. 
Goldsmith & Harzberg, 43 Sabin St., Prov. 
Graham & Williams. 220 Eddv St., Prov. 
Grant Jewelry Co., 92 Westfield St.. Prov. 
Greene & Co.. A. A.. 94 Point St.. Prov. 
Greene Co. (The William C). 101 Sabin St., Prov. 
Greenhalgh, Andrew, Norwood, Warwick. 
Greenwood. T. F. & Co., 9 Calender St., Prov. 
Grimth & Son Co., R. L.. 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Grover Co.. S. K.. 183 Eddy St., Prov. 
Hall. Frank G.. 54 Pine St.. Prov. 
.Hamilton & Hamilton. Jr.. 7 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Hancock Co., Chas. E.. 7 Beverly St., Prov. 
Harvard Mfg. Co.. 7 Beverly St.. Prov. 
Harvey & Otis. 1?3 Eddy St.. Prov. 
Henry & Co., J. W., 43 Sabin St.. Prov. 
Holbrook & Arthur, 21 Eddy St., Prov. 
Holden, E. W., 62 Page St.. Prov. 
Holmes & Co., Geo. H., 183 Eddy St., Prov. 
Howard, John M., 113 Point St., Prov. 
Hutchison & Huestls, 185 Eddy St., Prov. 
Ide, T. P.. & Co., 34 Garnet St.. Prov. 
Ivy Ring Co.. 11 Snow St.. Prov. 
Jeanette Jewelry Co., 107 Friendship St., Prov. 
Keegan. John C, 117 Point St.. Prov. 
Kelso, John. 86 Dorrance St., Prov. 

King & Co., C. S.. 117 Point St., Prov. 

Kinney Co. (The), 14 Blount St.. Prov. 

Kirby Co., H. A., 85 Sprague St.. Prov. 

l-awton & Co., 23 Broad St., Pawt. 

Lee, Walter I., 94 Point St.. Prov. 

Lederer & Bros., Inc., Henry, 227 Eddy St., Prov. 

Loderer Co., S. & B., 100 Stewart St.. Prov. 

Leonard & Co., F. A., 157 Orange St., Prov. 

Lewis & Co., S. M.. 59 Page St.. Prov. 

Linuol & Co., H. C, 7 Beverlv St., Prov. 

Linton Co.. P. & A., 86 Page St., Prov. 

Linton & Co., 95 Page St., Prov. 

Locke Button Co., 7 Beverly St.. Prov. 

Loeb & Co.. Wm., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Logee & Co., E. L.. 235 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Lord, Charles W.. 62 Page St., Prov. 

Lovell, B. E., 116 Pine St.. Prov. 

Lowe, Edwin & Co., 116 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

Lowe Gold Plate Co., Edwin, 82 Clifford St.. Prov. 

Luther & Sons. Wm. H.. 214 Oxford St.. Prov. 

Mackey & Kromwiede Co.. 235 Eddy St., Prov. 

Macnair, Robert J., 220 Eddv St., Prov. 

Marden & Kettlety, 7 Beverly St., Prov. 

Martin. Copeland & Co.. 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Mauran Mfg. Co.. John T.. 61 Peck St.. Prov. 

McDermott & Co., T. F., 185 Eddy St., Prov. 

McLaughlin & Co.. E. S.. 157 Orange St.. Prov. 

Merrill & Co.. S. K., 116 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Messier Co., A. C, 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Minahan & Co., C, 7 Eddy St., Prov. 

Mooney. P. H.. 113 Point St.. Prov. 

Moore & Co.. Samuel. 301 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Moorhead & Co.. Robert L.. 92 Westfield St., Prov. 

Morgan Jewelry Co., 62 Paee St.. Prov. 

Mutual Jewelry Co., 109 Friendship St., Prov. 

Myers. Arthur J., 117 Point St.. Prov. 

National Jewelry Co.. 31 Mathewson St.. Prov. 

Newell & Fisher, 14 Blount St., Prov. 

New England Pearl Co., 40 Clifford St., Prov. 

Nichols, L. R., 136 Pine St.. Prov. 

Nickei-son, N. B., 85 Page St., Prov. 

Nussbaum & Hunold. 78 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Ohler, Chas. C. 359 Pawtucket Ave.. Pawt. 

Ostby & Barton Co., 118 Richmond St.. Prov. 

Palmer & Capron. 167 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Parks Bros. & Rogers, 7 Beverlv St.. Prov. 

Patten & Daughaday. 195 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Payson. W. H.. 50 Portland St.. Prov. 

Payton & Kelley Co.. 31 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Peacock & Guild. 4 Blount St.. Prov. 

Pervear Co.. H. N.. 109 Friendship St., Prov. 

Pierce & Co., Waterman J.. 220 Eddy St., Prov. 

Place, Oscar E., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Pollard & Co., A., 59 Page St., Prov. 

Potter, J. E. & Co., 1S2 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Potter & Co.. E. A.. 71 Peck St.. Prov. 

Potter & Buffin.gton Co.. 7 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Powers & Co., W. R.. 19 Calender St.. Prov. 

Pratt. T. D.. 129 Eddy St., Prov. 

Prov. Comb & Jewelry Co.. 346 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Prov. Stock Co., 100 Stewart St.. Prov. 

Quayle. John T. & Co.. 100 Richmond St.. Prov. 

Read & Lincoln. 116 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

Relnhardt. C. F. W., 14 Conduit St., Prov. 

R. I. Ring Co., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Rodenberg-Smlth Co., 183 Eddy St., Prov. 

Roy & Co.. L. J.. 53 Clifford St.. Prov. 

Schofleld. Battey & Co.. 144 Pine St.. Prov. 

Schloss. H. B. & Co.. 26 Fountain St.. Prov. 

Schwarzkopf & Co.. J.. 7 Beverly St.. Prov. 

Shabeck, John C. L., 110 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Shurtleft. Lorenzo W.. 206 Weybosset St.. Rm. 11. Prov. 

Shurtleft & Co.. Sylvanus C. 109 PViendship St., Prov. 

Silverman Bros., 19 Calender St.. Prov. 

Simmons, F. A., 39 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

•Smith Bros., 34 Bassett St., Prov. 

Smith & Blackinton. 59 Page St., Prov. 

Smith, C. Sydney, S5 Sprague St., Prov. 

Smith, Geo. J. & Co., 14 Blount St., Prov. 

.Smith, William & Co., 61 Peck St., Prov. 

Snow & Westcott, 158 Pine St., Prov. 

Solinjrer & Co., J., 9 Calender St., Prov. 

Sondler & Rarbrish, 234 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Spencer Co., E. L., 53 Aborn St., Prov. 

Stentor Mfg. Co., 117 Point St., Prov. 

Stern. Louis & Co.. 158 Pine St.. Prov. 

Streeler & Co.. W. B., .38 Friendship St., Prov. 

Sumner .s; Kotler, 9 Calender St.. Prov. 

The StalTord Ring Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

The Standard Jewelry Co., 158 Pine St., Prov. 

Thornton Bros., 101 SAbin St., Prov. 

Tlnkham, E S., 17 Page St. (rear), Prov. 

Tucker & Co., G. W., 363 Eddv St., Prov. 

Tuttle & Stark. 116 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

Vose Mfg. Co. (The G. L.). 59 Clifford St., Prov. 

Wachenheimer & Co.. H., 234 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Waite, Mathewson & Co.. 140 Orange St., Prov. 

Waite, Thresher Co., 61 Peck St., Prov. 

Walsham. Josiah, 48 Dudley St., Prov. 

Warren & Williams, 21 Eddy St., Prov. 

Wheelwright, Joseph, 215 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Wheelwright & Lees. 151 Pine St.. Prov. 

White. H. H.. 22 Conduit St., Prov. 

White, J. J. & Co. (Inc.), 26 Fountain St., Prov. 

White Stone Jewelry Co.. 116 Chestnut St.. Prov. 

White. Zare. 25 Calender St.. Prov. 

Whittier. Henry C. Room 402. 139 Mathewson St., Prov 

Wightman & Hough Co.. 7 Beverly St.. Prov. 

Wilcox, D. & Co.. 1S4 Washington St., Prov. 

Wildprett & Saacke, 86 Page St., Prov. 

Williams, Henry & Son, 54 Page St.. Prov. 

Williams, M. F. & Co.. 99 Stewart St., Prov. 

Williams & Anderson. 220 Eddy St., Prov. 

Williams & Payton, 59 Page St., Prov. 

Workman & Newman. 53 Clifford St.. Prov. 

Wolstenholme Mfg. Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Jewelry Emblems. 

Butts, H. H. (Richardson. J. W. & Co.), 92 Westfield St., 

Feeley. James R. & Co.. 95 Pine St., Prov. 

Harvey & Otis. 1S3 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Irons & Russell, 102 Friendship St., Prov. 

Standard Jewelry Co.. 158 Pine St.. Prov. 

Thornton Bros.. 158 Pine St.. Prov. 

Tilllnghast & Son. C. P., 182 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Wheelwright & Lees. 151 Pine St.. Prov. 
Jewelry, Metal Ornaments and Settings. 

Dover. Geo. W. Co.. SO Clifford St., Prov. 

Fulford & Hcbart Co., 14 Blount St., Piov. 

Heimberger & Pearson, 158 Pine St.. Prov. 

Herrlck, A. & Co., 158 Pine St.. Prov. 

Prov. Jewelry Findlnsrs Co.. 180 Friendship St.. Prov. 
Jewelry, Pearl and Stone Setters. 

Hatch & Co.. 524 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Miller. Walter L., 124 Washington St.. Prov. 

Shocker, Paul. 19 Richmond St.. Prov. 

Stewart, William, 136 Pine St., Prov. 

Whitman. R. H., 283 Westminster St., Prov. 
Knit Goods. 

Boyden & Son, Geo. E., 47 Borden St., Prov. 

Glenark Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 

Hill. William. Old Slater Mill. Pawt. 

Kane. John F. Co.. 143 Summer St.. Prov. 

Lebanon Mill Co.. Exchange St.. Pawt. 

Leicester Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 

Lamb Knitting Co.. 249 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Narragansett Textile Co., 28 Bailey, Pawt. 



@ make m@re 


\X, %S.M. 


^kan any ©iker house 


the Wo. 


Prue, Frank J. & Co., S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

United States Rubber Co., 6S S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

W'sta Knitting MiI1^5, Elm & Bassett Sts., Prov. 
Knitting Machines. 

E. Joncks Mfg. Co.. Barton St., Paivt. 

American Textile Co., S. Woodlawn. Pawt. 
Lace Curtains (American Point). 

Welch & Co. (Inc.). 223 Harrison St., Prov. 
Lace, Leather Mfg. Co. 

Acme Leather Co., Central Falls. 
Lacing Hooks. 

Hall^yard M£g. Co., 148 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Combination Ladder Co., 366 Fountain St., Prov. 
Ladies' Dress Goods. 

Atlantic Mills. 12U Manton Ave., Prov. 
Ladies' Neckwear. 

An.lcrscn. W. H. & Co., 212 Union St., Prov. 
Lamps (Arc). 

llamhlin, J. A. Co., 12 Beverly St., Prov. 

Darling. The Geo. B. Lapidary Co., 109 Friendship St., 

Luther & Co., H. C. 227 Eddy St., Prov. 
Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead Manufacturers. 

Manchester. J. B. Co., 1S8 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Phillips Lead and Supply Co., 91 S. Main St., Prov. 

Tillinghast. L. H. Supply Co., 162 Dorrance St., Prov. 
Lead and Color Manufacturers. 

Oliver Johnson & Co., 32 Exchange PL, Prov. 

Starkweather & Williams Co., 47 Exchange PI., Prov. 
Leaded Glass.' 

Goodman, E. J. R., N. Main St., Prov. 

R. I. Glass Co.. 131 Mathewson St., Prov. 
Leather Belting. 

Bucklin, Charles R. Belting Co.. 15 Leather Ave., Pawt. 

Burgess & Son. A., 692 N. Main St., Prov. 

Lothrop, Geo. W. Jr.. 21 Glenark St.. Woonsocket. 

Prov. Belting Co., 37 Charles St.: Prov. 

Weatherhead, Thompson & Co., 447 Mill St., Central Falls. 
Leather Gaskets. 

Prov. Belting Co., 25 Charles St., Prov. 
Leather and Leather Goods. 

Abbott, Fred L., 6 Myrtle St., Pawt. 

Acme I^eather Co., Central Falls. 

Hoard, Fredk. R., 36 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Jlllson. O. A., 140 Front St., Pawt. 

Martin, Thos. E., 23 Pleasant St., Pawt. 

R. I. Leather Co., 10 D St.. Prov. 

Stone (C. Moulton) Co., 456 Benefit St.. Prov. 

Weatherhead. Thompson & Co.. 447 Mill St., Central Falls. 
Leather-Headed Nails and Buttons for Upholstery. 

Tockwotton Co., 79 S. Main St., Prov. 
Leather Washers of All Kinds. 

Prov. ntlting Co.. 23 Charles St., Prov. 
Ledgers (Perpetual). 

Park .Mfg. Co., 43 Sabln St.. Prov. 
Light Machinery. 

Mossherg Wrench Co., High St., Central Falls. 

Harris, Herbert, Llmerock. 

WriKht, Stephen, Llmerock. 

N V. Linen Co.. 49 Westminster St., Prov.; and Rockvllle. 

Wa-shlngton Mfg. Co., Washington. 

Prov. Lithograph Co., 102 Westfleld St., Prov. 
Lithographic Presses. 

Cottrpll & Sf.ns Co.. C. B.. Westerly. 
Locaters for Sunken Articles. 

Newport Mfg. Co., 480 Thames St.. Newport. 

Locomotive Manufacturers. 

American Locomotive ^'orlcs. Hemlock St., Prov. 
Loom Harnesses, Reeds, Etc. 

American Supply Co., Central Falls. 

Blackstone Reed Co.. Bayley St., Pawt. 

E.xcelsior Loom & Keed Works, rear 64 Broad St., Pawt. 

Gowdy Reed and Harness Mfg. Co. (The), 40 Clifford St., 

Hayes Loom, Reed & Harness Co., Woonsocket. 
Loom Picker Manufacturing Company. 

Holbrcok. A. & C. W., 748 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Loom Strapping. 

Prov. Belting Co., 37 Charles St., Prov. 

Rodenberg-Smith Co., 183 Eddy St., Prov. 
Lubricating Oils. 

American Oil Co., ISO S. Water St., Prov. 

Harris, A. W. Oil Co., 326 S. Water St., Prov. 

Olney Bros.. 54 S. Water St., Prov. 
Machine Tools. 

Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Promenade St., Prov. 

Cole, John W.. 74 Fountain St., Prov. 

Potter & .Tohnston Machine Co.. 1027 Newport Ave., Pawt. 
Machines, Brush, Block, Boring. 

Kenwortliy. John & Co.. 332 Grove St., Woonsocket. 
Machines, Carpet Sewing. 

Taft Machine Co.. 40 Friendship St., Prov. 
Machines, Clothes- Dryer. 

Diamond Machine Co., 9 Codding St., Prov. 

Taudvln, Joseph, 504 N. Main St., Prov. 
Machines, Grinding. 

Iroquois Machine Co., 87 Cromwell St., Prov. 
Machine, Jobbing. 

Moncrief, James A. Jr., Old Slater Mill, Pawt. 
Machines, Shaping; Lathes, Etc. 

Potter & Johnston Machine Co., 1027 Newport Ave., Pawt. 
Machine Shops. 

Blackstone Machine Co., 18 Broadway. Pawt. 

Gibson, George J., 361 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Shaw. William P., 7 Calender St.. Prov. 

Sutcliff & Roberts, 127 Summer St., Prov. 
Machines, Tipping. 

Dawson, Amos & Son, 521 Cottage St., Pawt. 
Machines, Washing. 

Whipple Bros. Co., 135 Franklin St.. Westerly. 
Machines and Tools, Jewelers and Opticians. 

Langeller Mfg. Co.. 67 Cliflord St., Prov. 
Machinery, Automatic, Die-Cutters, Etc. 

Macomber. W. I. & Co., 121 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Machinery (Bottling). 

Slocum, Geo. S. . 32 Prospect Hill, Newport. 
Machinery Castings. 

Colvln Foundry Co.. 185 Globe St., Prov. 
Machinery, General. 

American Machine Co. (Ltd.), Pleasant View, Pawt. 

Babbit, Alfred G., Tiverton. 

Beaman & Smith Co., Gordon Ave.. Prov. 

Blackstone Machine Co., IS Broadway, Pawt. 

Blaisdell. S. S. Machine Co.. 130 Orange St., Prov. 

Borland, Robert. 42 Garnet St., Prov. 

Capwell, John H., Anthony. 

Carpenter, J. M. Tap & Die Co., 17 Newell Ave., Pawt. 

Cole Bros., 33 Bayley St., Pawt. 

Excelsior Steam Engine and Machine Co.. 30 Friendship St., 
and 131 Orange St., Prov. 

Iroquois Machine Co., 85 Spruce St., Prov. 

Jenks. H. F.. 13 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

Kenyon, M. Harold, Westerly. 

Mann. Charles A., 166 Doyle Ave.. Prov. 

Mattcson, Cha-s. H., Anthony. ; 

Newport Mfg. Co., 4S0 Thames St., Newport. 

Owen. Thos. G. & Co., rear 381 Thames St., Newport. i 

Palmer-Nichols Co., 144 Westminster St., Prov. 

Pawtucket Steamboat Co., Slater Ave., Pawt. 

Perry, Wm. H. Co., 288 Dyer St., Prov. 

Potter, F. H., Conduit cor. Stewart Sts.. Prov. 

Prov. Engineering Works, 521 S. Main St., Prov. 

Schofield, J. A., Westerly. 

Sthott Bros., 419 Eddy St., Prov. 

Slocum Co., W. H., 39 Bayley St., Pawt. 

Smith. Albert B., Westerly. 

Smith, Geo. W., 6 Marlborough St., Newport. 

Standard Machine Co., 7 Beverly St., Prov. 

Stubbs, William B., Anthony. 

Tenney, A. E. Mfg. Co., 106 Broad St., Pawt. 

Tillinghast Machine & Supply Co.. 232 Aborn St., Prov. 

White Co., J. S., 22 Dexter St., Pawt. 

Wilcox & Lewis. Westerly. 

Woonsocket Foundry & Machine Co., Woonsocket. 
Machinery and Castings. 

Brown. James, Machine Co., 4S1 Main St.. Pawt. 

Franklin Machine Co., 189 Charles St., Prov. 
Machinery and Tools (Jewelers). 

Adams Bros., 224 Eddy St., Prov. 

Curry. Albert & Co., 102 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Farnham, Frank E. . 35 Garnet St., Prov. 

Hamilton, Geo., 95 Pine St., Prov. 

Lange & Fischer Mf<r. Co., 144 Pine St.. Prov. 

Langelier Mfg. Co., 67 Clifford St., Prov. 

Lyon, Baxter, 139 Eddy St., Prov. 

Martin, H. L., 139 Eddy St., Prov. 

McWilliams, T., 237 Eddy St., Prov. 

Powell, Chas. E., 25 Calender St., Prov. 

Racine, Ulysses, 206 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Rueckert, Ernest F., 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Machinery (Leather). 

Collyer Machine Co., 249 N. Main St., Pawt. 
Machinery, Special. 

Angell, Chas. E., 21 Eddy St., Prov. 

Atlas Machine Co.. 24 Calender St.. Prov. 

Blaisdell Machine Co., S. S., 130 Orange St., Prov. 

Boston Wire Stitching Machine Co.. E. Greenwich. 

Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co.. Promenade St.. Prov. 

Builders Iron Foundry, 9 Codding St., Prov. 

Cruickshank, D. B. Engine & Machine Co., 33 Eddy St.. 

Franklin Machine Co., Charles St., Prov. 

Graham Mfg. Co., 28 Plain St., Prov. 

Hinckley, A. H., 71 Bassett St., Prov. 

Metcalf, Geo. A., 86 Park Ave.. Woonsocket. 

New England Machine Co., 31 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

N. E. Ventilating & Heating Co., 926 Manton Ave., Prov. 

Pawtucket Mfg. Co., 327 Pine St., Pawt. 

Potter & Collamore, Warren. 

Potter & Johnston Machine Co., 1027 Newport Ave., Pawt. 

Rushton-Carroll Co., 10 Ethan St.. Prov. 

Schofield Gear & Pulley Co., 2S2 Dyer St., Prov. 

Williams & Co.. 91 Sabln St., Prov. 
Machinery Specialties. 

American Nickel Plating Co., 84 Sprague St., Prov. 

Heathcote, John & Son. 212 Eddy St., Prov. 

Mason, Volney W. & Co.. Lafayette St.. Prov. 

Pawtucket Mfg. Co.. Pine St.. Pawt. 

Rhode Island Tool Co., 14S W. River St., Prov. 

Thurston Mfg. Co., 419 Eddy St., Prov. 
Machinery, Textile. 

Collins Bros., 647 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Colvln, S. Co., Main St., River Point. 

Crompton Knowles Loom Works. 241 Harris -Xve., Prov. 

Dixon Lubricating Saddle Co.. Bristol. 

Fales & Jenks Machine Co., 320 Dexter St., Pawt. 

Heathcote. John & Son. 212 Eddy St., Prov. 

Hopkins Machine Works. Brldgeton. 

Ken\-on. John T., Woodville. 

Knight, Geo. C 28 Allen St., Woonsocket. 

Luther, Chas. A. & Co.. 247 N. Main St., Pawt. 


Manufacturers Specialties Co., 12 Beverly St., Prov. 

Mayor, The.'!. & Son, 26 Olney St., Prov. 

Miller Press & Machine Co., 313 Front St., Woonsocket. 

New England Butt Co.. 304 Pearl St.. Prov. 

Pawtucket Spinning- Ring Co., 381 N. Main St., Central 

Payne, Geo. W. Co., 106 Broad St., Pawt. 

Prov. Machine Co., 564 Eddy St., Prov. 

R. I. Braiding Mach. Co., 228 Aborn St., Prov. 

Ross, William D., 220 Eddy St., Prov. 

Schaellibaum, The Rob. Co., Banigran Bldg., Prov. 

Smith, Israel H., Pawtuxet. 

Spofford, Wm. S. & Son Co., 5 Calvin St , Prov. 

The Jackson Patent Shell Roll Corp., 47 Bagley St., Pawt. 

The Textile Finishing Machinery Co., Office, 17 Exchange 
St., Prov. 

Townsend. Thos., 157 Orange St., Prov. 

Universal Winding Co.. 107 Stewart St., Prov. 

Voelker, Geo. W. & Co., 63 Union St., Woonsocket. 

Windsor & Jerauld Mfg. Co., 223 Harrison St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Machine & Press Co., Woonsocket. 

Woonsocket Napping Machinery Co., Woonsocket. 
Machinist and IVlachinery IVIanufacturers. 

Burnham, Gilbert H., 337 Thames St., Newport. 

Colvin, S. Co., River Point. 

Narragansett Machine Co., foot of Vale, Woodlawn, 

Scott & Co., H. L., 227 Eddy St., Prov. 
Mast Arms and Switchas. 

Russell Electric Mfg. Co., 212 Eddy St., Prov. 
Magnesia Covering. 

Asbestos Mining and Mfg. Co., 155 Orange St., Prov. 
Mailing Boxes (Sensible and WInltney). 

Jencks Paper Box Co., 23 Broad St., Prov. 
Manufacturers of College Goods in Gold and Silver. 

The ICinney Co., 14 Blount St., Prov. 
Manufacturers' Supplies. 

Providence Belting Co., 25 Charles St., Prov. 

Manufacturers' Supply Co., Ill Orange St., Prov. 
Manufacturing Chemists. 

Arnold, Hoffman & Co. (Inc.), 55 Canal St., Prov. 

Bannon, T. J., Westerly. 

Greene, Chas. E., Hope Valley. 

Harrison, A. & Co., Box 308, Pawt. 

Norwood Drug Co., Norwood. 

Pawt. Mordant Co.. Pawt., Works, Valley Falls. 

Roscow, Richard & Co., 41 Oakland Ave., Pawt. 

Taylor, Charles R. Co., 63 Washington St., Prov. 
Maple Syrup. 

Huntington Maple Syrup & Sugar Co., 127 Valley St., E. 

Normandin, Edmund, 247 Willow St., Woonsocket. 
Marble Workers. 

Apponaug Marble Works, Apponaug. 

Chace, A. R., 26 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Dufresne, F. X., Phenix. 

Husscy & Herlihy, Main St., B. Greenwich, 

Magown & Bucke. 35 N. Main St., Woonsocket. 

N. E. Mycenian Marble Co., 1143 Westminster St., Prov. 

Norcross Bros. Co., Industrial Trust Bldg., Prav. 

O'Conner Bros., 120 Smithlield Ave., Pawt. 

Protin, Li., Arctic Centre. 

Ray, James, Washington. 

R. I. Brown Stone Works, Leiand St., Prov. 

Richmond, Albert, Washington. 

Richmond, A. L., Quidnick. 

•Sherwood, D. F., 44 Washington St., Prov. 

Stanton, B. A., Print Works, Cranston. 

Stanton & Farnum, 1143 Westminster St., Prov. 

Swanson, John S., 13S5 Broad St.. Prov. 

Tingley & Co., 215 W. E.'JchanKe St., Prov. 
Marine Boilars, Motors, Hardware. 

Almy Water Tube Co., 17S Aliens Ave., Prov. 

Coleman, Walter & Sons, 300 S. Water St., Prov. 

Lunt, Moss & Co., 45 Eddy St., Prov. 
R. I. Motor Co., foot of Angell St., Prov. 
Marine Railways, Boat Building, and Repairs. 

Newport Ship Yard, 379 Thames St., Newport. 

Brady, James. W., 244 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Luke, S. J., 58 Maple St., Prov. 
Morlock, Hermann F., 153 Dorrance St., Prov. 
Pawtucket Steam Carpet Beating & Renovating Works, 
334 E. Ave., Pawt. 

Payson & Co., 22 College St., Prov. 

Reddington, James, 498 Pine St., Prov. 

Ruff, Charles E., 25 Broad St., Prov. 
Schulze, Henry, 54 N. Main St., Prov. 

Sweeney. Wm. Co., 226 Eddv St., Prov. 

Weybosset Bedding Co., 226 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Reliance Mill Co., 214 Dyer St., Prov. 
Metal Ceilinns. 

Prov. .Architectural Metal Works, 237 Dyer St., Prov. 
Metal Ornaments, Jewel Settings and Jewelry Com- 

Dover, G. W. Co.. 80 Clifford St., Prov. 

Prov. Art Metal Co.. 272 S. Water St., Prov. 

Vester & Sons, Alfred, cor. Mason and Calender Sts., Prov. 
Metal Shslving. 

The Clason Architectural Wks., 42S Kinsley Ave., Prov. 
Metal Spinning. 

Linderman, H. R. C, 19 Page St., Prov. 
Metal Workers. 

Plows, R. Mfg. Co., lis Central St., Central Falls. 
Micrometers, Calipers and Drills. 

Slocomb, J. T. Co., Oxford St., Prov. 

Hale, W. P., & Co., 144 S. Water St., Prov. 

Reliance Mill Co., 208-216 Dyer St., Prov. 
Mill Supplies. 

Chase, P. A., & Co., 253 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

U. S. Mill Supply Co., 62 S. Water St., Prov. ■ 

Nickel Tone Mtg. Co.. 17 Mathewsnn St., Prov. 
Monuments and Monumental Work. 

Austin, Charles P.. Farewell St., Newport. 

Barden, Peter, 348 Cranston St., Prov. 

Blake, Wm. M., 47 School St., Westerly. 

Bouchard, Z. V., 700 Cranston St., Prov. 

Burns, Charles, 168 Pleasant St., Pawt. 

Burns, John, Granite Co., 840 N. Main St., Prov. 

Chace, Andrew R., 26 Taunton .4ve., E. Prov. 

Cottrell, James B., 35 Warner St., Newport. 

Craig. James C, rear 38 Chester Ave., Westerly. 

Crumb, A. G. & Sons, Niantic. 

Deushley, C. F., CentrevilU, Warwick. 

Uuca. Jos., Oak St.. Westerly. 

Farrell, Andrew & Sons, Oak St., Westerly. 

Faveiio, Antoine & Co., Niantic. 

Flynn, Maurice W., 103 Main St., Westerly. 

Harrington, Cornelius, 11 George St., Warren. 

Hussey & Herlihy, Main St.. W. Greenwich. 

Hutchings, George F., Niantic. 

Johnson, Frederick I..., 765 Ploa.«ant St., Pawt. 

Kimball, Combe & Co.. 3 Weybosset St., I'rov. 

King, B. C. & Co., 172 High St.. Westerly. 

Myers c& Murray, Arnold and Railroad Sts,, Woonsocket. 

N. E. Granite AVorks. Ledward Ave., Westerly. 

O'Brien, John. 440 Cranston St., Prov. 

O'Conner & Weatherhcad. 4 Waldo St., Pawt. 

Oneco Granite Co., 49 Westminster St., Prov. 

O'Neil & Co., Oak St.. Westerly. 

Owen, BenJ. T., 563 Broadway, Prov. 

Ray, James, Washington. 

Riggs, Geo. H., 25 Wfirner St., Newport. 

Russell, I. D., High St.. Wakefield. 

Smith Granite Co., Post Road, Westerly. 

Smithfield Granite Co.. 199 Harris Ave., Prov. 

Spencer, H. L., Phenix. 

Stanton & Farnum, U43 Westminster St., Prov. 

Tingly, Frank F. , 75 Westminster St.. Pi-ov. 

Toye, Robert G.. 9 Doyle Ave., Prov. 

Vermont Granite Marble Works, Anthony. 

Young, Henry S.. Apponaug. 

Westerly Granite Works, Westerly. 

Langevin, Jos., 410 Fountain St., Prov, 

Sayer, George A. & Son Co., Globe St., Prov. 

Smith, E. E. Co., 136 Rhodes St., Prov. 

Tingley, Frank E.. Broad, cor. Olive St., Pawt. 
Multiple Drilling Machine for Close Drilling. 

Langelier Mfg. Co.. 67 Clifford St., Prov. 
Multiple Woven Fabrics. 

Amer. Multiple Fabric Co., 183 Hartford Ave., Prov. 
Musical Instruments. 

Pruefer, Gustave, SS Union Ave.. Prov. 
Muslin Underwear. 

Keach & Brown Mfg. Co., cor. Haven and Hatch Sts., 
Valley Falls. 
Muslin and Bobblnette Curtains. 

Keach & Bi-own Mfg. Co., Valley Falls. 

Coleman Nail Co., 28 Bayley St., Pawt. 

Mt. Hope Iron Co., Banigan Bldg.. Prov. 

Tockwotton Co.. 79 S. Main St., Prov. 

Universal Nail & Button Co.. 182 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Wales, John Wire Co., Auburn. 
Netting Looms. 

Arnold Net & Seine Machine Works, E. Greenwich. 
Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Academean, Main St., E, Greenwich. 

Beulah Christian, Pentecostal Printing Co., 877 Eddy St., 

Bristol Phoenix, Bristol. 

Club Life, 301 Knight St., Prov. 

Corbett's Herald. 86 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Cranston Citv Times, 98 Weybosset St., Prov. 

B Prov. Mirror. 63 Washington St., Pmv. 

Evening Call, Evening Call Pub. Co., 77 Main St., Woon. 

Evening Reporter, 143 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Evening Telegram, 136 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Evening Times, Exchange St., Pawt. 

Herald, Newport. 

Hope Valley Advertiser. Main St., Hope Valley, 

La Tribune, 135 Main St., Woonsocket. 

LEco Del, Rhode Island, 84 Spruce St., Prov. 

LeJean-Baptist, 23 Broad St., Pawt. 

Manufacturing Jeweler, 42 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Manufacturers' & Farmers' Journal, Westminster. Eddy 
& Fuiton St., Prov. 

Narragansett Times, Main St., Wakefield. 

Newport Dailv News, 207 Thames St., Newport. 

Newpoit Herald. 307 Thames St.. Newport. 

Newport Mercury, 182 Thames St.. Newport. 

OIneyville Times, 1 OlneyviUe Square. OlneyviUe. 

Pascoag Herald, 144 S. Main St.. Prov. 

Pascoag Herald Co., Pascoag. 

Pawtucket Gazette & Chronicle, 29 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Pawtuxet Valley Dally Times, Arctic. 

Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner, Phenix. 

Portsmouth Chronicle. Portsmoulli. 

Prov. Board o£ Trade Journal, Chamber of Commerce 
Bldg,, Prov. 

Providence Journal, 209 Westminster St., Prov. 

Prov. News Pub. Co.. 120 Washington St.. aiul 105 Mnth- 
ewson St., Prov, 

Prov. Weekly News, 120 Wiushlngton St.. Prov. 

Prov. Weekly Olliclal Guide, Chamber of Commoivo Bldg., 

Prov. Visitor, Visitor Printing Co., Main St., Prov. 


Real Estate Register and Rental Guide, 37 Weybosset 
St., Prov. 

R. I. Advertiser, 146 Westminster St., Prov. 

K. I. Pendulum, London St.. E. Greenwich. 

R. I. Republican, 86 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Warren Gazette, Main St., Warren. 

Westerly Daily Sun, 5S Main St., Westerly. 

Westerly Times, &2 Canal St., Westerly. 

Wickford Standard, 72 Main St., Wickford. 
Nickel Platers. 

Brady. John F.. 71 Friendship St., Prov. 

Clegg, W. H., 220 Eddy St., Prov. 

Corp Bros., 33 Sabin St., Prov. 

Excelsior Nickel Plating Works, 403 Richmond St., Prov. 

New Acme Plating Co., 42 Garnet St., Prov. 

Prov. Electrotyping & Plating Works. 78 Friendship St.. 

H 1. Nickel Plating Works, 33 Garnet St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Electro- Plating Co., Woonsocket. 

Aluminum Nov. Works, Pawtuxet. 

Bacon. Richard, Bacon Mfg. Jewelry Co., 117 Point St., 

Kiiby. F. M. & Co., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Kirby, F. M. & Co., 242 Main St., Pawt. 

McMuUen & Holmes, 194 Thames St., Newport. 

Wotsberg Wrench Co., High St., Central Falls. 

I'awt Novelty Co., 2S Summer St., Pawt. 

I'eeU. Ira F., Auburn. 

Precourt, William E., Valley Falls. 

il'niat. Harry G.. Westerly. 

TOT'el Rack and Novelty Mfg. Co., Auburn. 

Udall & Ballou, 204 Hellevue Ave., Newport. 

Wing, Newton A., 25 Calender St., Prov. 
Nuts, Cold Punched. 

Pawt. Mfg. Co., 327 Pine St., Pawt. 
Nuts, Bolts, Etc. 

R. I. Tool Co., 148 W. River St.. Prov. 

American Oil Co., ISO S. Water St.. Prov. 

Blanchard Oil Co., 317 Broadway, Pawt. 

A. W. Harris Oil Co.. 326 S. Water St., Prov. 

Narragansett Oil Mfg. Co., Portsmouth. 

Olney Brothel's, 54 S. Water St., Prov. 

Peirce & Co., J. L,.. 48 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Perry Oil Co., 372 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Phetteplace Oil Co.. 169 So. Angell St., Prov. 

Prov. Oil Works, 11 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Sandford, R. J., 343 AVashington St., Prov. 

ITnlon Oil Co.. 2.51 Tockwotton St., Prov. 
Oil Refiners. 

Wilkinson, Seth. Mill St., Central Falls. 
Oil Stone and Lamp Repairing. 

Fairchibi. A. W., lu Arcade, Prov. 
Optical Goods. 

Allen. R. L., 47 Washington St., Prov. 

Dammers, Edward E., 169 Westminster St., Prov. 

Martin, Copeland & Co., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Stevens & Co., 472 Potter Ave., F*rov. 

Taylor. Geo. H. & Co., 204 Westminster St., Prov. 

Wilkinson & Co., C. A.. 53 Aborn St., Prov. 

Agnol Paint Co., Wickford. 

John.son, Oliver & Co., 3 Exchange St., Prov. 

National Paint Co., 42 Garnet St., Prov. 

R. I. Color Works. 19 Calender St.. Prov. 

Success Paint Co.. 48 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

V. S. Outta Percha Paint Co., 18 Mathewson St., Prov 

Weaver & Co., 33 Exchange Pi.. Prov. 
Paper Cop Tubes. 

American Paper Tube Co.. Social St.. Woonsocket. 

Brown. J. E. & H. L.. 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Eurgear Cope Tube Co., 15 Custom House St.. Prov. 

Jcbn McCausland, 86 Valley St., E. Prov. 

Mormuit, T. , B. Prov. 

Taylor, Charles F., 15 Custom House St., Prov. 
Paper Goods. 

Gaynor. John J., 72 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Hammond Printers' Supply Co., 45 Eddy St., Prov. 
Paper- Makers' Materials. 

Wheelwright Filler & Mfg. Co., 4 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Patent Grids for Cotton Openers and Lappers. 

The Rob. Schaellibaum Co., Banigan Bldg., Prov. 
Patent Medicines. 

Arnold, Dr. Seth, Medical Corporation, Woonsocket. 

Austin. 279 Broad St., Prov. 

Bror.sor, Chemical Co., 12 Moulton St., Prov. 

Capalli. H. J., Arctic Centre, Warwick. 

Clinton Talcum Powder Co., 350 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Crown Bottling Co., Unity Bldg., Woonsocket. 

Davio, C. E. & Son, 226 Main St., Pawt. 

Gibson. .1. Fred, 1349 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hall & Lyon Co., 225 Westminster St., Prov. 

Himes & Co., S. W., Phenix. 

Maker. Wm. H., Warren. 

Mattison Co.. E. F., 5Vi Greene St., Prov. 

Morgan & Sons, E. E., 350 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Oxolo Chemical Co., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Phymas Chemical Co., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Red Cross Powder Co., 97 Canal St., Prov. 

Russell Medicine Co., 913 Eddy St., Prov. 

Standard Medical Co., Wakefield. 

Venus Face Tonic Co., 35 Broadway, Pawt. 

Wood. W. L., 285 Main St., Pawt. 
Patent Tin Cylinders. 

R. Plews Mfg. Co., lis Central St., Central Falls. 
Pattern Makers. 

Baker, James M., 116 Pine St., Prov. 

Bancroft. F. J.. 35 Bayley St., Pawt. 

Bradley, Edward, 20 Clifford St., Prov. 

Burt. Arthur H., 16 Calender St.. Prov. 

Downs. Geo. W. A.. 451 Main St., Pawt. 

Gledhill, John A., 107 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Halliday, Frederick F., 698 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Halliday. Fred F., Jr., 17 Dexter St., Pawt. 

Hood & Hadley, 41 Bayley St.. Pawt. 

Northrup, Louis L., 52 Page St.. Prov. 

Robb, John A.. 81 Friendship St., Prov. 

Ross, W. D., 220 Eddy St. (Metal), Prov. 

Scott & Co., Henry L., 227 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Wilcox. M. E., rear 228 Aborn St., Prov. 
Paving Blocks. 

Beaton, James, Coventry. 

Bullock. Russell D., Bristol. 
Pearl Goods. 

Sprague. Jas. F.. 54 Page St., Prov. 
Pen and Pencil Holders. 

Pearce & Co., T. T., 85 Sprague St., Prov. 
Pharmaceutical Chemists. 

Claflin Co., Geo. L., 62 S. Main St., Prov. 

Daggett & Miller Co., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 
Phosphate (Culinary and Medical). 

Rumford Chemical Work.s, 231 S. Main St., Prov. 
Photo Engravers. 

Crahan Engraving Co.. 193 Westminster St., Prov. 

Ea.stern Electrotype Co.. 91 Sabin St., Prov. 
Photo Mechanical Printing. 

Harr. H. C. 45 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Andrrstnim. I.,. L., 46 Church St.. Bristnl. 

Aspinwall, Arthur, E. Prov. 

Bacon, O., N. Water St., Warren. 

Baker. Leander. 95 Westminster .St.. Prov. 

Hates, 1j. F., 2S3 Westminster St., Prov. 

Rellin. L. H.. 219 Main St.. Pawt. 

Bellin, Louis H., 103 Westminster St., Prov. 

Bellin, Morris, 77 N. Main St.. Pawt. 

Bertherman, Robt. E., 87 We.stminster St., Prov. 

Bousquet, Geo.. 110 Main St.. Woonsocket. 

Burdick, Ed. N., 4 Main St., Westerly. 

Carley, John, 36 Franklin St., Newport. 

Chase. Geo. H., 167 Thames St., Newport. 

Chase, T. F., Prov. 

Church, Gordon B. & Co.. 145 Main St., Warren. 

Cooper, E. F., 195 Thames St., Newport. 

Dansereau, J. A., 88 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Davidson, W. B., Jamestown. 

Dean, W. A., Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Prov. 

Desgranges, A., Olneyville Sq., Prov. 

Deslauriers, A., Woonsocket. 

Desmarais. Hector. Edwards Block, Woonsocket. 

Duval, Adolph, Natick. 

Emery, Daniel L. , Tiverton. 

Ferold, Wm., Warren. 

Ferris, Wm., Riverside. 

Geoffrey. Raymond. 29 Quidnick St., Arctic. 

Gifford, John L., Tiverton. 

Hall & Lvon Co.. 225 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Halloran, Thos. F., 900 Westminster St., Prov. 

Harford, Geo. G.. Arctic. 

Harper, Frederick D., Woonsocket. 

Holmes, Chas. A.. 153 Manton Ave., Prov. 

Horton. E. F., 301 Westminster St., Prov. 

Horton. E. K. & Co., 256 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hurd. G. L.. 311 Westminster St., Prov. 

Koshiba Studio. 157 Westminster St., Prov. 

La Roe, C. R.. 309 Westminster St., Prov. 

Legacy, Joseph. Sayles Ave., Pascoag. 

Merrill. A. L., 194 Main St., Woonsocket. 

Mills. Wm. & Son, 58 Arcade, Prov. 

Moisan, I.,ouis G., Manville. 

Moisan. Louis G. , Woonsocket. 

Mortimer, Frank, 263 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Mowrey. W. H.. 97 Thames St., Newport. 

Pierce. Henry H., 124 Bellevue Ave.. Newport. 

Pohlson Art Gallery, 255 Main St.. Pawt. 

Prince. J. C, 460 Broad St., Central Falls. 

Rankin & Co.. H. W.. llO'.i Thames St., Newport. 

Bobbins. Frank. 194 River Ave., Prov. 

Rose Studio. The. .385 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Sands & Brady. 333 Westminster St., Prov. 

Scholfield. .\. A., Westerly. 

Smales. Thomas. 4S9 Westminster St., Prov. 

Smith. Edward A. G.. 202 Thames St.. Newport. 

Stanley. Henry E.. 35 Westminster St., Prov. 

Stiles. Frederick W. . Brown Bldg., Westerly. 

Vandall, Albert J.. Sheldon Bldg., Pawt. 

Walker. William. N. Tiverton. 

Weiss. William ,.>c Co.. 10 Bath Road. Newport. 
Photographic Supplies. 

Bush. C. S. Co.. 212 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Gannett Electric Co.. 90 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Hall & Lvon Co.. 225 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Kelley, F. H., 9 Timothy St.. Pawt. 

Pawt. Optical Co.. 9 Timothy St.. Pawt. 

Simpson. Joseph E., 161 Main St., Pawt. 

Atherion. .4. T.. Machine Co.. 96 Broad St.. Pawt. 
Pickles, Preserves, Etc. 

Bullong & S<m Co.. James A.. 171 Canal St.. Prov. 

Cormond Water Co.. 1120 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Quincy-Parker Catsup Co.. Ill Davis St.. Prov. 

.American Pickling Co.. IS Lonsdale St., Prov. 
Picture Frame Manufacturers. 

.Arnold. William H.. 12 Broadway. Newport. 

Bainton. Arthur & Son. 1927 Westminster St., Prov, 

Blandin. Gardner. 34S Westminster St.. Prov. 

Clarke. E. Howard. Bricgs Bldg.. Westerly. 

Cole. Geo. E.. & Co.. 2.5S Weybosset St., Prov. 

Costello, P. E., 466 Westminster St., Prov. 


Dore, Henri, 74 N. Main St., Prov. 

Gibbons, Michael J., Ill N. Main St., Pawt. 

Hail & Lyon Co., 225 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hoffman, J., 58 Charles St., Prov. 

Huxford, J. A., 20 Clifford St., Prov. 

McCarthy, E. J. & Co., 62 Snow St., Prov. 

Oberg, H. T.. 9 Chestnut St., Prov. 

Olsson, Magnus, 711 Westminster St., Prov. 

Prov. Frame & Portrait Co., 61 Arcade, Prov. 

Rosenblatt, Henry, 91 Washing-ton St., Prov. 

Sweet, Geo. A. & Son. 336 Westminster St., Prov. 

Tilden-Thurber Co., Westminster St., Prov. 

Wiseman, John M., 113 Bellevue Ave., Newport. 
Picture Hooks. 

Cutting-, R. S., 157 Orangre St., Prov. 

Hammell. George, 157 Orange St., Prov. 
Pipe Vises. 

General Fire Extinguisher Co., Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 
Planing Mills. 

Bosworth, Smith & Co., 34 W. Broadway, Newport. 

Langworthy, B. P.. Hope Valley. 

Martin, Henry O., 387 Fountain St., Prov, 

Maxson & Co., Westerly. 

Palmer, G. D., Hope Valley. 

Presbrey & Son Co., A. A., Meadow, cor. Summer St., Prov. 

Bedford, Benj., 30 Garnet St., 268 Dyer St., Prov. 

Shippee, L. C, Apponaug. 

Smith, The B. F. Co., 22 Mason St., Pawt. 
Platinum Refiners and Sealers. 

Cornell & Andrews, 23 Mathewson St., Prov. 
Plumbers and Plumbers' Supplies. 

Birtwell, Archibald, 19 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Caffrey, Thomas, 46 Abbott St., Prov. 

Gobeille, Frederick J.. 66 N. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Hill, Charles G., Main St.. E. Greenwich. 

Hodge, E. S., Main St., Peacedale. 

Newell, Fred E., 623 High St., Central Falls. 

Prov. Steam Trap Co., 16 Diamond St., Prov. 

Whittaker, William, 46 Plainfield St.. Prov. 
Pneumatic Keyboards, Type Moulds, Etc. 

Taft-Peirce Mfg. Co., Mechanics Ave., Woonsocket. 
Pork Packers and Pork Products and Dealers. 

Boyd, Wm. H., 57 Pacific Ave., Prov, 

Colquhoun, D. & Son. 39 Earle St., Central Falls. 

Comstock & Co., 199 Canal and 20S Pond Sts., Prov, 

Hodgson, William, 154 Delaine St., Prov. 

Kimball & Col well Co.. 455-463 Washington St., Prov. 

Schott, John N. Co., 52 Randall St., Prov. 
Power Transmission Machinery. 

Franklin Machine Co., Charles St., Prov. 
Prepared Yarns. 

The Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co., 32 Central Ave., Pawt, 
Print Works. 

Allen's Printing Co., Dryden Lane, Prov. 

Clyde Bleach & Print Works, River Point. 

Cranston Print Works, Cranston St., Cranston. 

Dunnell. Wm. Wanton, Apponaug. 

U. S. Finishing Co., Pawt. 

Acme Printing Co., 35 Westminster St., Prov. 

Basinet, Louis A., 35 Cranston St., Prov. 

Belcher, Robert F., 400 Westminster St., Prov. 

Brandt Printing Co., 297 Canal St., Prov. 

Brown, Wm. R. Co., 33 Eddy St., Prov. 

t'ard. The Printer. 741 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Ca,sey, Mary V., 89 Pawtucket Ave., rear, Pawt. 

Chase, Isaac F., Arctic, Warwick. 

Clarke, E. M., 332 Prairie Ave., Prov. 

Clarke, O. P., 98 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Columbian Job Print, 687 Manton Ave., Prov, 

Colwell, F. A., 139 Main St., Woonsocket 

Cook, Charles E., 76 Main St.. Woonsocket. 

Cray, John, 16 Plainfleld St., Prov. 

Curzio, F. & Co., 83 Spruce St., Prov. 

Day, James R., 37 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Dennis, Walter E., 335 Broad St., Central Falls. 

Douglas & Co., Phenix. 

Doyle, Henry C, 4 Read St., Pawt. 

Eastern Advertising Co., 730 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Eastern Tag Co., 43 Page St., Prov. 

Economical Card Co., 107 Friendship St., Prov. 

Empire Printing Co., 131 Washington St., Prov. 

Evans, E. B., 936 Manton Ave., Prov. 

Excelsior Printing Co., 121 N. Main St., Prov. 

Farrally Bros., Bristol. 

Field, Albert H., 180 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Fox & Saunders Co., 137 Wevbosset St., Prov. 

Franklin Press Co., 63 Washington St., Prov. 

Freeman, B. L. & Sons, Central Falls, Pawt., 3 West- 
minster St., Prov. 

French and English Job Printing House, Arctic. 

Fricker, A. & Co., 141 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Greene, J. F. Co., 77 Dyer St., Prov. 

Hall. The J. C. Co., 68 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Hammond, Geo. L., Alpine Printing Co., 94 Snow St., 

Hammond, H. T., 74 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Hammond, Thos. S., 98 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Haunch, Joseph G. , 15 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Holland, John, & Son, 131 Washington St., Prov. 

Hough Printing Co., 42 Grove St., Lonsdale. 

Ideal Printing Co., 45 Eddy St., Prov. 

Industrial Printing Co., 18 College St., Prov. 

Johnson, E. A. & Co., 57 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Journal of Commerce Co., Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

La Liberta Pub. Co., 190 Atwells Ave., Prov. 

Larkin, John, Main St., Hope Valley. 

Leland, W. H. & Co., 144 Westminster St., Prov. 

Littell, C. W., 333 Westminster St., Prov. 

Little, John W., 13 N. Union St., Pawt. 

Livermore & Knight Co., cor. Pine and Hay Sts., Prov. 

Maine Printing Co., 43 Cranston St., Prov. 

Marion Printing Co., 232 Aborn St., Prov. 

Mathews, J. H. & T. J., 1851 Westminster St., Prov. 

Mercury Publishing Co.. 182 Thames St., Newport. 

Murphy, J. H., 22 Canal St., Westerly. 

Narragansett Printing Co., 21 Eddy St.. Prov. 

N. T. Printing Co., 9 Washington Row. Prov. 

Pascoag Herald Co., 144 S. Main St., Prov. 

Pentecostal Printing Co., S77 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Perry Printing Co.. 57 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Remington Printing Co., 63 Washington St.. Prov. 

Reynolds, C. S.. 37 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Reynolds Stamp and Stencil Works, 3 Weybosset St., 

R. I. Label Works, 91 Sabin St.. Prov. 

R. I. Printing Co., 60 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Rollinson, J. & Co.. 97 Dyer St., Prov. 

Ryder, J. J. Co.. 47 Washington St., Prov. 

Salisbury Mfg. Co., 14 Leather Ave.. Pawt. 

Sampson, Murdock & Co., 54 N. Main St., Prov. 

Searle, E. W., 189 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Sherman, Frank H., 255 Thames St., Newport. 

Sibley. Edward P., 1 Olneyville Sq.. Prov. 

Sibley, Frank T, & Co., 224 Main St., Pawt. 

Simpson, Frank, 161 Main St.. Pawt. 

Snow & Farnham, 63 Washington St.. Prov. 

Standard Printing Co., 5 Washington Row, Prov. 

Star Printing Co.. 910 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Stillman, E. A.. 91 Main St., Westerly. 

Sun Printing Co., 115 Pine St.. Prov. 

Sweet. Benonl. S62 Broad St. Prov. 

Taylor Card & Box Co., 257 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Thompson & Thompson. 163 Pine St., Prov. 

Tnwnsoiid. F. IT.. 95 Pine St., Prov. 

Visitor Printing Co., 27 N. Main St., Prov. 

Ward, Remington, 33 Clark St., Newport. 

What Cheer Printing Co., 98 Pme St., Prov. 
Whittemore & Colhurn. 54 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Williams, Da-vid H., 9(i Matliew.sou St., Prov. 
Wilson, S. P., 689 Manton Ave,, Prov. 

Printers' Material. 
Hammond Printers' Supply Co.. 45 Eildy St., Prov. 

Printing and Finishers of Cotton Fabrics. 

Cranston Print Works Co., Cranston. 
Printing Presses. 

CottreU, C. B. & Sons Co., Westerly. 

Maxson Printing Press Co.. Westerly. 

Nichols & Langworthy Machine Co.. Hope Valley. 
Pulley Manufacturers. 

Chase, F. A. & Co.. 253 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Chase Pulley Co., 201 Pitman St., Prov. 
Pulley and Gear Forcer. 

Bamford & Smith, Bridgeton. 
Pump and Block Makers. 

Baker. H. R., Fiskeville. 

Coleman, Walter & Sons, 300 S. Water St., Prov. 

Fales & Jenks Machine Co., Pawt. 

Hildreth, Ara, Bowen's Wharf, Newport. 

Vars, John C, Niantic. 
Pumps and Supplies. 

Artesian Well Supply Co., Prov. 

Cranston & Peck, 55 Clifford St., Prov. 

Dalbeattie Granite Works, Westerly. 

Fairmount Farm Co., Woonsocket. 

Fenner, Frank D., Arlington. 

Fletcher, Neal, Hope. 

Gourlay Granite Works, Westerly. 

Johnston Granite Co., Centerdale. 

Lafarge, Louis, Hughesdale. 

Mathewson, F. L. , Harrisville. 

Mathewson, C. H.. Greenville. 

Mathewson, Wm. H.. Manton. 

McKernon, Edward, Westerly. 

Morgan. G. H.. Burrillville. 

N. E. Granite Works. Westerly. 

Newell, Jos. & Co., Westerly. 

Peckham Bros., Box 193. Newport. 

Pinardi, C. A. & Co., Westerly. 

Smithfleld Granite Co., Prov, 

Stone, Jos. P., 75 Westminster St., Prov. 

Sweeney Granite Works, Westerly. 

Tarbox. Joseph, E. Greenwich. 

Watson's Sons, M. L.. Auburn. 

Dimity Quilt Co., Prov. 
Rake Manufacturers. 

Boss. Chas. H., Liberty. 
Raw- Hide Baskets. 

Holbrook. A. & C. W.. 74S N. JIain St.. Prov. 
Raw-Hide Gear Blanks. 

Holbrook. A. & C. W., 74S N. Main St.. Prov. 
Raw-Hide Loom Pickers. 

Holbrook, A. & C. W., 748 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Raw-Hide Mallets. 

Holbrook, .-N.. & C. W., 74S N. Main St.. Prov. 
Reducing, Swaging and Hammering Machines. 

■Langeller JIfg. Co., 67 Clifford St.. Prov. 

Carpenter, Orville. 4S1 Jtain St.. Pawt. 
Refiners and Smelters (Gold and Silver). 
Almv, Stone & Co., 33 Mathewson St., Prov. 
Austin, John & Son, 74 Clifford St.. Prov. 
Raker &• Freeman. ISO Eddy St.. Prov. 
Baker. Geo. M., 91 Page St , Prov. 
Rrown & Dean Co. (The>. 102-104 Richmond St.. Pr«>v. 
Carpenter & Son. H. F.. ,58-60 Page St.. Prov. 
Conloy & Straight. 2.16 Eddv St.. Prov. 
Cornoll & .-Vndrews, 23 Mathewson St., Prov. 


Kcmpf & Co., 221 Eddy St., Prov. 

Otis Bros.. Office. 1S7 Eddy St., Piov. 

Remington, Horace & Sons Co., 91 Friendship St., Prov. 

Catrell, James E., 146 Smith, Prov. 

Hyde, John. Jr., 73 Carpenter St., Pawt. 
Repair Shops. 

Narraganaett Pier R. R. Co.. Peacedale. 

N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., Valley Falls. 

Old Colony Steamboat Co., Newport. 
Ribbon Gold Leaf. 

Coe. W. H. Mfg. Co., 74 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Ring Travelers, 

Brown Bros. Co., 62 E.xchanire PI.. Prov. 

Chase, F. A. & Co., 203 W. E.xchange St., Prov. 

National Ring Traveler Co., 2.57 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Shaw. Victor, Ring Traveler Co., 23 Sabin St., Prov. 
Roll Cover Leathers. 

Prov. Belting Co., 37 Charles St., Prov. 
Rolled Gold Plate. 

Cook, E. N.. Plate Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Holt. A. & Co., 167 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Hough, W. S., Jr., Co., 140 Orange St.. Prov. 

Wall. A. T. & Co., 101 Sabin St.. Prov. 

Venntrbeok & Clase, 109 Friendship St., Prov. 
Roller Shades. 

Alpaugh. J. M.. 51 Exchange PI.. Prov. 

Bicknell & Hudson. 357 Westminster St., Prov. 

Goctling. M. Co., 461 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Mylod, A. E. & Son, 328 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Baacke. Wro. & Co.. 38 Hay St.. Prov. 

earlier, M. N. & Sons Co.. 293 Canal St.. Prov. 

Goddard & Barlow, rear 200 Thames St.. Newport. 

Maguire, John T. Co.. 118 Spring St., Pawt. 

Moore, J. W. Co.. Allen Ave., Prov. 

Prov. Slate & Gravel Roofing Co., 55 Fountain St., Prov. 

Thyng, J. T.. 13 Market Sq., Prov. 

McCormick. Jos., 327 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 
Roofing Material. > 

Gillies. John M.. 19 Webster St., Newport. 
Rope and Sash Cords. 

McGowan & Co.. James, 14 Exchange PI., Prov. 
Rotary Cloth Presses. 

Voelker & Co.. Geo. W., 63 Union St., Woonsocket, 
Rotary Web Perfecting Presses. 

Cottifll & Son.« Co.. C. B., Westerly. 
Rubber Boots and Shoes, 

Atlantic Rubber Shoe Co.. South Auburn. 

Banlgan Rubber Co., Joseph. 355 Valley St., Prov. 

Bourn Rubber Co., 49 Westfleld St., Prov. 

National India Rubber Co Wood St., Bristol. 

McCarthy. Terrence. Bristol. 

Woonsocket Rubber Co.. Woonsocket, R. I. 
Rubber Goods. 

Bourn Rubber Co., 49 Westfleld St., Prov. 

Davol Rubber Co., 69 Point St., Prov. 

Decker Rubber Co., 105 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Hayward. C. A., 389 Westminster St., Prov. 

Hope Rubber Co.. 97 Westminster St., Prov. 

National India Rubber Co., Bristol. 

Prov. Rubber Shoe Co., 49 Westfleld St., Prov. 

tTnlon Rubber Shoe Co., 49 Westfleld St., Prov. 

Woonsocket Rubber Co., Fairmount St., Woonsocket. 
Rubber Stamps and Stencils. 

Hayncs * Co., SI N. Main St., Prov. 

Nowpurt Rubber Stamp Co.. Newport. R. I. 

Ui-vnolds Stamp & Sttncil Works. 3 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

White Co.. A. A., 3 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Rubber Threads. 

M. I li.iiii< .il F.Tlirlc <"o., 40 Sprague St.. Prov. 

It. I. Hug Works. 99 Stewart St., Prov. 

Union Rug Co., 93 N. Main St.. Prov. 
Ruling IVIachinery for Steel and Copper Plate En- 

Hope ct Sons Eng. &- Mfg. Co.. Vineyard St., Prov. 
Saddles (Lubricating, for Textile Work). 

Dixon Lubricating Saddle Co., Bristol. 
Safes ' 

Baxter, P. W., 72 Bates St., Prov. 
Sail IVIakers. 

Folsom & Co., F. W., 2 Planet St., Prov. 

Gladding. Henry, 140 Long Wharf. Newport. 

Hunter it Co., Geo.. 9 Ward St.. Prov. 

Lassen, John F. & Co., 923 Westminster St. 

Locke. C. B.. Coweset. Warwick. 

Pease Co., L. F., 7 Crawford St.. Prov. 

Scott, John F., 10 Commercial Wharf, Newport. 

Thompson Co., 1 Towner St., Prov. 
Sample Cases and Trays, 

Lenzen & Rueckert, 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Sash Locks, 

Loxit Co.. 21 Culvert St., Prov. 
Sanitary Underwear. 

Hope Underwear Co., 339 Banigan Bldg. , Prov. 

Almond. David, 379 Main St.. Pawt. 

Easton, W. H. & Co., 67 W. Broadway. Newport. 

German Sausage Co.. 17 Page St.. Prov. 

Haigh, Alfred, 796 Potters Ave.. Prov. 

Kee, James. 73 Oakdale Ave., Pawt. 

Leopold, Gottlob & Co.. 45 Peck St., Prov. 

McKee, James & Co., 436 Washington St., Prov. 

Schott Co., J. N., 52 Randall St., Prov. 

Sutter, Emil, 344 Smithfleld Ave., Prov. 
Sawed Lumber, 

Albro, Alonson M., Washington. 

Aldrich, Herbert O., Woonsocket. 

Barber, Thomas H., Arcadia. 

Bartlett, F. E., Nasonville. 

Blanchard, J. D., N. Scituate. 

Capwell. Searles, Anthony, Coventry. 

Capwell. Thureton (Mill in Coventry). Summit. 

Cranston Box & Lumber Co.. Cranston. 

Dodge & Son, J. C. 530 S. Main St., Prov. 

Evans & Son, H. R., 8 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Friery, William. Pascoag. 

Girard, H. N., Wickford. 

Hicks, Wm. A., Ashland. 

James, Geo. S. , Usquepaug. 

Kiiner. Geo. T., 176 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Langevin, Joseph, 410 Fountain St., Prov. 

Learned & Co., A. C. J.. 5 Charles St., Prov. 

McLaughlin, John, Cumberland Hill. 

Martin. Henry O.. ,'!S1 Fountain St., Prov. 

Matteson, Leonard R.. Summit. 

Morlock & Bayer. 147 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Newell, Jason. Diamond Hill. 

Poole, Wm. H., N. Scituate. 

Potter & Co., James A., Foot Crary St., Prov. 

Pre.sbrey & Son Co., A. A., Summer, cor. Meadow Sts., 

Priest & Dixon, Bristol. 

Prov. Sash & Blind Co., 301 Broad St., Prov. 

Randall, E. R. & Co., Gano and Fremont, Prov. 

Redford, Benjamin. 286 Dyer St., Prov. 

Revnolds, J. B., W. Glocester. 

.Salisbury, E. O.. Coventry. 

Smith Co., E. E.. 136 Rhmlcs St., Prov. 

Steere, Jno. P.. Chepachet. 

Sweet, Irving II.. Oakland. 

Sweet, Simeon, Chepachet. 

Swinburne, Perkham & Co.. 215 Thames St.. Newport. 

X'aughn & Co.. ll.^:i Westminster St.. Prov. 

Wakollold Lumbei- Co., Waketield. 

Wlnsor, Stanton A., s. Foster. 

Scales and Repairinn, 

Prov. Scale Co., 125 Av'ashington St., Prov. 

Tinglev, Frank E., Olive St., Pawt. 

Union Screen Co., 182 Dorrance St., Prov. 

American Screw Co., 21 Stevens St., Prov. 

Eastern Bolt & Nut Co., E. Prov. 

Rogers Screw Co., 623 Atwells Ave., Prov. 
Seals (Notary and Corporation). 

White On.. .V. A., 3 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Seamless Gold Filled Wire. 

.\merican Seamless Wire Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Cook Plate Co.. Edward N.. 144-15,8 Pine St., Prov. 

Improved Seamless Wire Co., 14 Blount St., Prov. 
Sensitive Uprinht Drills. 

Langelier Mfg. Co., 07 Clifford St., Prov. 

Hygienic Mfg. Co., Laurel St.. Ashaway. 
Sewinn Machines. 

Household Sewing Machine Co., 115 Wickendcn St., Prov. 
Sewinn Thread. 

Blodg"ett & Orswell Co.. Pawt. 

Cnates. J. & P. (Ltd.). Pawt. 

Home Bleach & Dye Works, Pawt. 
Sheet Metal Stampinc;. 

Brunnckow, C. G. Co.. 223 Globe St., Prov. 

Lamoureux & Co., 39 Friendship St.. Prov. 

Marcy, Harry W., 77 Cromwell St., Prov. 

Mossberg Wrench Co., High St., Central Falls. 
Sheetinas, Shirtings, Etc. 

Allendale Co., 54 N. Main St., Prov. 

Ashland Co., Ashland. 

Ashton Mifls (Ann & Hope Mills), Lonsdale Co., Ashton. 

Clinton Mills, Clinton St.. Woonsocket. 

Centreville Cotton Mill. Centreville. 

Forestdale Mfg. Co.. Forestdale. 

Hamlet Mills, Hamlet Ave.. Woonsocket. 

Hebron Mfg. Co. (Grant Mill). 313 Carpenter St.. Prov. 

Hope Co.. Hope. 

Jackson Mill. Fiskeville. 

Lippitt Mill, Phcnix. 

Natick Mills, Natick . 

Nottingham Mill, B. B. & R. Knight. 3 Washmglon 
Bow, Prov. 

Pontiac Mfg. Co.. Pontiac Mill. Pontiac. 

Roval & Valley Queen Mills, River Point. 

Samoset Co., Valley Falls. 

\\'hite Rook Mill. White Rock. 
Shirts and Collars, 

Ainold, A. Sheffield. Union Trust Bldg.. Prov. 

Holden & Co.. 268 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Hope Custom Shirt Co., 335 Westminster St.. Prov. 

What Cheer Shirt Co., 107 Westminster St., Prov. 

Blanding Mfg. Co., Aleppo St.. Prov. 

Davis & Sons, Henry A., 143 Summer St.. Prov. 
Shoe Blacking. 

Everett & Barron Co., 217 Canal St., Prov. 
Shoe Dressinn. 

Nadeau Mfg. Co., C. P.. 26 Custom House St., Prov. 
Shoe Fasteners. 

Pratt Fastener Jlfg. Co.. 143 Summer St., Prov. 
Shoe Hooks and Rivets and Eyelets, 

Halkvai-.l Mfg. Co., 148 Diirrance St., Prov. 

Peck. J. I' (-\gt.). Auburn. It. I. 
Shoe Lace Tips. 

(•i.TiRilon Co.. 1". J., un \Vi-.>^tlield St.. Prov. 
Shoe and Corset Laces, Etc. 

American Shoo l<ace Co.. 502 Kinsley Ave.. Prov. 

Filarkstone Braid Co., 210 Front St.. Pawt. 

Elmwood Mills. Daboll St.. Prov. 

Fletcher Mfg. Co., 47 Charles St.. Prov. 


Joslin Mfg. Co.. Merino Lane, Prov. 
Kenyon, J. J., Mfg. Co., Pawt. 

Marcy, Harry W. , 77 Cromwell St., Prov. 

Mason, Wm. H., 228 Aborn St., Prov. 

Potter Co., Earl A.. Howard. 

Prov. Braiding Co., 14 Blount St., Prov. 

Wadsworth Braiding Co., 456 Potter Ave., Prov. 

Normandy, Chas. O. & Co., 143 Summer St., Prov. 
Show Cases. 

Judkins Show Case Co., B. Prov. Centre. 

Murray, T. H., 13 Hayden St., Prov. 
Shuttles, Power, Loom and Shuttle Irons. 

Woonsocket Reed & Shuttle Works, Woonsocket. 

Woonsocket Shuttle Co., 1 Winter St., Woonsocket. 

Meehan, John, 47 Bagley St., Central Falls. 

Melrose Mfg. Co., 502 Kinsley Ave., Prov. 

Reiling, David & Shoen. "Valley Falls. 

United Silk Mfg. Co., 39 Charles St., Prov. 

Westerly Silk Co., Main St., Westerly. 

Wilkinson, Seth, Central Falls. 

Zephyr Textile Co., 12 and 34 East Ave., Pawt. 
Silk Flans. 

Pease, L,. F. Co., 7 Crawford St., Prov. 
Silver Novelties. 

Ford & Carpenter, 101 Sabin St., Prov. 
Silver Plated Ware, Hard Metal. 

Gorham Mfg. Co., Elm wood, Prov. 
Silver Platers. 

Cook, E. N., Plate Co., 144 Pine St.. Prov. 

Cumerford, A. S. Co., 129 Eddy St., Prov. 

Lowe, Ed-in Gold Plate Co. (The), 82 Clifford St., Prov. 

New Acrie j'ating Co.. 42 Grant St., Prov. 

Prov. Electru^j-ying & Plating Works, 78 Friendship St., 

Sturdy, George H., 35 Garnet St., Prov. 

Fessenden & Co., 190 Friendship St., Prov. 

Ford & Carpenter, 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Gorham Jlfg. Co., Prov. 

Knowles, J. B. & S. M. Co., 91 Sabin St., Prov. 

Manchester Mfg. Co., 100 Stewart St., Prov. 

Williams, Roger, Silver Co., 101 Sabin St., Prov. 

Fanington, Wm. U. (Rear) Turnpike Road, E. Greenwich. 

Prov. Sizing Co., Thornton. 

U. S. Bobbin & Shuttle Co., Butler Exchange, Prov. 
Sky Lights. 

Brunnckow, C. G., Co., 223-231 Globe St.. Prov. 

Clason Architectural Metal Works (The), 428 Kinsley 
Ave., Prov. 

Makee, A. C, 49 Westminster St., Prov. 

Prov. Architectural Metal Works, 237 Dyer St., Prov. 

Prov. Cornice Co., 3 Charles St., Prov. 
Snow Guards. 

Prov. Cornice Co., 3 Charles St.. Prov. 

Clason Architectural Metal Works (The), 428 Kinsley 
Ave., Prov. 

Prov. Slate & Gravel Roofing Co., 55 Fountain St., Prov. 

Beal Mfg. Co., 24 John St., Prov. 

Bradford Soap Works, Hughesdale. 

Draper, J. O. Co., 1H4 Front St.. Pawt. 

Karrington, W. U., E. Greenwich. 

Perrv Oil Co., 372 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Humes Mfg. Co., 154 Water St., E. Prov. 

Hume.s, Orrin M., 35 Wood St., Prov. 

Kendall Mfg. Co.. 90 Friendship St., Prov. 

l/incnin K' Co.. Aliens Ave., Prov. 

Mason Mfg. Co.. IIS Bernon St., Woonsocket. 

Mathewson, J. R., 21 Towner St., Prov. 

Medbury, B. F., 25 Comstock Ave., Prov. 

Miley Soap Co., 8 Day St., Prov. 

Murphy, David, 16 Utton Ave., Pawt. 

O'Donnell, P. J., 198 Mason St., Woonsocket. 

Place, Wm. H. Mfg. Co., 66S Eddy St., Prov. 

Wilcox, Wm. A., Westerly. 
Soap Stock. 

Harrison, Alfred, A. Harrison & Co., N. Prov. 
Soda and Mineral Waters. 

Aerated Distilled Water Co., 191 Eddy St., Prov. 

American Bottling Co.. 27 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Batchelor, G. Frank, 38 River St., Woonsocket. 

Berry Spring Lithia Water Co., 4 Charlotte Ave., Pawt. 

Blackler, James H., 79 Pierce St., Westerly. 

Butler, Mrs. Timothy, 375 Mendon Ave., Pawt. 

Cabisius, A. & B., Standard Bottling Co., 318 East Ave., 

Cappelli. A. F., 255 Atwclls Ave., Prov. 

Caproni Bros. Co., 175 Atwells Ave. and 10 Spruce St., 

City Hotel Bottling Co., Unity Building. Woonsocket. 

Crown Bottling Co., Unity Building, Woonsocket. 

Faerber, Peter, 24 Bath Road, Newport. 

Farnham, S. H., 94 Canal St., Westerly. 

Five Sullivan Bros., 577 Wickenden St.. Prov. 

Gannon, J. L. & P., 5 EUery St.. Prov. 

Hazard, G. A., 6 Dixon St., Newport. 

Lawton, James, Potter Hill Road, Westerly. 

Levin Bros., 208 Chalkstone Ave., Prov. 

McKenna & Conaty, 22 Cvpress St., Prov. 

McKenna & Nolan, 301 Tockwotton St., Prov. 

McManus & Meade, Nasonville. 

Nickel-Tone Mfg. Co., 17 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Pawt. Bottling Co., 255 Sayles Ave., Pawt. 

Perry, John F., Boom St., Narragansett Pier. 

Prov. Bottling Co., 39 Fountain St., Prov. 

Puritan Bottling Co., 191 N. Main St.. Prov. 

R. I. Bottling Co., 621 Union Ave. and 90 Ethan St., Prov. 

Turbitt & Arme, 446 Wickenden St., Prov. 

Union Bottling Co., 43 Arthur Ave., Prov. 
Spectacle and Eyeglass Frames. 

Wilkinson, C. A. & Co., 53 Aborn St., Prov. 
Soice Millers. 

Delany, Lyons & Co., 5-11 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Easton & Burnham Machine Co., ISO Weeden St., Pawt. 

Hopkins Machine Works, Bridgeton. 
Spinning Rings. 

Pawt. Spinning Ring Co., 381 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Somerset Mfg. Co., 12 Beverly St., Prov. 
Spinning Rolls. 

Hathaway. O. H., Jr., 23 Central Ave.. Central Falls. 
Spinninn Tubes. 

Bamford & Smith, Bridgeton. 

Atwood Crawford Co., 5 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Potter, Moses & Sons. S. Scituate. 

U. S. Bobbin & Shuttle Co.. Prov. 

Weatherhead, Thompson & Co., 447 Mill St., Central 

Woonsocket Bobbin Co., 61 E. School St., Woonsocket. 
Spools and Bobbins. 

U. S. Bobbin and Shuttle Co.. Butler Exchange, Prov. 

Wilbur. Beniamin, S. Scituate. 
Spooling, Combing and Tubing. 

Homo Tileach & Dye Woiks, Brnnch. Pawt. 
Sprinn Bed Manufacturers. 

Swp("ney (The Wm.) Co., 22i; Kdd.v St., \'\;iv. 
Spring Cotters and Keys and Flat Riveted Keys. 

Hin.lley Mfg. Co., John St., Valley Falls. 

Jenks, Henry F., 13 Bay ley St., Pawt. 

Stair Treads. 

N. E. Safety Tread Co., 23 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Universal Safety Tread Co., 31 Market Sq., Prov. 
Standard Time Systems. 

R. I. Electric Protective Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 

Arnold. Hoffmann & Co. (Inc.), 55 Canal St., Pro%-. 

Tanner, Chas. S.. 246 S. Water St., Prov. 
Steam and Hot Water Heating Apparatus. 

Conroy. J. C. & Co.. 446 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Putnam Foundry and Machine Co., 73 S. Main St., Prov. 

Smith Co.. H. B. (The). 11 So. Main St., Prov. 
Steam Boiler Appliances. 

U. S. Fuel Saving and Smoke Consuming Co., 53 Sabin St., 
Steam Engines. 

American and British Mfg. Co.. Charles St., Prov. 

Ciuickshank Engine Co., 286 Dyer St.. Prov. 

Excelsior Steam Engine & Machine Co., 30 Friendship 
St., Prov. 

Harris, Wm. A., Steam Engine Co., Park St., Prov. 

N. Y. Safety Steam Power Co.. Hope Valley. 

Prov. Engineering Works. 521 S. Main St., Prov. 
Steam Pipe Coverings and Cement. 

Asbestos Mining and Mfg. Co., 161 Orange St., Prov. 

Manville Covering Co., 283 Pitman St., Prov. 
Steam Super- Heaters. 

Prov. Engineering Works, 521 S. Main St., Prov. 
Steam Traps. 

General Fire Extinguisher Co.. Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Hawes Steam Trap Co., 23 Dyer St.. Prov. 

Prov. Steam Trap Co., 16 Diamond St., Prov. 
Steel Castings. 

Prov. Steel Casting Co., Allen's Ave., Piov. 
Steel Letter Cutting. 

Chandler. A. B., 121 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Evers, Henry A., 26 Fountain St., Prov. 

Mencke, H. F., 158 Pine St., Prov. 
Steel Punches. 

White. A. A. Co.. 3 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Richards. I. P., 23 Pemberton St., Prov. 
Sterlinn Silverware. 

Barstow & Williams, 7 Beverly St., Prov. 

Bens Co., William. 144 Pine St.. Prov. 

Fessenden & Co., 100 Friendship St., Prov. 

Gorham Mfg. Co., Elm wood, Prov. 

Knowles. J. B. ..t S. M. Co., 91 Sabin St., Prov. 
Stoves. Repairing, Etc. 

Barstow Stove Co., 116 Point St.. Prov. 

Bullock, Ebcn G.. 361 Washington St.. Prov. 

Lovegrove & Burlingame, 955 Westminster St., Prov. 

Stcere. B. F. & Co., 260 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Westmacoti. J. M. Co., 157 Orange St., Prov. 
Street Paving. 

Blackstone Paving Co., S09 Weeden St., Pawt. 
Submarine Torpedo Boats. 

Newport Mfg. Co., 4S0 Thames St., Newport. 
Surface Coated Papers. 

Pawt. Glazed Paper Co., 175 N. Bend St.. Pawt. 
Surgical Instruments. 

Geo. L. Claflin Co.. 62 S. Main St., Prov. 

R. I. Nickel Plating Works, 33 Garnet St., Prov. 
Tackle Blocks 

Colcmnn, Walter & Sons, 300 S. Water St., Prov. 

Folov. J. B. & Co.. 4."i Kd.Iy St.. Prov. 

Fox .<t Saunders (Inc.), 137 W<-yl>o.>is<-t St.. Prov. 
Tailor Made Clothinc. 

Ia.Uuix, Louis, 4 Rivor St.. Woonsocket. 

Grant, C. L.. 45 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Smith. B. F. Co. (The). 22 Mason St.. I'uwt. 

Thompson, T. F., 9 Front St., Pawt. 


Willmarth & MackiUop, Freeman St., Pawt. 
Tapes and Edgings. 

New England Edging Co., 273 S. Main St., Woonsocket. 
Taps, Dies, Die-Stacks and Tap-Wrenclies. 
Carpenter Tap & Die Co. (The J. M.). 17 Newell Ave., 
Tennis Rackets. 

Bancroft, F. J.. 35 Bayley St., Pawt. 
Textile Machinery. 

I 'ni versa] Winding Co.. 99 Stewart St., Prov. 
Threads. Yarns and Twines. 
Clark, William, Mills, Westerly. 
Coats, J. & P., Ltd.. 366 Pine St.. Pawt. 
Flossette Mills. 396 Mill St., Central Falls. 
Greene & Daniels Co. (The), 32 Central Ave., Pawt. 
Kenyon Mfg. Co., J. J., 120 Webster St., Pawt. 
New England Thread Co., Cottage St., Pawt. 
New England Thread & Supply Co., Woonsocket. 
Three-roior Process Printing Presses. 

Cottrell. C. B. & Sons Co.. Westerly. 
Tin Cylinders. 
Allenson. Joseph, 426 and 42S Dexter St.. Central Falls. 
Plews. R. & Co., 116 Central St., Central Falls. 
Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Workers. 
Allenson Bros., 9 Steeple St., Prov. 
Bell. Henry G., 9 Haymarket St., Prov. 
Braley & McLaughlin. 18 Snow St., Prov. 
Caffrey, Thomas, 46 Abbott St., Prov. 
Chase, S. Frank. 26 Randall St., Prov. 
Darling, Chas. H., 151 Main St., Woonsocket. 
Deacon, J.. 71 S. Main St., Prov. 
Marden. James F., 328 Thames St., Newport. 
Malteson. Erban, Anthony. 
Mllner, J. T.. 300 Broad St.. Prov. 
Morse, Fred W.. 121 Dyer St., Prov. 

N. E. Ventilating & Heating Co., 926 Manton Ave., Prov. 
Sampson, J. A., 10 Summer St., Prov. 
Sharpe, Thomas, 22 Pelham St., Newport. 
Sheldon, John L., Main St., Wakefield. 
Sheplcy, William. 7 Oak St., Newport. 
Smith, James H.. CThapel St., Harrisville. 
Tracy. William M., 330 Dean St., Prov. 
Tinsmiths and Tinware. 
Allan, Joseph S., 19 Spring St., Newiiort. 
Astle, H. J. & Co.. 118 Orange St., Prov. 
Bliss. Herbert. 48 Touro St., Newport. 
Bouchard, John. GeorglavUle. 
Carney. Hugh & Co., 1088 Broad St., Prov. 
Cassldy. Patrick F., 404 Thames St.. Newjiort. 
Covell, Wm. K., 163 Thames St., Newport. 
Curtis, D. C. Apponaug. 
Daily Bros.. Natick. 

D'Amarlo, Antonio. 60 Arthur Ave., Prov. 
Dauphlne. H. H. Co., 1513 Broad St., Prov. 
Davis, Frank, 404 Main St.. Pawt. 
Fish. Joshua S.. Portsmouth. 
Na-son. U. G., 12 W. Broadway, Newport. 
Potter. Clarke. 40 Brown St., WIckford. 
Smith, James H.. Main St.. Pascoag. 
Smith & White, 158 Delaine St., Prov. 
Shell. Byron A.. 314 Main St., Phenlx. 
Southwick. J. M, K., 185 Thames St., Newport. 
Specialty Jobbing House. 381 Canal St., Piov. 
Spf-ncer. Chas. W., 322 Cranston St.. Prov. 
Rvlvcster & Brodeur Co., 19 Monument Sq., Woonsocket. 
Walsh Brothers. 222 Thames St., Newport. 
Wilson, S. C. & Son, 29 High St., Pawt. 

Toilet and Drug Specialties. 

.laimulh f.j.. 8S5 Westminster St., Prov. 
Mahler, D, J., E. Prov. 
ConKdun. W. & Sons, 5 and 7 Steeple St., Prov. 
Uonle, Chas. B., 109 Friendship St., Prov. 

Lange & Fischer Mfg. Co.. 144 Pine St., Prov. 

MiilL-r, Wm. H. & Sons. 194 Eddy St., Prov. 

SuUivan & Dnnohue. 25 Railroad Ave.. Westerly. 

Walking, D. M. & Co., 95 Pine St., Prov. 
Top Roll Coverers. 

Bowen, Herbert. Phenix. 

Dickinson, Geo. W.. 44 Borden St., Prov. 

Evans, J. F., 17 Kindergarten St.. Woonsocket. 

Grpcne, Henry M., 6 S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Lakey, Chas. T.. Georgiaville. 

Nicholas Top Roll Covering Co., Phenix. 

Quinham, W. J., Lonsdale. 

San ford, Alexander G.. 126 S. Main St.. Warren. 

Skinner, C. E. & J. F., Abbot St., "Valley Falls. 
Torpedo Recorder. 

Newport Mfg. Co.. 480 Thames St., Newport. 
Tortoise Shell Goods. 

Prov. Shell Works. 346 Westminster St., Prov. 
rowel Racks. 

Towel Rack & Novelty Mfg. Co., Auburn. 
Toys and Novelties. 

Bliss, R., Mfg. Co.. 529 Main St., Pawt. 

Eastern Cane Toy Tablet Mfg. Co., Prov. 

Rhode Island Cane Toy Tablet Co., Prov. 

(J. S. Cane and Toy Tablet Mfg. Co., Prov. 
Traps. "Waste Traps." 

Sure Seal Trap Co., 95 Pine St.. Prov. 

Prov. Steam Trap Co. (Newton Waste Trap), 16 Diamond 
St., Prov. 
Trui'^ks, Valises, Etc. 

Hoard, Frederick R., 36 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Prov. Trunk Co., 130 N. Main St., Prov. 

Caldwell Mfg. Co., Cranston. 
Tubing. "Gas Lamp and Speaking Tube." 

.\liantic Tubing Co.. 99 Stewart St.. Prov. 
Twills and Sateens. 

American Tarn Mfg. Co., SO Fountain St., Pawt. 

Biiurne Mills, State Ave.. N. Tiverton. 

Oriental Mills, Whipple St., Prov. 

Quidnlck Mfg. Co.. Anthony. 

Social Mill. 160 Social St., Woonsocket. 

Warren Mfg. Co., Warren. 

Canonchet Line & Twine Co.. Canonchet. 

Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co. (The), 32 Central Ave., Pawt. 

Pa-vvt. Braided Line Co.. 28 Bagley St.. Pawt. 

R. I. Net & Twine Works, E. Greenwich. 

Tiverton Net & Twine Co., Tiverton. 

Wetherell & Co.. Rockville. 
Umbrellas and Parasols. 

Lyons. Harry, 1 Mill St., Prov. 

Rosenberg, (George & Co., 142 Cranston St., Prov. 
Undertakers' Supplies and Manufacturers of Burial 

Clark Mfg. Co., 46 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Dart Mfg. Co., 136 Clifford St.. Prov. 

Field Automatic Valve & Faucet Co., 168 Dorrance St., 

General Fire Extinguisher Co., Union Trust Co. Bldg., 

Lyon, John W., 16 Clifford St., Prov. 

V'iexiblo Veneer Co., Pawt. 

Clason Architectural Metal Works (The). 428 Kinsley 

Ave., Prov. 
Ideal Ventilator Co., 54 N. Main St.. Prov. 
N. E. Ventilating and Heating Co., 926 Manton Ave., Prov. 

Vises and Tap Removers. 

Atlas Machine Co.. 24 Calender St., Prov. 
Wagons, Wagon Wheels, Etc. 

Bacheller, J. B.. Commercial Wharf, Newport. 

Barber, Joseph, Natick. 

Barr, D. J. & J. H., 1S28 Westminster St., Prov. 

Bates, W. H., River St., Phenix. 

Benoit, Geo., 27 Social St.. Woonsocket. 

Bernler Bros., 46 Point St.. Prov. 

Blake, F. N., 5 Maiden Lane, Pawt. 

Bonier, J. N., 82 Elbow St., Woonsocket. 

Champlin, Walter E., Hopkinton. 

Clark, Phineas Co.. rear 33 Long Wharf, Newport. 

Culbert, Samuel, 392 Fountain St., Prov. 

Cunningham, John, Mendon Road, Ashton. 

Edwards, T. D., Lester St.. Prov. 

Fales. L. L., 307 Dean St.. Prov. 

Folsom, J. N. & Son, 497 Pine St.. Prov. 

Fugere, J. L. , 24 River St., Woonsocket. 

Geisler, Frederick A., Jolm St.. Bristol. 

Grant, Daniel & Son, 275 Canal St.. Prov. 

Howe, H. M. & Co., 415 Fountain St., Prov. 

Jones, Orrin E., 936 Westminster St. (Office), Prov. 

Kilner, George T., 176 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Leet, Wm. H. & Son, Georgiaville. 

Luther. E. S.. 305 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Manchester. Wm. A., Steamboat Wharf, Bristol. 

Mason, Walter F., 33 Meeting St., Prov. 

Martin, Archibald, 165 Pine St., Prov. 

McCabe, Bernard, 22 Baylev St., Pawt. 

McCorraick. Wm, H.. 331 Taunton Ave., E. Prov. 

Mcintosh, J. G. & Son. 2S6 Brown St., Prov. 

McKenzie, N. D., Arnold Mills. 

Monalian Vehicle Co. (The). 536 Atwells Ave., Prov. 

Niles Bros., Main St., Wyoming. 

Northup, Byron A., Anthony. 

O'Brien. P. J., 192 Pine St.. Prov. 

O'Rourke Bros., 575 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Perrault, Honore, N. Tiverton. 

I'erry. John W., 470 Mill St., Central Falls. 

Porter, J. Albert, 338 Lock wood St., Prov. 

Prov. Wheel Co.. 384 Fountain St., Prov. 

Rigg, John, Centreville. 

Rose, Geo. A., Main St.. Lafayette. 

Rounds. Wm. L., Rockland. 

Ryan. James M. & Co.. Pond St.. Prov. 

Seabury, Albert T.. Little Compton. 

Sleeman. Wm., Kingston Road, Narragansett Pier. 

Stillman. A. A.. 23 Grove Ave.. Westerly. 

Stone. Albert. 906 Broad St.. Prov. 

Underwood, E. E., 803 N. Main St.. Prov. 

Weatherell. John H., 7 Sherman St.. Newport. 

Webster. J. C, Main St.. Usquepaugh. 

Wells. Clark B., E. Greenwich. 

Whitman. Henry F. & Son. Washington. 

Wilson, James H. & Sons. 15 W. Broadway, Newport. 

Woods, Paul & Son, Pier Road, Wakefield. 

Woonsocket Wagon Mfg. Co., 15 Worrall St.. Woonsocket. 
Watch and Ring Display Trays (Patented, Self- 

Lenzen & Rueckert. 144 Pine St., Prov. 
Water Tube Boilers. 

Almy Water Tube Boiler Co., 178 Aliens Ave., Prov. 

Fainham, S. H., 94 Canal St., Westerly. 
Johnson, Charles R., Westerly. 
Blackstone Webbing Co., Pawt. 
Columbia Narrow Fabric Co., Shannock. 
Hamilton Web Co., Hamilton. 
Hope Webbing Co.. 10O5 Main St., Pawt. 
International Webbing Co.. Prov. 
Kenyon, John J.. Mfg. Co.. 120 Webster St.. Pawt. 
Shannock Narrow Fabric Co., Pawt. 


A Sample 

of the product 

of the only Stove Foundry 

m Rhode Island 


Providence, R. L 

For Gold Leaf Gilding, Use 


and Ribbon Gold Leaf 

Saves Waste, Time and Money 

See Exhibit at St. Louis Fair, 
Liberal Arts Building 

Used All Over the World 

W* H. COE MFG* CO., Providence, R.L, U.S.A. 






New England 
Ventilating and Heating G). 

Providence, R. J. 


of the Richardson System for 

Mil] Ventilation 

IS « i 




i 1 1 n I 


Ventilating and Blower Work of every description 

Office and Works . 926, 928 and 930 Manton Avenue 


Smith Webbing Co., West Ave.. Pawt. 

Whiting Narrow Fabric Co.. Norwood (Warwick). 

Willtens Mfg. Co.. 14 S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Wood. Frank, Mfg. Co., Haven St., Valley Falls. 
Well Curbs. 

Bates. J. H., 195 Dyer St., Prov. 

Dudley, E. H., 115 Pine St., Prov. 

Kilner. Geo. T.. 170 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Pay. Charles & Co.. 301 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Poole. Abner T.. 4S1 S. Main St., Prov. 

Rancourt. Dolphis. 225 Dyer St., Prov. 

R. I. Wheel Co., 354 Fountain St., Prov. 
White Lead. 

U. S. Gutta Percha Paint Co., IS Mathewson St.. Prov. 

Weeden Mfg. Co., 620 Branch Ave., Prov. 
Winders of Yarns. 

i;nion Winding Co.. 2G Fountain St., Prov. 

American Ship Windlass Co., Waterman and E. River 
Sts., Prov. 
Wire and Wire Goods. 

Afferica. Stephen. 41 Elm St.. Prov. 

.\merican Electrical Works. I'hillipsdale. 

American Seamless Wire Co., 144 Pine St., Prov. 

Budlong. Simon. Cumberland. 

Chamberlain. H. .T.. 10 Mason St.. Pawt. 

Collyer Insulated Wire Co.. 249 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Co-operative Seamless Wire Co., Pawt. 

Enterprise Wire Co.. Pawt. 

E. Jenckes Mfg. Co.. Barton St.. Pawt. 

Phillips Insulated Wire Co.. Freeman St., Pawt. 

Rhode Island Electrical Works, 232 Front St.. Pawt. 

R. I. Wire Works. 90 Mathewson St.. Prov. 

United Wire & Supply Co.. 109 Summer St.. Prov. 

Washburn Wire Co.. Phillii>sdale. E. Prov. 

What Cheer Wire Works, 157 Dorrance St., Prov. 

i:..l,b. .lolin A.. SI Friendship St., Prov. 
Wood Engraving. 

Brown. O. I.... 130 Dorrance St.. Prov. 

Chapin. H. S.. 335 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Eastern Electrotype Co.. 91 Sabin St.. Pniv. 

I.cland. W. H. & Co.. 144 Westmin.stcr St.. Prov. 

Oberg. H. T.. 9 Chestnut St.. Prov. 
Wooden Packing Boxes. 

Cranston Box & Lumber Co., Cranston. 

Presbrey, A. A. & Son Co., Summer, cor. Meadow .Sts., 

Prov. Box & Lumber Co., Troy St., Prov. 

.Sheldon. Wm. R., Pascoag. 

Talbot Bros. Co., 43 N. Main St., Prov. ' 
Wood Screws. 

American Screw Co.. 21 Stevens St., Prov. 
Wood Turners and General Wood Workers. 

Albee, Sylvester. 20 Worrall St., Woonsocket. 

American Enamel Co., Neville St., Prov. 

Blair, H. C, 163 Eddy St.. Prov. 

Burt. Arthur H.. IC Calender St., Prov. 

Kilner. Geo. T.. 17G Dorrance St.. Prov. 

lyangevln, Joseph, 410 Fountain St., Prov. 

Martin, Henry O., 3.S1 Fountain St.. Prov. 

Miner, Joseph, Arnold St., cor. Railroad, Woonsocket. 

Morlock & Bayer, 147 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Narragansett Machine Co., Foot Vale St.. Woodlawn. 

Potter Bros., S. Scltuatc. Scltuate. 
I'resbrey. A. A. & Son Co.. Summer St.. Prov. 
Randall. E. R. & Co.. Gano. Foot of Fremont St., Prov. 
Smith. E. E. Co.. 136 Rhodes St.. I'rov. 
U. S. Bobbin & Shuttle Co.. Butler Exchange, Prov. 
■ Vaiistone Mfg. Co., Westneld St., Prov. 

White. Benjamin. Chepaclict. 

Wilbur. Benjamin. Plainfield Pike, S. Scituate. 

Wilkinson Bros., 177 Pine St., Prov. 
Wool Combs. 

Miller, William, rear 22S Aborn St., Prov. 

Townsend. Thomas, 157 Orange St.. Prov. 
Wool and Wool Waste. 

Pierce, J. E. (ArI.). 334 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Pitts, James & Son. Forestdale. 

Ray, Edgar K.. 6 S. Main St.. Woonsocket. 

Smith. E. H. (Shannock). 84 Westminster St., Prov. 

Victoria Mills, H. Hartley. Prop., Thoi-nton. 

Wyoming Flock Co., Wyoming. 
Woolens and Worsteds. 

Alsace Worsted Co.. Woonsocket. 

American Woolen Co.. Anchor Mill. Harrisville; Manton 
Mills. N. Prov. ; Nat. and Prov. Worsted Mills, Prov. ; 
Riverside Worsted Mills. Prov.; Valley United Mills, 
Prov. ; Weybosset Mills. Prov. 

Ashaway Woolen Co., Ashaway. 

Atlantic Mills, Atwells Ave., Prov. 

Belleville Woolen Mill. Allenton. 

Benn, Joseph & Son. Inc., Centerdale. 

Blanding. C. L. Mfg. Co.. Manton Ave.. Prov. 

Boyden. Geo. B. & Son. 47 Borden St., Prov. 

British Hosiery Co.. Thornton, 

Burnside Mill, Green Hill. 

Carolina Mills Co., Carolina. Richmond. 

Centerdale Worsted Mills, Centerdale and Stillwater. 

Colwell Worsted Mills. 9 Calender St., Prov. 

Coronet Worsted Co.. Mapleville. 

Cranston Worsted Mills. Bristol. 

Crown Worsted Mills, Troy St.. Prov. 

Davis, Henry A. & Sons. 143 Summer St., Prov. 

Davisville Woolen Co.. Davisville. 

Delecarlia Worsted Co.. Wakefield. 

Dunn Worsted Mills. Woonsocket. 

Earnscliffe Worsted Mills. Olneyville. 

Farwell Worsted Mill. Central Falls. 

Fitch, Samuel Mfg. Co.. Thornton. 

Geneva Wor.stcd Mill. Douglas Ave., Prov. 

Olen Worsted Mill. Harri.sville. 

Glenark Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 

Glendalo Woolen Mill. Glendale. 

Greenville Woolen Mill. Greenville. 

Goft. D. & Sons, 29 River St.. Pawt. 

Guerin Spinning Co., Woonsocket. 

Harrison. William W., 405 Mill St., Central Falls. 

Hope TVorsted Co., Oakland. 

Inman. F. A. & O. T.. Bridgcton. 

Kent Mfg. Co., Centreville. 

Kenyon. E. & Son. Kenyon. 

Lafavpttp Worsted Co.. Woonsocket. 

Laurel Hill Yam Co.. Bridgeton. 

Leicester Knitting Mill. Woonsocket. 

Lippitt Woolen Co.. Woonsocket. 

14vingston Worsted Co.. Washington. 

Loridan Worsted Co.. Woonsocket. 

Lorraine Mfg. Co.. 547 Mineral Spring Ave, Pawt. 

Lvmansville Co.. N. Prov. 

Marcv, Harry W.. 77 Cromwell St., Prov. 

Model Spinning Co.. Woonsocket. 

Mohegan Woolen Mill. Mohegan. 

Montrose Woolen Co.. Woonsocket. 

Morrill Knitting Co.. Woonsocket. 

Mowry. Herbert & Bro.. Tarkiln. 

Nasoriville Woolen Co. Nasonville. 

National Pile Fabric Co.. Woonsocket. 

Oakland Worsted Co.. Oakl.Tnd. 

Paramount Worsted Mill. Kinsley Ave., Prov. 

I'awcatuck Woolen Mill. T'lUi-r Hill. 

Peace Dale Mfg. Co.. Peace Dale. S. Kingstown. 

I'eckham. I,eander W.. Hughesdale. 

Perseverance Worsted Co., Woonsocket. 

Phoenix Spinning Co., 11 W. Fi'iendship St.. Prov. 

Pitts, Jame.s & Son (Branch Mill), Forestdale. 

Pocasset Worsted Co., Thornton. 

Prendergast. Wm. H.. Bridgeton. 

Prue, Frank J. & Co., Woonsocket. 

Reliance Worsted Co., Woonsocket. 

Rhode Island Worsted Mills, 4 Addison PI., Prov. 

River Spinning Co., Woonsocket. 

Rodman Mfg. Co.. Dafa-'-ette. 

Royal Weaving Co.. Central Falls. 

Royal Worsted Mills, Harrisville. 

Sayles, A. L. & Sons (Granite Mill), Pasccag. 

Sayles, Fred L. Co., Pascoag. 

Sayles & Prendergast, Woonsocket. 

Spring Grove Woolen Mill. Chepachet. 

Standard Woolen Mills. Kinsley Ave., Prov. 

Steere Worsted Mill. Wanskuck. 

Stiles, B. W., Knitting Co., Woonsocket. 

Taylor Mfg. Co.. Hope Valley. 

Tinkham. Wm. Co.. Harrisville. 

United States Rubber Co.. Woonsocket. 

Vesta Knitting Mills. Elm St.. Prov. 

Victoria Mills, Thornton. 

Wakefield Mfg. Co.. Wakefield. 

■Wanskuck Co.. 725 Branch Ave.. Prov. 

Westerly Woolen Co.. Westerly. 

Whipple. G. F., Oakland. 

Wickford Worsted Mills. Wickford. 

Wilson. Herbert M., Bridgeton. 

W.voming Flock Co., Wyoming. 

Woonsocket Worsted Mills. Woon.sockpt. 

Yawgoo Woolen Co., Slocumville. 
Worsted Braids. 

Orr Bros.. 59 Blackstone Ave., Pawt. 
Worsted Dress Goods. 

Colwell Worsted Mills, 9 Calender St.. Prov. 
Worsted (Villi Su.oplies. 

namford & Smith. Briilgeton. 
Worsted Slippers. 

Frost. W. B., 42 Weybosset St.. Prov. 

Mossbcrg Wrench Co., High St., Central Falls. 

.\mcrican Wringer Co., 65 Social St., Woonsocket. 

Davis Bros.. Aliens Ave.. Prov., and Warren. 

HeneshofC Mfg. Co., Bristol. 

MacNaught. Malcolm. 49i<. Thames St., Newport. 

Nock. Fred S., B. Greenwich. 
Yacht Sails. 

Thompson Co., 1 Towner St., Prov. 
Yarn Dressing Machines. 

Fianklin Machine Co., Chaiies St., Prov. 

Carpenter, Orville, 4S1 Main St., Pawt. 
Yarns (Cotton). 
Ballou Yarn Co.. 189 Charles St.. Prov. 
Canonchet Line & Twine Co., Canonchct. 
Canonchet Mills. Canonchet. 
Clavville Co.. Clavville. 
Cooper, Gerald. 235 Charles St.. Prov. 
Cutler Mfg. Co.. Cutler St.. Warren. 

Dexter Yarn Co.. Si; East Ave., and 36 Broadway. Pawt. 
Elizabeth Mill. Hills Grove. 
Elizalicth Mill (Mill No. 2). E. Greenwich. 
Greene & Daniels Mfg. Co.. 32 C^entral Ave., Pawt. 
Jenckes Spinning Co.. Weeden St., Pawt. 
Joslin Mfg. Co., Rocklanrl. 
Kenyon, John T.. Woodville. 
Lawton Spinning Co.. I'rov. 
Littlcfield Mfg. Co.. 06 N. Main St.. Pawt. 
Old Colony Mercerizing Co., 14 Calender St., Prov. 
R. I. Processing Co., Coventry. 




Hopkins Machine Works 

Providence and Bridgeton, R. I. 

Pfovidcnce Office : 49 Westminster Street 

Sead for Catalog A 

THERE have been three vital sla.^es of improvements on rotary cloth presses. The original 
had one pri-sser-bed and ironed the cloth once, on one contact, at a speed of tliree yards per 
minute. The second sta,2:e of improvement was a machine with two presser beds and ironed 
the cloth twice on two contacts. The Voelker, the tliird improvement, has two beds, but each 
has two distinct concaves, thereby ironing the cloth four times wliile passing around the cylinder and 
over two prcsser beds. The minimum capacity on the heaviest fabric is six yards per minute. 

















Tlllinghast, Stiles Co.. 9 Calender St.. ProT. 

Union Winding- Co., 26 Fountain St., Prov. 

Wetherell Co., Inc., 74 Weybosset St., Prov. 
Yarns (Merino). 

Jenckes Spinning: Co., T\'eeden St., Pawt. 
Yarns (Woolen and Merino). 

Barney. Wm. 1'., Green Hill. 

Falls Yarn Mills, 92 S. Main St., Woonsocket. 

Guerin Spinninir Co., Woonsocket. 

Kenyon, John .1. Mfg. Co., 127 Webster St., Pawt. 

Laurel Hill Yarn Co., Brldgeton. 

Phoenix Spinning Co.. W. Friendship St., Prov. 

River Spinning Co.. Woonsocket. 

Wilson, H. M., Brldgeton. 

Wyoming Yarn Co.. Wyoming. 
Yarns (Woolen), Custom Spinning of. 

R. I. Worsted Mills, 4 Addison PI., Prov. 
Yarns (Worsted). 

Atlantic Mills, Olneyville. 

Centerdale Worsted Mills, Stillwater. 

Centerdale Worsted Mills. Smith St.. Centerdale. 

Crown Worsted Mills, Inc., Troy St., Prov. 

Lafayette Worsted Co.. Woonsocket. 
Loridan Worsted Co., Woonsocket. 
Lymansville Co., 48 Custom House St., Prov. 
Pocasset Worsted Co., Thornton. 
Steere Worsted Mill, 36 Exchange PI.. Prov. 
Valley Worsted Mills. 75 Eaele St., Prov. 
Woonsocket Worsted Mills, 45S River St., Woonsocket. 
Yarns (Worsted, Mohair and Novelty). 
Cranston Worsted Mills. Thames St., Bristol. 
Goff, D. & Sons, 29 River St., Pawt. 


Agricultural Implements and Tools. 

Barrett Co., 1 lie W. E.. 65-87 Canal St., Prov. 
Prov. Seed Co , 6 Exchange PI., Prov. 

Anilines and Alizarine Dyes. 
Kuttroff. Pichliardt & Co., 80 S. Water St., Piov. 
Cassella Coloi Co., 64 Exchange PI., Prov. 


Nlckerson. Edward I., 61 Westminster St., Piov. 

Automatic Fire Alarms. 
R. I. Electric Protective Co., 32 Custom oHuse St., Prov. 

Automatic Sprinkler Apparatus. 

R. I. Supply & Engineering Co., 156-166 W. Exchange 
St., Prov. 

Automobiles and Garage. 

Martin & Co.. H. G., 179 Aborn St., Prov. 

Banks and Trust Companies, 
Union National Bank, 260 Thames St., Newport. 
Slater Trust Co., Main St. and East Ave., Pawt. 

Bonding Companies. 
American Binding Company of Baltimore. Wm. M. P. 
Bowcn, Gin. Agt. and Atty., 941 Banlgan lil.lg., Prov. 

Brokers (Mining Stock). 
Olin Hill. Ba;ilgan Bldg.. Prov. 

Brokers. (Money Loaned.) 
Draper & Co , W. H., 86 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Building Wrecker. 
Williamson, fsobert, 546 Weeden St., Pawt. 

Burglar Alarm System, 
R. I. Electric Protective Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 

Calf and Sheep Leather. 

Moulton, C, Stone Co., 456 Benefit St., Prov. 


Calder, A. M., Ph. C, Edwin E., 24 N. Main SI., I'rov. 

Chemists (Pharmaceutical.) 
Claflln & Co., Geo. L., 72 S. Main St., Prov. 

Coal (Wholer.ale). 
White, John K. & Son, Inc., 167 India St., 163 R. Water 

St., Prov. 
Prov. Coal Co., Dyer. cor. Dorrance St., Prov. 
PersoDB, Bujjamln W., 16 Westminster St., JTov, 
OIney, Joseph & Son, 343 S. Water St., Prov, 
Doe & Llttl<>, 661 S. Main St., Prov. 
Hanufacturuis' Fuel Co. of R. I., 1032 Bun'.gan Bldr.. 

Eastern Coal Co., 184 Dyer St. Pror. 

Coal Tar Dyes. 

Cassella Color Co., 

64 Exchange PI., Prov. 

Coke (Wholesale). 
Persons, Benjamin W., 15 Westminster St., Prov. 

Commission Merchants. 
Beyer Bros., Commission Co., 235 Canal St., Prov. 

Constructing Engineers (Steam and Gas Pipe Fitting). 

Parker & Taft, 143 Eddy St., Prov. 

Cotton and Worsted Yarns. 

Eddy & Street, 12 S. Water St., Prov. 

Cotton Dealers. 

Aldrich, Henry L., 37 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Almy, Arthur C. . 4 Market Sq., Prov. 

Eddy & Street. 12 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Emerson & Co.. A., 176 W. Exchange St.. Prov. 

Foster. J. Herbert. 10 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Hazard Cotton Co., 11 Market Sq.. Prov. 

McFadden & Bro.. Geo. H., 6 Washington Row, Prov. 

Richmond & Co., John M.. 44 S. Water St., Prov. 

Remington & Sons. D.. 4 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Wilcox, Calder & Co., L. M., 28 Market Sq., Prov. 

Cotton Waste and Wool. 

Brooks. Geo. B., 297-303 Canal St., Prov. 
Emerson & Co., A.. 176 W. Exchange St.. Prov. 
Wilcox, Calder & Co., L. M., 28 Market Sq., Prov. 
Briggs & Co.. H. A., Pawt. 
DeWitte & Co.. E. A,, Woonsocket. 
Priest & Co., Samuel, 357 Canal St., Prov. 

Cotton Waste. 
Wilcox, Calder & Co., L. M., 28 Market Sq.. Prov. 

Cylinder Oil. 

Harris Oil Co., A. W., 326-328 S. Water St.. Prov. 

Dealers in Game. 
Prov. Public Market Co.. 380-394 Westminster St., Prov. 

Dealer In Staple and Fancy Groceries. 

Segar & Co.. Wm.. Dixon House Blk., Westerly; branch. 
Watch Hill, during the season. 


Cassella Color Co., 64 Exchange PI.. Prov. 
Lewis, John D., S Exchange PI., Prov. 

Electric Protective Station, 
R. I. Electric Protective Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 

Estate Agents. 
Cooke & Co., Henry W., IB Westminster St., Prov. 

, 29 Weybosset St., Prov, 
4 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Westerly; branch. 

Fire Insurance. 

Cook. James W. , 
Nadeau, Leo F., 

Segar & Co., Wm., Dixon House Blk., 

Watch Hill, during the season. 
Prov. Public Market Co., 380 Westminster St., Prov. 

Growers and Planters of Rubber. 
LaNueva Provldencia Rubber Co., 4 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Holmes' Elec, Protec. Systems. 

R. I. Elec. Protec. Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 


Prov. Public Market Co., 380-394 Westminster St., Prov. 

Insurance Brokers. 

Baldwin. Percy V.. 75 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Cook, .lames W.. 29 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Cooke & Co.. Henry W., 15 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Insurance Companies. 
Amer. Bonding Co. of Baltimore, Wm. M. P. Bowen, 
Gen. Agt. and Atty., 941 Banlgan Bldg., Prov. 

Liability and Accident Insurance. 

Aetna Lite Insurance Co. (Irving L. Wiltsie). 401 Union 
Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Life Insurance. 

Washington Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. (The). 75 Westminster 

St., Prov. 
Wheelock. Jesse M., Gen. Agt., Northwestern Mutual 

Life Ins. Co., Union Tru^t Bldg., Prov. 
Wiltsie. Irving L., Union Trust Bldg., Prov. 

Lumber Dealers. 

Potter & Gardiner, 258 Eddy St., Prov. 
Carpenter, F. F., 504 S. Water St., Prov. 

Machinery Movers. 

Hunt Co. (The H. B.), 74 Fountain St., Prov. 

Machinery, New and Second-Hand. 

Cole, John W., 74-76 Fountain St.. Prov. 
National Machinery Co., Butler Exchange, Pi-ov, 

Marine Hardawre. 
Hagan & Arnold, 338 S. Water St., Prov, 

Prov. Public Market Co., 380-394 Westminster St., Prov. 

Metal Saving. 
Clason Architectural Metal Works (The), 428-432 Kinsley 
Ave., Prov. 


Mill Supplies. 

U. S. Mill Supply Co., 62 S. Water St., Prov. 
Chase & Co., F. A., 253 W. Exchange St., Prov. 

Mining Brokers. 

Sawyer & Co.. John P., 311-313 Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

Mining Stocks. 

Hill, Olin, Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

Mortgages and Bonds. 

Hill, Olin, Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

National Banks. 

Merchants' National Bank, 20 Westminster St., Prov. 


Baxter Optical Co., 38 N. Main St., Prov. 
Eastman & Co., 19 Aborn St., Prov. 
Putney & Co., J., 76 Westminster St., Prov. 
Tanner, H. S., 64 Westminster St., Prov. 
Taylor & Co., Geo. H., 201 Westminster St., Prov. 
Wilson, Andrew D., 235 N. Main St., Prov. 

Physicians' Suppplies. 

Claflin & Co., Geo. L., 62-72 S. Main St., Prov. 

Pianos and Pianolas. 

Steinert & Sons Co., M., 327-9 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Pig Iron. 

Persons, Benjamin W., 15 Westminster St., Prov. 

Plumbers' Supplies. 

Cranston & Peck, 55-57 Clifford St., Prov. 

Poultry Supplies. 

Piov. Seed Co., 6 


Sun Printing Co., 

Exchange PI., Prov. 

119 Pine St., Prov. 

Prov. Public Market Co., 380-399 Westminster St., Prov. 

Provisions and Fruit. 

Prov. Public Market Co., 380 Westminster St., Prov. 
Segar & Co., Wm., Dixon House Blk., Westerly; branch, 
Watch Hill, during the season. 

Protective Systems (Burglar and Fire). 

R. I. Electric Protective Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 

Real Estate Brokers. 

Cook & Co., Henry W., 15 Westminster St., Pvov. 
Nightingale & Co., S. A., 4 Weybosset St., Prov. 

Receivers of Beef, Pork and Poultry. 

Prov. Public Market Co., 380-394 Westminster St., I'rov. 

Receivers of Dairy Products. 

Prov. Public Market Co., 380-394 Westminster St., Prov. 

Retail Jewelers. 

Bixby Silver Co., 137 Mathewson St., Prov. 

Retail Silversmiths. 

Bixby Silver Co., 137 Mathewson St., Prov. 
Rubber Goods. 

Young, Ed. R., 35 Westminster St., Prov. 

Safe Movers. 

Hunt Co. (The) H. B., 195 Canal St., Prov. 

Barrett Co. (The) W. E., 65-87 Canal St., Prov. 
Prov. Seed Co., 6 Exchange PL, Prov. 

Standard Time System (Electric). 

R. I. Blec. Protec. Co., 32 Custom House St., Prov. 
Freeman & Sons, E. L., Central Falls, Pawt., 3 West- 
minster St., Prov. 

Stock Brokers. 

Sawyer & Co., John P.. 311-313 Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

People's Storage & Warehouse Co., Rhodes St. and Allen's 
Ave., Prov. 

Surety Companies. 
Amer. Bonding Co. of Baltimore. Wra. M. P. Bowen. 
Gen. Agt. and Atty., 941 Banigan Bldg., Prov. 

Tea and Coffee Merchants. 

Delaney, Lyons Co.. 7-9 N. Main St., Pawt. 

Prov. Public Market Co.. 280 394 Westminster St.. Prov. 

Whitford & Co., Geo. W., 52 N. Main St., Prov. 
TT fi 3 m stc PS 

Hunt Co.,' H. B. (The), 195 Canal St., Prov. 
Title Guarantee Co. 

Title Guarantee Co. of Rhode Island, 66 S. Main St., Prov. 
Toys and Stationery. 

Chester & Co., P. E., 3 Pine St., Prov. 

Trust Companies. 

Manufacturers Trust Co., 73 Westminster St., Prov. 
Remington Typewriter Co., 58 Exchange St., Prov. 

Typewlters' Supplies. 

Remington Typewriter Co., 58 Exchange St., Prov. 
Upholstery and Drapery. 

Morlock, Hermann F.. 153 Dorrance St., Prov. 

Wholesale Druggists. 
Blanding & Blanding, 54-58 Weybosset St.. Prov. 
Claflin & Co., Geo. L,, 62-72 S. Main St., Prov. 

Wool Dealers. 
Smith & Co., Albert W., 24 Davis court, Prov. 




Acme Leather Conipaiij' 101 

Almy, Stone & ("o 105 

AniPiicaii and British ManufiU'turhij; Company 34,35 

Ameriran Electrical A\'orks 33 

American Enamel Conipan\^ 4<S 

American Endoscopic Company 93 

American Hair Clotii Companj' 53 

American Screw Companj- 29 

American Textile Company 61 

American Woo'.len Companj' 37 

Baniftan Rubber Company 43 

Uarstow Stove Company 115 

liird's Eye View of the City of Pawtucket . . 10 
UlaiidinK, C. L., Manufacturing Company . . . G6 

Hlodicett & Orswcll Company 7G 

lirown & Sharpe ^huuifacturing Company ... 27 
lirunncUow C'ompaiiy, G. C 101 

Centredalc Worsted Mills 56 

City of Providence from State House 8, 9 

Clark & Coombs Company 65 

Club-house and CIrounds, Squantum, R.I. ... 20 

Coats, J. it P., Liinit<'d 71 

Coe, \V. H., Manufacturinu; ("ompany 115 

Colonial iicsidcnce (Sanmcl Pomroy Colts), Bris- 
tol, R.I 19 

Coronet \\'orsted Company .54 

Cottrell it Sons Company, C. B 45,91 

Cranston Worsted Mills .59 

Crompton Company 26 

Cross, A. T. . . ' 93 

Da vol Rubber Company 44 

I)u?in Worsted Mills '. 57 

Dunnell, \\'illiam Wanton 32 

Eagle Dj'e Works 64 

Farwell Worsted Mills 55 

Elctcher Manufacturing Company 60 

Forcstdale Manufacturing Companj' 83 

Glenark Knitting Company (The) 40 

Glcndale lilastic Fabrics Company 81 

Goddard Brothers, Agents 22 


Goff, James C 99 

Gorham Manufacturing Company 36 

Greene & Daniels Manufacturing Company . . 62 

Guerin Spinning Companj' 83 

Harrison Yarn and Dyeing Company 85 

Hill, .James, Manufacturing Company 101 

Home Bleacli and Dye Works 63 

Hope Webbing Companj' 52 

Hopkins Machine Works 117 

Howard it Bullough, American Machine Company, 

Limited 86 

Jenckes Spinning Company 70 

Joslin Manufacturing Company 47 

Kenvon, .John J., Manufacturing Company ... 75 

Knight, B. B. & R 21 

Laurel Hill Yarn Company 82 

Laureldale Chemical Works 77 

Lawton Spinning Company 46 

Lenzen & Rueckert 105 

Mancliester it Hudson . . . . • 99 

Manville Company 23 

Mechanical Accountant Company 95 

Middleboro Wor.sted Mills 55 

Morgan Mills 77 

Mossberg Wrench Company 99 

Narragansett Brewing Company 84 

National India Rubi)er Company 41 

National Piing Traveler Company 78 

New England Butt Company 69 

New England Steam Bricl< Companj' 79 

New Englantl Supply Company 99 

New England \'entilating and Heating Company . 115 

Nicholson File Company 28 

Old Ocean, near Narragansett Pier 15 

Pawtucket Dyeing and Bleaching C()ni])any . . 76 

Peacedale Manufacturing Company 31 

Pearce, F. T. & Co 95 

Peckham, L. W. . . . 77 


Pocasset Worsted Company 51 

Precourt, \Mlliam E 93 

Providence Belting Company 67 

Providence Box and Lumber Company .... 80 

Providence County Court House 7 

Providence Telephone Company 88 

Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic 

Arts, Kingston 4 

Rhode Island Country Road, Kingston Hill . . 14 

Rhode Island Mill Milage Street, Peacedale . . 16 

Rhode Island Soldiers' Home, Bristol 13 

Rhode Island State Armory, Bristol 12 

Rhode Island State Armory, Providence ... 6 

Rhode Island State House, Providence .... 2 

Rhode Island State House Views 3 

Rhode Island State Nornud School, Providence . 5 

River Spinning Company 74 

Rumford Chemical Works 49 

Sayles' Bleacheries 72, 73 

Sayles Company, Fred L 58 

Shepard, T. P. & Co 77 

Silver Spring Company 38 

Slater Trust Company 87 

Smith Brothers 107 

Sterling Coal Company 97 

Stone, C. Moulton Company 101 

United States Finishing Company 39 

^■ alley Falls Company 83 

Views of Newport 11 

View of Providence Harbor 24, 25 

View of \\'oonsocket, R.I 18 

Voelker, George W.& Co 117 

Wanskuck Conapany 30 

WarrcMi Manufacturing Company 68 

Warwick Town Hall, Apponaug, R.I 17 

Wasliburn Wire Company 33 

Washington Manufacturing Company 83 

Woonsocket Machiiu- and Press Company ... 50 

Woonsocket Ruljber Company 42 

U. PllMh. Ei. through 



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